audrey perez

“There’s no such thing as eliminating abortion,” says Perez. “You’re just eliminating safe abortion. Women will do whatever they need to do and they will go to any means to achieve it even if that means putting themselves in harm’s way.” 

- Audrey Perez, pro-choice activist

Read more profiles of those on the front lines of the abortion wars in Shuttered: the End of Abortion Access in Red America

Opening the #TeamCKHiD show

C.KHiD starts to perform new song “Trendsetter” to a South Padre Island, TX audience of over 4000.  The show was ignited.

C.KHiD and rap crewmates leeksta2g and eli4music tore the show down.   , Dancers  Shawn Smith (akrylicelephant), Audrey, Selina Diaz, Audrey Perez, and Fly Guy ‘Gino’ hyped the audience. 

Media wiz ‘Izzy’ captured the event in photo and video.. working 2 cameras at once.

Team Work Make the Dream Work!

- C.KHiD