audrey makes things


so today i finished the first draft of a book (hurray!) but you see i am unable to function unless i have a book to work on so rn i’m just in this state where i have weird pent-up energy/want to write/question everything i have ever written since my birth




30 Days Nathan/Audrey Challenge: Day 8 FAVORITE NATHAN QUOTE ABOUT AUDREY Doesn’t hurt. Only thing I feel is you.

no but what if the Heart of the Truest Believer thing was complete bull

like things were getting a little stale in Neverland (there’s only so much dancing around the fire you can do after all) and the Lost Boys were getting a little antsy so Peter thought “wow i better come up with something” and at some point he just went “I NEED THE HEART OF THE TRUEST BELIEVER” and on the inside he congratulated himself like “wow peter that sounds really good and interesting four for you”

so for years he was on this totally made-up quest and sent his trusted Lost Boys on super important assignments to find the Heart and he created the home office for absolutely no purpose at all

just because he was bored

wouldn’t that have been hilarious