audrey mbugua

Audrey Mbugua: Why she kicks ass

  • She is an Kenyan human rights activist, who writes and discusses the damaging general incomprehension of transsexualism within Kenyan society, with a unique honesty and humour. 
  • She Draws upon personal experience of prejudice in the field of work and life at large, and states that transsexual people deserve the same respect and treatment as any other member of society, and urges those uneducated about transsexuals to think before opening their mouths.
  • In Transgender Rights Not Simply Gay Rights she highlights some of the injustices against many transgender people in various parts of Africa. In the US we understand that local, state, federal government, employees, places of worship, and late night comedy shows have all contributed to the persecution and oppression of transgender people. Audrey Mbugua in writing about recent events in Africa, points out the irony (and well known fact amongst transgender and transsexual people) that some of the perpetrators of the injustices are gays, gay rights activists, and the media. 
“Because it is not African” Conversations about Gender Identity with Africans

By Sharon Nyangweso (Twitter: @Sharon_okeno) 

Not so long ago, the incredibly talented Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie explained that we need to destroy this idea that tradition is some kind of natural phenomenon and accept it as man made. The sooner we do that, the sooner we can understand that there are some aspects of “tradition” that no matter how old, are detrimental to our prosperity.

So often I’ve had conversations with my African seniors whose opinions and insight I hold so highly, and I have allowed myself to turn a blind eye at their blatant homophobia or transphobia. They are old men and women, no need to fight them on their set ways after all. But, here is the thing, I also find my generation of Africans echoing these very sentiments, and I can’t help but think: Are these ideals; homosexuality, gender fluidity, feminism, truly “un-African”?

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