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1137. While on a Ministry liaison assignment in Paris, Percy Weasley is rudely awakened by muggle sirens blaring past as a woman climbs into his third-story rental overlooking the Louvre, broken wand in hand. With a cheeky wink, she swipes his wand and apparates away. It isn’t until the next day, when he meets French Minister of Magic, Amélie Desjardins, that he realizes that the woman from last night is actually the Minister’s granddaughter. Audrey Desjardins, it seems, has a penchant for stealing precious things. Like Percy’s heart; but that comes about two years, fifteen rare Muggle paintings, three pureblood heirlooms, a niffler, and a dragon egg later.

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Audrey’s Bachelorette Challenge Contestants

before i introduce them all, i just want to say a huge thank you for everyone who sent in a sim for my sim audrey!! and an apology for everyone’s sim i did not pick!! if i could, i would choose everyone :)

The Girls:

i hope you all appreciate who i picked, and enjoy seeing them!! and good luck to who ends up with audrey!!

1121. Audrey was born from a family of dark wizards. After they were arrested, she made a deal with the French Ministry to serve as an agent in dangerous countries in exchange for not being executed. The first time she met Percy, it was in an interrogation room in Voldemort's ministry, disguised as a famous European witch specialized in Legilimency and torture. Percy was the first to think of her as a real hero, and while she thinks he's mostly bonkers, she still likes the idea.