audreyhendyphotography asked:

Hey! I have been following you for a while but its only lately that I've REALLY noticed your work. Its amazing! I love every single one of your photos. Especially the Hers and His project. And you're Irish too!! What do you think of IADT for photography? I'm thinking about going there too :)

Thank you very much! :D
I couldn’t praise IADT Photography enough to be honest.
The lectures are amazing, the lecturers are even more amazing!
They want to make you learn and honestly I couldn’t be more happy to study there. :)  

audreyhendyphotography asked:

Hey! I was just wondering how you're getting along with selling your photography? Your work is amazing! Sadly as a struggling student photographer myself I have absolutely no money so can't buy any! Good luck with it though (:

Not well actually! hahah, but as long as I get my photography out there i’m happy! But thank you! I wish you all the luck with your work as well!