audrey borely

Monday 8:27am
I woke up with you on my mind.
You called me babe last night —
my heart is still pounding.

Tuesday 10:53pm
Today I realized we won’t work.
What we are is hurting her.
And I think she matters more to me than you do.

Wednesday 11:52pm
I broke things off with you today.
She barely said a word.
I’ve never regretted anything more than this.

Thursday 4:03pm
I shouldn’t have sent that message.
You shouldn’t have been so okay with receiving it.

Friday 9:57pm
I almost messaged you today.
I didn’t.

Saturday 8:49pm
I’m walking around town in search of alcohol.
They say that liquor numbs the pain of having a broken heart.
I want to put that to the test.

Sunday 2:32am
I heard you texted a girl you’ve never spoken to before.
I wonder if it’s because you’re trying to replace me.
I can’t help but wish you weren’t.
I thought I was irreplaceable.

—  a week with you on my mind, c.j.n.
Move on, leave, run away, escape this place… but don’t forget about me, about us, about this town. Always remember where you come from so you can appreciate how far you’ve come.
—  c.j.n.

Previously on Scream
“blah blah blah”
Emma in College probs be getting started at and shit for being the final girl and the girl probs be like “fuck this!” and leaves the class cause she needs a break.

Audrey staying with Gina in Murdervile, Gina just glaring at Audrey trying to get in touch with Emma, Audrey trying not to punch bae in her face.

Brooke trying to get a hold of Stavo but he won’t pick up cause he most likely suckin faces with Noah, if he didn’t go to New York with her after all that fuss then fam nostavo is bangin, but she’s like Well whatever, looks at hot professor and my girl gets her smug look on cause good dick potential.

Noah poor sunshine child just probably trying to get horny ass Stavo off of him cause they got to meet up with a new Editor most likely cause Jeremy is dead and i’m salty.

Stavo finally gets his horny sexy ass off Noah and they go meet up with the new Edior but the editor probably wants a my way or no way deal and bitch about the way the boys do things or something.

Then there’s a lot of fucking killin and Ghostface harass my girl Emma again but she’s like, “HAHA JOKES ON YOU BITCH IM NOT IN LAKEWOOD” then ghostface tracks her and calls up her peeps like who the fuck is it this time!

You claim to love her, inside and out, but the only time you call her beautiful is when it’s 3 in the morning and I’ve already turned you down.
—  girls tell each other everything, c.j.n.
Looking back, I can’t remember the truth. I blew everything out of proportion so I could feel the hurt and betrayal and write about it in vivid detail. It was my own method of torture. My own undoing; and I enjoyed every second of it.
—  c.j.n.