audrey hepburn an elegant spirit

“Although she was never an ardent follower of any formal religion, my mother’s own faith endured throughout her life: her faith in love, her faith in miracle of nature, and her faith in the goodness of life.” - Sean Hepburn Ferrer (Audrey Hepburn, An Elegant Spirit)

Audrey Hepburn photograhed by Philippe Halsman, famous “Jump” series, 1955.

Audrey Hepburn and Sean, only a few weeks old, at home in 1960. Photo taken by Mel Ferrer.

“I remember her long hair, her bare feet, which as a little boy I often caressed while she put her makeup on. Whenever she had to go to a dinner or a cocktail party, she would always say, Oh, if only I could only stay home and eat in the kitchen with you. I remember school days, cramming for exams for which she probably fretted more than I did. She would test me before bed and again in the morning, waking up with a sort of sleepy head only adults enjoy. I remember her elation at good grades, her support and positiveness for the not so good ones. I remember sleepovers on weekends, when we would chat with the lights out, during those precious few moments before one falls asleep. We would talk about feelings and plans and people and things, but in that way that is specific to that darkness, like two souls suspended. I am often asked what it was like to have a famous mother. I always answer that I don’t know. I knew her first as my mother and then as my best friend. She wanted to be a mother very much so when she had the opportunity, she did it to the fullest extent of the law.” Sean Hepburn Ferrer

top left: Audrey Hepburn and son Sean, two and a half years old, photographed by Mel Ferrer in Bürgenstock, Switzerland, 1962. top right: Audrey Hepburn and son Sean, three years and a half, photographed by Mel Ferrer while spending their last Christmas Holidays at Vila Bethania, Bürgenstock, 1963. middle: Audrey Hepburn, Mel Ferrer and Sean Hepburn Ferrer photographed at the circus by Pierluigi Praturlon, 1961. bottom left: Audrey Hepburn and son Sean photographed by Mel Ferrer in Marbella, Spain, during a burrada, which’s a picnic you take along on a burro ride. bottom right: Audrey Hepburn and son Sean with a baby goat, photographed by Mel Ferrer, in Marbella, Spain, circa 1964.

scans from Audrey Hepburn, An Elegant Spirit