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Hiiii!!! So this isn't a prompt but I was just wondering what are some of your favorite Zutara fanfics, M rated ones preferably.


*= a very personal favorite 

Thanks for the ask. Here’s some of my favorites:

Anything by SongofHopeandHonor tbh. She’s an amazing writer, and I love her style. So far, I can’t tag anything without having an account to a03, where most of her work is, and she sadly deactivated her Tumblr. :(

A Week to Know You Again (M) / Em Dixon

Complete. After the first year of their engagement, Katara felt she and Zuko were already drifting apart. In the Fire Nation, their time always belonged to someone else. Now, in the South Pole for Suki and Sokka’s wedding, they hoped to find each other again. 

The Sparrowkeet Series (M) / Audreyii-fic 

Complete. Ba Sing Se has fallen and Katara has been captured by the Fire Nation; a more adult take on the potential progression of S3. AU series of interconnected one-shots. Zutara. Rated for lemons and general darkness. 

Hot Water  (Hard T) / CultofStrawberry

Complete. Romance, action, drama, and a kickass Agni Kai scene all here! Zuko has finally captured the Avatar and his gang for keeps and reclaimed his birthright, but he realizes that honor is much more than that.

Anything by @theadamantdaughter, she has great smutfics (she’s the smut queen)! 

@justkeepshippingg has great smutfics too! I recommend Fifty Shades of Honor. 

I Was Not Magnificent (M) /  Like a Dove 

Complete. When Zuko first meets the waterbender with the scars, he’s fascinated by her. His fascination quickly turns into something much more. Soon Zuko will have to confront his greatest enemy.

Persuasion (M) / elimaria 

One-Shot. In which Katara has a knack for persuasion. (Yes, I did self promote myself, I just thought it was under the criteria for M rated fics/one-shots.)

Love Amongst the Embers (M) / delectate

One-Shot. After the Ember Island Players’ performance, and with the help of a little rice wine, Zuko and Katara decide to rewrite an alternate ending to their story. 

My Heart Burns for You (M) / Alwayszutarian 

Incomplete. Four years have passed since the end of the war, but as they meet again and encounter many obstacles, Zuko and Katara realize that what their hearts truly burn for is for one another. Can they love each other knowing they will hurt those that love them? What will become of them when a new enemy appears with a vengeful plot to destroy everything they had worked for to bring peace?

After Glow (M) / Burning Ice 

One-Shot.  It’s a proven fact that ‘intimacy’ the evening before a demanding physical activity such as a marathon or an epic final battle will improve a woman’s performance, but damage a man’s, the following day.

So far that’s it. MHBFY is very OOC, but it has some really great smut. I mentioned this in another fic rec list. 

I hope this sates your needs. ;) 


He steps forward and kisses her. It’s quick, almost violent, and before Katara can respond he has already pulled away. They are in full view of the crowd. The arena has gone silent. 

“Everyone saw that,” she whispers. 

“I don’t care.” And he leaves her, walking out from under the protection of the tiled roof to kneel on the sanded clay ground. In Agni Kai even bending a knee is done with pride. 

If Zuko lives through this, Katara is going to murder him herself.
And yet again more fanart of The Sparrowkeet Series by @audreyii-fic. ( Audrey Senpai pls notice meh ;____;)

thank you

fandom: naruto
characters/pairings: sasuke/sakura
rating: t
prompt: thank you
a/n: unbeta’ed as always. post-chapter 699. heavily inspired by the sparrowkeet series’ twelfth chapter, by audreyii-fic, though somehow not like it at all? idk man

In which everyone has a lot to say, except the one who actually matters.

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AU: Jane Foster dies as she gives birth leaving Loki and her child behind. Because Jane died in Asgard, her body and soul leaves to Fólkvangr Paradise. Frigga asks All-father to make a compromise with the the goddess Freyja, ruler of the paradise and allow Jane to return to Asgard. Frigga confronts her son, telling Loki that Jane will return but he must be patient. Three years pass, and Loki travels to Fólkvangr Paradise with his brother Thor and friend Sif to be reunited with his wife: Jane. They return to Asgard safe, though Jane is still moral. Loki gives her the Idunn apple and Æsir life is given to her. Her golden brown eyes glow in happiness when Loki brings their child, she carries Lokison for the first time.


incomplete zutara fanfic rec list

So I was recently asked by grafoyd what makes favorite fanfictions are. So, I’ve compiled a short list of my favorite Zutara fanfics. Granted, I haven’t been keeping up with new ones so this list may be a bit dated BUT here it is! Note that these are all rated M because … yeah that’s all I read oops.This is by no means a complete list. I haven’t read Zutara fics in a while and have lost a lot of my old bookmarks. But! On the top of my head, here’s what I have:

I’m sure I’m missing a helluva lot. You can find other Zutara recs here, and Bea has a pretty bomb-ass list here. Kaf-Kaf’s list is awesome, too. (also anything by Bea and bulletproofteacup are fantastic-o can’t go wrong.)

**If anyone could add to this list with fresh, new Zutara fics that’d be awesome. Feel free to reblog and add! (new fics only please—let’s give newer authors a chance even if I included a lot of the Big Ones in this list whoops)

amourinette  asked:

can you pleeaase list some of the best zutara fanfics? I'm in the mood to read long (many chapters) Zutara fanfics, kinda like a slow development kinda thing. It's really hard to find one. (plus the ones that are never updated and yet long forgotten lol). You know the kind that the readers can actually feel the characters emotions. Because let's say if it's real, Katara would take some time to trust him, and the same for Zuko as well.

I agree!  Slow development Zutara is often some of the best Zutara. :3

And ahhh, well, I’ve only been in the ATLA fandom for about a year, so a lot of what I rec will probably be what everybody recs and not anything terribly original and I’m sure I’ve forgotten some great ones, but I’ll do my best!

Here are some fics that I liked that have slower-paced romantic development (or at least have a lot of angst/external hindrances that keep them from finding their happily-ever-after too quickly):

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Theory of the Ethereal Body

TITLE: Theory of the Ethereal Body
GENRE(S): Romance, Victorian Alternate Universe, Blind!Loki, Drama  
SUMMARY: This house wrests such wickedness from her bones.
NOTES/WARNINGS: As a gift to my absolute bestie, startraveller776, this is a prequel to an AU drabble I wrote some time ago, also as a gift–to audreyii-fic. Reading the drabble, Well Read, is recommended, but not required. Twisted and wrong, like Lokane should be. 

Huge thank you to thereallimegreenandloki for looking this over for me!!

Original story inspired by this photo:

I’m so sorry.



“Jane Foster.”

Loki’s greeting is familiar, uttered by rote, and as irritating as it is thrilling. Not thrilling; unsettling. Not thrilling.

“It’s Odinson, now, brother.”

Jane tries, oh how she tries, to match his derision with her words. He always greets her with such cool insouciance, such indifference. He always calls her by her maiden name, and indeed, makes her feel a maid. “Foster.” Such a girlish concept, to kindle and to nurture, when she, a suitably wedded woman of arguable pedigree, has so little inclination to do so. Anymore, at least.

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Who doesn’t want twins!Chris Evans? *wiggles eyebrows*

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darkmasterplan:audreyii-fic: My Old follower

darkmasterplan: I have old follower… audreyii-fic is Audrey, fangirl from USA. Audrey is fanfiction writer, you can read her stories here:

My old follower is shipping Rumbelle, she has a great fondness for Sleeping Warrior and Frankenwolf.

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How long are you on Tumblr? much longer than me. You started blog on 15th of December, 2011. But you weren’t re-blogging RumBelle until 25th of March, 2013. I started my blog on 1st of December, 2012. Welcome to Oncers.

Besides OUaT, Audrey likes to watch: Sherlock, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Being Human, Lost, The X-files. She is a fan of the Avengers series. Wes Anderson, Coen brothers and Hayao Miyazaki are her favorite movie directors. 

Audrey likes to read classics, mid-grade, and YA; she is currently working on Marcus Aurelius’s Meditations. My old follower once lost a piece of her finger to story karma. Her advice: Be careful how you leave characters in your fics.

Once upon a time, she used to spent two years and 350k words of fic analyzing the ways Twilight went wrong, and it was one of the most fascinating intellectual endeavors of her life. (Audrey even got to speak on the Twific SDCC panel this year — it was fun, she said!). My old follower is writer of A:tLA Zutara fic The Sparrowkeet Series. References to that fanfiction can turn up in the strangest places. Interesting. 

Music: My old follower loves anything with a banjo and cheesy pop that knows it’s cheesy. Audrey often sings songs in languages she don’t understand and don’t give a fuck if she’s butchering them. Me, too, girl, me, too.

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Favorite color: Blue. Favorite animals: Cats and ducklings. Audrey likes to dress casually, and prefers to wear keds with wedges.

I am darkmasterplan. I am Milica, Dearie, sister, aunt, RumBelle and SwanFire shipper and Tumblr Expert. I am living in Serbia, Europe. My blog is RumBelle centric, OUaT related with occasional outburst of Doctor Who, Sherlock, How to train your dragon, Coraline, Narnia, Series of Unfortunate Events, Pan’s Labyrinth, Marie Antoinette, Shakespeare in love, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter and anything Tim Burton related. I am publishing RumBelle gif sets, fanfiction, fanart, funny conversations and comics, OUaT spoilers, music, videos, swords, castles, stained glass, fashion, art and everything else I find interesting


I am Little Fire Dragon. That’s my nickname. Thanks for following me, Dearie. Welcome to RumBellers. If you want to find out even more about Audrey, you can do that here:

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