audrey cleo


I would go on tour with them, on planes, in the back of limos, to parties. I would be on stage with Led Zeppelin, the Stones, The Who and The Doors. It was a magic time.” - Pamela Des Barres

Yes, I’ve watched it from behind the soundboard, I think even from the ceiling a couple of times. I maybe even hung from a chandelier or two.” - Bebe Buell


Zodiac Signs

Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

Spontaneous, enthusiastic, outgoing, passionate, visionary, dramatic, instinctual.

♈ Aries: Morgana Welch (March 29), Jane Asher (April 5), Anita Pallenberg (April 6), Marsha Hunt (April 15), Cleo Odzer (April 16)

♌ Leo: Phyllis Nesmith (July 30), Maureen Cox (August 4), Audrey Hamilton (August 6), Sabel Starr (August 15)

♐ Sagittarius: Miss Christine (November 27), Miss Sparky (December 6), Iggy The Eskimo (December 14)