A Phase.

We all go through phases at multiple points in our lives.  These stages could be happy or sad.  There are times where you could be at your highest point, like going out with friends and just enjoying life.  But you can’t always be at the highest point, sometimes we can also be at our lowest. Being at our lowest point could effect our daily lives in multiple ways.  Sometimes you can just feel empty, as if you are missing something, or even someone important in your life.  Some days you can just feel like crap, period.  The phase we all, at one point in our lives, go through.  The phase where we just want to be independent at the end of the day, and cuddle in our bed.  The phase where you just want to be alone and maybe cry yourself to sleep, because that’s what just helps.  The phase where your feelings aren’t set at a clear point, not understanding what it’s telling you exactly what to do. 

That one person.

You know that one person in your life that you just can’t seem to live without?  Whether it’s your best friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, brother, or sister.  Somehow you go to that person for everything and you know that you can trust them.  Well with that special person you can sometimes get into fights with. Then comes the “not talk to each other for a while” deal, but later you just realize that you can’t stand the fact of not having that person your life.  You miss them so much that either your day doesn’t feel complete, or you just feel empty.  Sometimes we can take that special relationship, or bond, for granted and we don’t realize that what was once there, is gone. 

Whoever that special person in your life is, tell them that you love them and your lucky to have them in your life.  I’m sure that will make their day :)

Long Distance
  • Long Distance
  • Bruno Mars

For all you long distance couples out there.  I wish you guys many years to come ;)

The distance between you guys will make your relationship stronger.