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I had a very interesting discussion about theater and film the other day. My parents and I were talking about Little Shop of Horrors and, specifically, about the ending of the musical versus the ending of the (1986) movie. In the musical, the story ends with the main characters getting eaten by the plant and everybody dying. The movie was originally going to end the same way, but audience reactions were so negative that they were forced to shoot a happy ending where the plant is destroyed and the main characters survive. Frank Oz, who directed the movie, later said something I think is very interesting:

I learned a lesson: in a stage play, you kill the leads and they come out for a bow — in a movie, they don’t come out for a bow, they’re dead. They’re gone and so the audience lost the people they loved, as opposed to the theater audience where they knew the two people who played Audrey and Seymour were still alive. They loved those people, and they hated us for it.

That’s a real gem of a thought in and of itself, a really interesting consequence of the fact that theater is alive in a way that film isn’t. A stage play always ends with a tangible reminder that it’s all just fiction, just a performance, and this serves to gently return the audience to the real world. Movies don’t have that, which really changes the way you’re affected by the story’s conclusion. Neat!

But here’s what’s really cool: I asked my dad (who is a dramaturge) what he had to say about it, and he pointed out that there is actually an equivalent technique in film: the blooper reel. When a movie plays bloopers while the credits are rolling, it’s accomplishing the exact same thing: it reminds you that the characters are actually just played by actors, who are alive and well and probably having a lot of fun, even if the fictional characters suffered. How cool is that!?

Now I’m really fascinated by the possibility of using bloopers to lessen the impact of a tragic ending in a tragicomedy…


         Top 15 MTV Scream Relationships (as voted by my followers):
               12. The Lakewood Six // “That’s what everyone’s been calling us lately.”
Arrow's David Ramsey Has a Prediction For Olicity
Ten years ago, Oliver Queen was just beginning his "five years in Hell," which would put him on the road to becoming "something else." Five years ago, Oliver had returned home to Starling City and embarked on a crime-fighting reign of terror that has had long-term ramifications including the creation of their season 5 big bad Prometheus.

We asked Ramsey about the possibility of seeing more of Audrey Marie Anderson, who plays his onscreen wife, Lyla Michaels.

“That’s a dynamic that really has a story arc waiting for it,” Ramsey said. “She’s the leader of ARGUS, he’s the leader of Team Arrow when Oliver’s out – and they have two different philosphies altogehter….What do you talk about at dinneritme with that?…They’re bringing that back, and it’s a big, long season, so we’ll see how it plays out.”

Then he added, “Audrey’s working on Training Day right now, so getting her is part of the issue. But I like seeing them together, I like the dynamic. I like that she’s a badass, that she’s capable in the field, that she’s smart, that she has a child. The couple has evolved. They’re Felicity and Oliver in five years.”

What’s funny, of course, is that right now, Diggle and Michaels are married with a child – but five years ago? No such thing. They were divorced and not communicating, until Michaels returned to Starling City (it’s Star now, but since for the second time in this article we’re talking about the past, we’re going to leave it) and rekindled her relationship with her ex over a little ARGUS business.


A/N: I don’t hate Camila Cabello, no worries. If you think that my stories look similar to someone’s writing, please tell me. I try to be unique and come up with my own ideas. Might do part 2 and 3 as well but I don’t know. Feedback is always welcomed

Word count: 884


You were doing your homework, writing down all the formulas of functions and the tables in Mathematics. Your phone buzzed on the textbook. A slight sigh slipped out from your mouth as you saw your best friend’s name in it.

“Audrey, it’s not the right time to call me—I’m revising for the final Math exam,” your voice sounded very accelerating from calming to pissed.

“Y/N, you have to listen to me! It’s an urgent thing.”

You rolled your eyes, took a deep breath. You didn’t want to be that awful friend who always came up with excuses to leave the conversation.

“Tell me, I’m listening,” you placed the phone back on your textbook, loudspeaker turned on. You were expecting something mild coming from her mouth, you weren’t ready for some another drama or hurtful event.

“He called me yesterday,” Audrey’s raspy voice gave you a tingeling sparkle in your body.

“He who?” You wrote down the last formulas and tried to sketch the square and cos2x functions in the notebook.

“Shawn. Your ex-boyfriend?” Audrey told the name that you didn’t want to hear for a long time. You dropped your pen on the floor, still starled by the name. “Y/N, are you alive?”

You shaked your head a little to come back to Earth.

“Yeah, I am. What’s with him?” you tilted your body a little to get the pen between your fingers.

“He wanted to know if you are in the town or not.”

“Audrey, I haven’t talked him for 7 months! Why the heck he wants to talk with me when 8 months ago he broke up because I wasn’t good enough to him. I’m not going to talk with him. He has that Cabello girl now,” you stayed crowded and focused on your last function.

“He sounded very distraught, miserable and frustrated. I know you don’t want to talk with him but at least ask from him what’s wrong. I still believe and know that half of you loves him and wants him.” Audrey told the truth–I still loved Shawn, I never stopped but I can’t be that easy to get.

“Audrey, he just plays with your mind–don’t let Shawn make fool out of you. He knows how to twist your feelings.”

“No, Y/N, stop lying to yourself! I know myself at least that much that I could make differences between truth and lie.”

You wanted to scream top of your lungs. You had messed up your last function thanks to Shawn, not Audrey. You needed push down those feelings that your heart told you to do—to call Shawn.

“Audrey, remember that he was the fault why we broke up. He cheated on me with Camila. You and Lily told me that he was the fault too, not me. I’ve learned my lessons and tried to fix my faults. I’m not going to fall again for him.”

She laughed, letting out the most adorable giggle.

“Oh you, babe, you can’t even hear yourself what you are talking about. Yeah, you did tell the same thing we told you but Y/N, give him a chance. At least for one time. Shawn is actually a great lad, very caring. You know that. Y/N, you have a heart.”

Audrey didn’t stop tell you how much heart you had and how much you had to lose when you didn’t get back with Shawn. You didn’t want to bother your head anymore with that and you said last words to her. You finished your last function where you made little corrections.

After finishing your revision, you couldn’t keep your hands off from your contact list. You tried to confess yourself that you didn’t need to do this. But your heart told otherwise.

“Okay, uh, maybe this isn’t going to be that bad. Maybe I’m overreacting, maybe I just, I don’t know anymore what I’m talking about,” You mumbled with yourself. You didn’t want to sound whiny or something but a little you wanted to talk with Shawn. At some point, you needed to break your flaws and boundries and do what you needed to do.

You pushed easily on the touch screen, feeling red liquid boiling inside, nerves in your head racking from bit to bit. You thought it was a bad idea to do it. Your throat got dried, you started biting your nails, eyelids blinked fast, heart beat rate rocketed into air. Everything you had spitted out from my mouth to Audrey, it made you think that you were a mean person. The calling beep made you more nervous by every second, the heart wanted to bound out from your chest. It got faster and faster. You wanted to gave up already because there was no chance Shawn would take up the call.

Suddenly, the long, noisy beep stopped. You stopped breathing for mere seconds, struggling to catch the breath.

“Y/N,” a humble voice called out your name through the phone.

“Shawn.” You congealed. You missed the voice. The one word from his voice took you back to the start where your love with Shawn started.


My name is Audrey Esparza […] I play Tasha Zapata. She’s a strong ferocious FBI agent that is not always kind, but is good at her job. She’s loyal, she’s smart.

okay so in the wake of horror films full of shitty representation of disability/mental illness I figured that I ought to try and make a list of horror films that deal with disability or mental illness in a slightly less terrible way and/or are personally meaningful to me as a disabled (autistic) madwoman (if I tried to list my disorders, we’d be here a while.)

keep in mind that these are movies I’ve seen that I found meaningful, I don’t want anybody to be like “oh yes these are all Unambiguously Good” because what’s a coping mechanism for me might be a hurtful thing to someone else. that being said.

  • Lights Out (2016) - this one is kind of iffy in the sense that some mad people I know kind of hate it? also tw for suicide. so take it with a grain of salt, because I can’t tell if the director was trying to do a good thing or a bad thing so it’s somewhere in the middle and really your opinion of the film will probably be dependent on (a. your attitude towards medication (b. your attitude towards why people commit suicide. but I loved it and here’s why: visible self-harm scars on our protagonist, her mother taking her meds is an act of heroism, mental illness is unquestionably a bad thing and is part of the monster they fight, institutionalization is just something that happens to people and the patients aren’t Terrifying or Awful they’re real human beings. my depressed friend and I went to see it together and we both loved it. but again. tw for suicide.
  • The Babadook - this is one that everybody knows about but okay I’ll mention it here
  • Gaslight (1944) - manipulative men are terrible, Ingrid Bergman is hot, and she has a fucking AMAZING scene at the end of the film. This is a film adaptation of the play that originated the term “gaslighting”; as such, there is a lot of gaslighting in the play. Hard to watch but worth it imo.
  • Wait Until Dark (1967) - Audrey Hepburn plays a young blind woman named Susy who survives the final battle against her would-be murderer by destroying all the sources of light in her house so that she’ll have the upper hand (since she knows where everything is and doesn’t need to see to navigate). I saw this one once years ago so if there are bad things about it I don’t remember please don’t come after me.
  • not a horror film but I’m adding Terminator 2: Judgment Day to this list, because fuck it I’m claiming Sarah Connor for us mad girls and she kicks ASS in this movie despite clearly Not Being Okay
  • Stranger Things also has a major character who is disabled and another major character who’s mentally ill and while it’s not always the best representation for us mad girls I know of two people who have identified pretty heavily with Joyce. So I’m including this.

also I haven’t seen Hush (2016) but I’ve heard some favorable reviews - the protagonist is deaf, and she survives and defeats the man who tried to kill her. With a corkscrew.

I’ll reblog as I remember/come across more - reblog with your own recommendations!!

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Have you ever cos-played Audrey from Atlantis? She was one of my favorite characters!

no i haven’t, i can’t find overalls that fit like hers. every time i find some theyre very fitted, but ive been trying at thrift stores

“Horror Fanatics.”

Warnings: N/A

Pairing: Noah Foster x Reader


could you do a fic where it’s like the reader is Emma’s sister and reader and Noah bond over really nerdy stuff and they fall in love or something like that ??? idk that just came to mind sorry if it’s awful. love you lots 😚😚

soul mate au with Noah (mtv scream)

Words: 1058

(I combined the requests, if that’s alright. Sorry if the grammar in this is absolute crap, but I wanted to post this as soon as possible! Requests are open!)

Originally posted by hollandrooden

The hallways of George Washington High were filled with students all pushing and shoving trying to get to their next class. You looked around cluelessly, Emma, had left you to grab your schedule leaving you alone in a sea of teenagers. You itched your soulmate tattoo anxiously and shifted from one foot to the other. Your soul mate tattoo had showed up after you turned 12; you were freaking out but your sister, Emma coaxed you down and explained what it was. Another person in the world, had the exact same triangle and thick line just like yours would be your soulmate. But, you were new to Lakewood; after experiencing some difficult things with your father, your mother decided it was best for you to take a break from familiarity and go to a boarding school in California for a while.

A harsh bump knocked you out of your clueless state, making you drop your books and binder on the ground. “Crap, I’m sorry. Ah.. Once again, Noah Foster here to ruin the day.” You laughed and moved a piece of hair behind your ear, kneeling down,“No no, really it’s okay.” Butterflies were swarming around in your stomach, his eyes reached yours and you turned and blushed. Noah handed you your binder but kept a hand on your book. “Carrie?” He held it up, sticky notes lined the book in colourful papers. “No I.. Yeah… I love Stephen King.” You grabbed it back from him, your hands slightly touching sending sparks up your arm “You’re kidding?” A blush grew across your face. Great, another person thought you were a freak for annotating a horror novel and he was extremely cute. “I love his books AND his movies. I’ve seen Carrie at least 7 times. He’s pretty much my all time favorite.” Noah turned around to scrounge around in his backpack before pulling out an old copy of The Shining. His plaid shirt was propped up a little bit, you could see the small soulmate tattoo on his body. A sickening thought dropped in your body as you began to think he already had a soulmate. “Wait. Let me see that.” Noah pulled your arm out so he could take a better look, “Holy sweet mother pearl.” You both laughed, Noah smiled a crooked grin. He rolled up his sleeves more so you could compare the two tattoos, already knowing they were the same. You were soulmates. “Well, I always thought it looked a bit like a knife, y’know for serial killer buisness?” You said and bit your lip, both of you were speechless. “So, I got your schedule but I have to also run to class, do you- Oh, hey Noah. You’ve met (Y/N), my little sister.” Emma came up to you guys and cocked her head to the side to see both of your arms against each other. He looked at you and grinned, “Sister? Oh yeah! Yeah. Well you see, horror fanatics just tend to gravitate towards each other. Almost like fate put two serial killers together.” Emma watched as her little sister giggled and Noah scratched his neck letting out a nervous laugh and raised her eyebrow. “Yeah, okay.” Noah tugged on his backpack and craned his neck to look at your schedule. “Math, room 2032. I’ll walk you, maybe we can talk more about your coolness.” “Wait- (Y/N)!” Emma’s mouth left open as you left with Noah barely even noticing her, chitchatting happily.

“No way. You’ve lived in California? Ever heard of the Hitchhiker’s killer?” Noah asked, absolutely intrigued. You two had spent basically the whole day together, talking and laughing. A crush developed almost instantly after he pulled out his Stephen King book. “Did I? I was obsessed about him! Not gonna lie after reading up on him, I almost peed when a car stopped next to me when I was walking to my dorm. Turns out, all they wanted was directions.” Noah tilted his head back and laughed making you laugh. “You’re amazing.” His arm fell around your shoulders as you both continued to talk.

“I don’t know why he just doesn’t ask her out.” Brooke tipped her beer back and sat down next to Emma. “I mean, can’t you see they are just eye screwing the hell out of each other?” It’s true. The whole party you both have barely spoken to anybody but each other. He’d say something, you’d laugh; you’d say something, he’d laugh. Emma turned to face her friend, laughing “I don’t want to picture my baby sister and Noah doing it. Ever.” Audrey sat down in a huff, “That’s fricking it, if I have to watch psychopath One and Two laugh at another messed up joke, I’m gonna pass out. He keeps saying ‘She’s so pretty but I’m not sure if she likes me’ all that crap. They are obviously soul mates I mean look at them!” Both of you were huddled in the corner, Noah’s arm over your shoulder and you almost wrapped around him. Emma patted her knee and scooched over so all three girls were sitting. After such a rough experience with your father leaving and all the trauma you went through, Emma was glad to see you finally smiling and laughing. Catching her eye, you saw Emma wave you down in the midst of the party. You excused yourself and walked over  “Hey! I’ve barely spoken to you since we got here. How was your first day of school? Did you like your classes?” She asked, eager to talk to you. “Well, I.. I only came over to grab a beer for me and Noah.” Brooke snickered and hid behind her bottle when Emma shot her a look, “Don’t you want to sit down? You’ve been standing for like an hour.” Audrey asked you, beginning to get up from her seat. “No! No, really it’s alright. Noah was just telling me about his podcasts, and that’s just a story I can’t miss.” You walked back and handed Noah his beer with a content look on your face. Then once again, you resumed flirting and laughing. Emma sighed, “I mean you’d think they’d be a little more shy towards each other right? They like just met each other. Most soulmates are shy. Why aren’t they shy?” Brooke and Audrey both laughed and leaned closer to Emma. “Maybe they are in love.” Brooke made a kissy noise and winked. “Brooke, you’re so annoying!” “Maybe she’s right, its like there’s a god of serial killer fanatics up there just playing puppet.” Audrey shrugged teasingly. The three turned to look back at the pair before watching Noah dip down and give you a small kiss. Your sister’s mouth was drawn open and Brooke laughed so hard she almost fell off of the lawn couch. “I knew it!” Audrey pointed at Noah.