audreyhepburnfans asked:

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nickname: hmm don’t have one :/ well i have a few my dad calls me but way too embarssing well one of them is principessa (he says like they do in the movie it’s a beautiful life which is where he got it from)

Top 5 quality blogs i follow: eep i have to choose 5 just 5! thats hard lets see  1. Audreyhepurnfans (even though i feel like it’s been forever since i’ve seen you on my dash but that might be due to time differences i still love your blog!) 2. OUATconversations (so freaking funny!) 3. everythingoz 4. tantoun (very lovely drawings of glee/gossip girl) 5. and i can’t choose a fifth cause i like everyone i follow too much! :)

top 5 tv shows: Fringe, Once Upon a Time, Bones, Pushing Daisies, and Ghost Whisperer(yea i know the last 2 aren’t on any more but i still love them!) Top 5 movies: Harry Potter Series, War of the Worlds(with Tom cruise),Underworld series(these 3 are always on the list) Avengers and An American Rhapsody (the last 2 change depending in what i’ve just seen

Shuffled song on iTunes for you: Everytime we touch by Cascada 

I fangirl over: HarrY Potter, OUaT,Glee(mainly rachel and Faberry) Bones, really amazing fanfics, the Avengers(specifically Black Widow and Hawkeye) idina menzel, lea michele, sailor moon, theres alot more but i’m falling asleep atm/too many to list!