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We know you love Voltron & based on your bday & art posts,we feel you favor that fandom. It's great you have that but keep in mind you have fans from Bullet, Audrey etc that make things for u, have your back, try to encourage u 2. If u have known what not being good enough feels like, that's how we feel when u leave us out. It's hurtful. Like any TV show, Voltron won't be here forever & there will be new shows & fandoms that love u. Don't forget about the loyal fans from each group that stay

Hi. I appreciate your candor. From here forward please stick to “I feel” statements unless you have receipts from others feeling the same way. I understand your feelings and would like to maybe try to address some of your “not feeling good enough” feelings. I have indeed felt that way. I feel that way very very often. But here’s the thing: you can’t control how others act, only how you respond. Right now Voltron is promoting new ventures and as a part of that team I am paying special attention to this project that is currently producing new things. I don’t wish for any other fans to feel left out. Nothing is personal when I’m appreciating fan art. The shows currently in progress/on air will always get “special attention” because that is how publicity in the industry works (sorry to ruin the magic). Please know I am always appreciative of fans and don’t play favorites based on what you’re fans of. The only way I play favorites is based on how fans treat me and each other.


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Audrey hated her, everyone surely knew that by now.  So, it really didn’t surprise anyone when she started going off on Mallory.  Mallory tried to play it down, tried to ignore the other, tried to be the better person.  But her temper was flaring, her emotions running rampant.  She had tried reasoning with the girl, getting to the root of the problem, but the girl was incessant in her need to hate her, it seemed.  By the time Audrey let slip she knew something about her life that she didn’t, it was already too late.  “That’s it!  I refuse to be your little verbal punching bag!  Now shut up and leave me alone!”  

Her normal green eyes glowed brightly, something that only ever happened when she did magic… and typically magic with a nasty twist… and Audrey gasped and just collapsed, her eyes shut.  Mallory gasped, her eyes flickering back to normal.  “Audrey…?” she called out to her hesitantly before kneeling down beside her.  She shook her to try to wake her.  “Audrey?  This isn’t funny.  You got me, ha ha, now open your eyes.”  What was the use?  Anyone with magic could tell right away what was wrong.

She slowly stood up, backing away several feet before turning to take off.  But, there was Ben.  “I-I… I don’t know what happened.  She just… fell.”  Which was technically the truth.  She had no idea how she cast a Sleeping Curse, and Audrey technically did just fall.  Oh god, she had never been so scared in her life.


30 Days Nathan/Audrey Challenge: Day 8 FAVORITE NATHAN QUOTE ABOUT AUDREY Doesn’t hurt. Only thing I feel is you.