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Scream Imagine Giveaway (Audrey Jensen)

This is a big project I’d love to take on because of the amount of support I’ve gotten for my writing and especially my deep passion for Audrey Jensen’s character on Scream MTV.

The Giveaway:

  • A document full of Audrey Jensen imagines that I have written, and will be writing this summer that have been posted (and will be) on will be sent to three winners online (privately)
  • Also included, there will be ten original imagines that will not be posted on or read by anyone but the winners. They will begin at a word count of 5000 words each.
  • In every single imagine, the winners will have their preferred name included instead of the standard “Y/N”
  • In addition to the imagines; there will corresponding edits to certain imagines, one in the style of a book cover at the beginning of the document. 
  • This will all be edited and each imagine will have a title. 
  • The three winners will be promoted on my blog 
  • Please acknowledge that this will amount to maybe 50000 words, give or take, therefore will take until the end of the summer. 
  • There will be three winners!!!


  • You must be following me, I will be checking
  • You must reblog this post and tag as scream imagine contest 16
  • You may reblog as many times as you want, but will only be entered once!
  • This has to reach over one hundred entries, please understand how much work this is going to be and that it will almost be the size of a full novel


  • One winner will be sent a gift (MTV Scream themed), picked by me and bought at Fan Expo 2016 (International shipping as well, no cost from winner)
  • This is purely created by me, I am not profiting from this at all and I do not own the character Audrey Jensen in any way (obviously). Tumblr has nothing to do with this as well (idk, just to be safe) 
  • Like to bookmark if you want to keep tabs! 
  • Any questions are welcome :)
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