Promotional picture of Audrey Hepburn for Funny Face, 1957.
***“Audrey and I agreed she would wear black, tight-fitting pants, a black sweater, and black shoes, I wanted her to wear white socks with it and she was stunned. ‘Absolutely not!’ she said.  ’It will spoil the whole black silhouette and cut the line at my feet!’ I said, ‘If you don’t wear the white socks, you will fade into the background, there will be no definition to your movement, and the dance sequence will be bland and dull.’ She burst into tears and ran into her dressing room.  After a little while she regained her composure, put on the white socks, returned to the set, and went ahead without a whimper. Later when she saw the sequence, she sent me a note saying, ‘You were right about the socks. Love, Audrey.’” - Director Stanley Donen (From the book Audrey Style)***
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