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who is this audrey person because she looks gay and i am in love





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She’s from MTV’S Scream, and Im love her too. She’s my sweet sad baby and I just. I could write you a whole essay about how much I love her but that would be so excessive. She’s awkward and fierce and loyal and not afraid of anyone. I’m not crying you’re crying. 

Seriously, tho. It is worth watching the two short seasons of the stupid show (which are both up on netflix) just to enjoy the glory of Bex (the person who plays her). Fun fact! She plays Pidge in Voltron as well. 

and i def didn’t spend ten minutes scrolling through gifs and sighing while trying to find the perfect one to answer this ask with

magical-loversforest replied to your post “I sat down to work on my OCs for my book but I’m just anxiously…”

tell us about your ocs and book! : )

Shit alright, it’s a bit dark tho

Rena is my main, she’s 16, soft, believes in the good in everyone, certified flower child, would die for her family and friends, polite af, oldest of 5 children & grew up in a small town

So the first three pages of the book is probably where I break everyone’s heart cause it starts with Rena walking back home to her village just to find it in flames. I’m gonna keep it short here but she meets Rodrick & they go back to the village cause Rena wants to at least bury the people there but then they find out that there are no children’s bodies there so like, where the hell did all the children go? Fast forward a lot, they meet Logan, Asha & Finn, find out the government are a bunch of dicks, find out a bigger bunch of dicks is trying to overthrow the government cause they are entitled fucks, come to the realisation that Gods are real, sleeping and probably gonna be pissed once not sleeping anymore, and they also break into a library cause I love heists and libraries

So to the other characters:

Rodrick is the grandpa of the group, he’s kind, chill, good-natured, got a steam-powered caravan that lowkey runs on magic, has the best dog in the world called Vincent, and would probably cut his own arm off if it would help anyone

Logan is like 23, would flirt with everyone including a dragon that is 0.2 seconds away from killing him, ran away from home when he realised most of his family were just racist fucks, went from being lowkey nobility to living as a traveller and never settling down anywhere, 110% believes in aliens and sends a kiss up towards the sky every night for space, has ADHD and lowkey loves revolution

Asha is maybe 30?? I’m not sure yet, she’s tall, shaved head, aroace, not shits given, could kill people with a look if she tried, history nerd times a thousand, probably knows like 20 languages, ain’t gonna take shit from anyone 

Finn is 19 I think, he’s actually remotely part of the royal family but also of the douchs that are trying to overthrow the regime, realises that that would be a hella fuckin bad plan so he just takes his shit and leaves, good kid at heart but his morals aren’t always the best, sarcastic & cynical gay babe, has a hard-on for well-executed plans

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Tell me about your Gotham U ladies! I don't think I've heard about your OC at all? Educate me!

The Gotham U ladies number at three: Audrey Brenner, Salem Jackson, and Valerie Spade.

Audrey is a Metropolis-born anthropology student with severe anxiety that has been unofficially adopted by like 10 Rogues.  She dyes her hair regularly and thus it is never the same color for more than a week.  Despite her anxiety she is actually very fond of musical theater.  I run a blog for her @metropolis-is-for-the-weak.

Salem is a psychology student from a small town in Mississippi who also happens to have horns and extreme skill in mystic arts.  She is an intern at Arkham Asylum and also a vigilante in much the same way as Zatanna.  Salem’s horns act as channels for her magic and she can actually forego speaking when casting spells.

Valerie, or Val, is a chemistry student who works for Oswald Cobblepot as a henchman for hire.  She’s a speedster like the Flash, which comes with the drawbacks like an increased metabolism.  Her primary reason for turning to villainy is because it pays the bills better than a minimum wage job on campus like the ones Audrey and Salem have.

The three, despite their differences, are close friends.

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so mtv scream is not what i normally watch at all but i, too, am a canon bisexual and i love pidge with all my heart and soul so i am absolutely going to watch it (even if i just watch the scenes with audrey because halp). thank you for answering my dumb question <3 -- the anon in love with audrey

Look, I am secretly a slut for suspenseful tv shows, but honestly the best part about Scream is the CHARACTERS. Sure, half of them die, but YOU LOVE THEM BEFORE THAT HAPPENS and that’s what counts. Audrey might be the Best character, but she isn’t the only good character. 

I’m happy to have found a canon bisexual to share the joy of Scream with! Representation is really difficult to find, so when the people who want to see it most find it…? I love that. 

If you do find yourself watching Scream, loving Scream, and struggling to contain your gleeful shrieking, you’re TOTALLY welcome to hit me up in the messages/continue to gush on anon here on my main blog OR browse through/message me/anon me on my scream sideblog: @scream-for-audrey

ps i totally watched voltron just for pidge after this show, so i feel ya

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Shipping Questions for Fitzrey!

can’t stick to the grocery list : Both of them are really bad about picking up things that aren’t on the list. Lots of snacks usually come home with them.
would be addicted to Netflix (and chill, if applicable) : Neither one is ‘addicted’ to Netflix but they do use it from time to time.  Depends on what they’re watching and what kinda mood they’re in for the ‘chill’ part to happen.
manages the joint account : Fitz.  Audrey is horrible with managing money.  Not that she spends a lot or anything it’s just she rather have Fitz take care of all that.
is the better city driver and why : Fitz.  Audrey gets really nervous driving in the city despite being from Portland.
walks around the house in their underwear : Audrey does more so than Fitz.
which one prefers to watch Game of Thrones and which one prefers the books : Audrey has read the first book and tried to watch the show but it’s a little too violent.  However, the sex doesn’t bother her.  I’m not sure if Fitz is into either the books or show.
has the higher alcohol tolerance : Fitz.  He’s Scottish.
instigates sex most often : Again Fitz.  Although, Audrey can be just as bad at instigating.
likes having candles around the house : Audrey does.  She has a whole shelf of different scented candles.  She likes them in the evening and also when she’s taking a bath.
always misses the clothes hamper : Neither of them do.
gets the first gray hair : Maybe Audrey?  (Fitz might start going bald IDK LOL)
is more protective : Fitz is (without question).
prefers a quiet night in : Both of them do.  They much rather stay in than go out.

( also for @lovelornrocketscientist )

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"I'm here, princess."

Send “I’m here, princess.” for my muse’s reaction 
to be being picked up like a princess.

                  You may be the god of the sea, but if you don’t put me down in five seconds I’ll make you wish you never left the fucking ocean. It wasn’t so much her being pissed about him picking her up, not at all really; she was pissed he stopped her from kicking that DIPSHIT’S ass. He deserved the beating she was about to deliver and Poseidon interrupted it– Audrey didn’t care if he was a god, he was about to feel the wrath of an angry-small-Latina.

Noah Foster- Interruptions

Request: Noah Foster fix where y/n,Audrey and noah are all best friends and they have a sleepover at Audrey’s and noah confesses his feelings to the reader and they start making out in Audrey’s kitchen but they get interrupted by Audrey,Noah & her(reader) blush

Author: Isa

Noah‘s POV

“Audrey…?” I ask my friend. “Noah…” She replies back. “I have a question,” I say. She nods. “Do you think that I should ask Y/N out?” I question her. “Um… Noah… I-I don’t know… Maybe. Y/N seems to like you…” Audrey says while smirking. “I know that you know. Just tell me if Y/N likes me. Please!?” I yell looking for an answer. “Maybe grow a pair and live with the consequences instead of always knowing,” She says. I groan at her response. I just wanted to know just in case. I didn’t want to ruin our friendship…


“GUYS?” Y/N screams coming into the store. Both I and Audrey groan in response. “What?” I ask waiting for them to fangirl over a new character. “We should have a sleepover!” Y/N says full of excitement. Audrey rolls her eyes. “What? That doesn’t seem like fun? Because I think it’d be fun. Do it for me. Please.” Y/N says nudging me. “Noah? Please?” Somehow Y/N always makes me give in. “Fine,” I say trying to sound annoyed. I have to admit, this could be fun. I mean, practically sleeping with the girl I like, doesn’t sound half bad. “Ugh. We can do it at my place, then.” Audrey says committing to this night. “Come on, you both are acting like I just asked for a ride to the airport! I just want to spend some quality time with my best friends.” Y/N says making a key point. “Okay.” Audrey and I both agree. “Well… I have to go. See you both tonight. Right?” Y/N questions pointing at the two of us. We both nod our heads. “Good.” Y/N says before giving me a kiss on the cheek. Y/N leaves through the door and waves to us. “Oooh, Noah. You are such a lady’s man. Getting those Preschool kisses on the cheek. What was that not even 1st base?” Audrey mocks. “Hey! At least I got a kiss.” I defend myself. “Whatever…”


I just couldn’t wait until the sleepover. Noah was going to bring the classic horror films and we would stay up all night watching them. With my bag already packed, I head outside to my car. I only drive for a couple minutes before reaching Audrey;s familiar house. I make sure to lock the doors after hopping out. I can see Noah and Audrey in the front window. They’re both talking. I knock on the door and soon enough, Noah opens it. “Y/N! Come in.” Noah greets. Audrey stands by the doorframe with her arms crossed. “What’s wrong, grumpy head?” I ask. “The usual. Nothing to be too concerned with.” She replies. “But, I have a fun game we can play. Truth or Dare?” Audrey sounds excited. I would say too excited for some stupid little game. “Come here.” Audrey leads me to the other room where I take a seat on the carpet flooring.

“Y/N, truth or dare,” Audrey asks me. “Well, I’ll go for a truth, this time,” I reply. “Do you like anyone. Maybe one of your friends?” She asks. It sounds weird like she is trying to out one of my secrets. “Yes. And they are one of my closest friends, I would say.” I answer. “Noah?” Audrey asks. “Um… dare?” He replies. “Call your crush.” “What?!” “You heard me. Call. Your. Crush. We all know you have one.” “Audrey…” Noah sounds uncomfortable and won’t even look at me. “Hey, Aud, don;t do that. He doesn’t want us to know.” I say trying to make him feel better. “That’s the game, though. He chose dare. He has to do it. I’ll do any dare.” Audrey justifies herself.

“It’s okay. I can do it…” Noah says glaring over at Audrey. There is some serious tension between the two. It seems like Noah is ready to attack Audrey. He takes out his phone. “What if I don’t have their number?” He asks. “I know that you do.” “No” “Noah, just do it…” Audrey says done with the fighting. He clicks on one of his contacts. Right at that second, my phone starts ringing. “Noah. Why’d you call me by accident?” I say with a concerned expression. “Y/N, he just called his crush,” Audrey explains. My eyes widen. He can’t even face me.

“Oh. Noah. Awww.” I say pulling him into a hug. “Wh-what?” He questions. “I think it’s pretty obvious that I like you,” I say. “Oh. Cool… Yeah…” Noah stutters. Audrey lays back smirking to herself. “Can we start our movie marathon, now?” Audrey says in an impatient tone.


We all migrate into the kitchen after watching five hours of horror. I sit on the counter next to the microwave. I’m waiting for the time to run out. Currently at 1:32 and slowly receding, Audrey leaves the room. “I’ll be back. Duty calls.” She says obviously meaning that she has to use the bathroom. Right when Audrey closes the bathroom door, Noah slides his body in between my legs as they dangle from the counter. “Whatcha doing there, Noah?” I ask. He doesn’t say anything. He stares deeply into my eyes and slowly cups my face and pulls me closer. His soft lips collide with mine. It starts off as sweet and full of young love. But turns into something much more. My hands are roughly gripping his hair as the kiss intensifies. He starts kissing my neck. Here we are making out in Audrey’s kitchen.

“Is the popcorn done…?” Audrey says before seeing her best friends roughly making out. “AUDREY!” I say pushing Noah away. I jump down from the counter. “I-um…” Noah can’t even begin to say anything. “It’s okay, you guys. I’m kinda glad I saw this. Now, can you guys just start dating? I’ve been shipping you for so long.” Audrey jokes. “Go out with me, Y/N?” Noah asks. “Of course.”

okay so this only has a touch of Latina!Evie, but that’s because I’m not myself and I didn’t want to get things wrong!

  • Everytime Audrey sleeps in too late, Evie wakes her up with ‘true love’s kiss’. 
  • Audrey is Evie’s model for all the gowns she makes.
  • Audrey brings Evie to her castle and organises a band so they can dance in the ballroom. 
  • Both are total romantics and frequently go on dates to do things like roller-skating, horse riding, cycling and going on picnics. 
  • Evie brings Audrey to dance class and Audrey can’t concentrate on the steps because she’s too turned on by Evie dancing the salsa.
  • Audrey gives Evie princess lessons only to find out she’s actually struggling to keep up with Evie. 
  • Evie makes Audrey all sorts of traditional foods from her childhood and Audrey is in love with it all. 
  • Evie is constantly giving Audrey make-up tips and recipes for face masks, joking that she’ll ‘soon be prettier than me’. To which Audrey always replies, “And be the fairest in the land? Don’t be silly Eves.” 
  • They have dinner with Grimhilde over skype and she is absolutely over the moon about their relationship. She asks Audrey things like how many rooms in her castle and does she have many tiaras, to which Audrey politely answers until Evie asks her mother to stop. Audrey can’t stop laughing when Grimhilde starts telling her off in spanish to which Evie sighs exasperatedly and argues back. 
  • Evie never misses a game and is always there to support Audrey from the sidelines. 
  • Just to get her all flustered, Evie will make eyes at Audrey from across the classroom, before finding a way to walk past her desk and whisper something sexual to her in Spanish. It’s happened way more often than Audrey likes to admit where the teacher will call on her and she’ll splutter out something incomprehensible. 
  • Evie tutors Audrey in chemistry, and whenever they study late into the night, they always end up asleep, cuddling. 

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Fitzrey for the ship meme, please. :)

  • who is more likely to hurt the other?–– Audrey.  Not intentionally tho!
  • who is emotionally stronger? –– I don’t think either one of them is super strong when it comes to emotions.  They’re both have tender hearts but I think Audrey would be slightly stronger than Fitz.
  • who is physically stronger?–– Fitz.  Audrey isn’t weak but I think Fitz can lift more than she can.
  • who is more likely to break a bone? –– Fitz.  Accidents do happen in the lab from time to time!
  • who knows best what to say to upset the other–– I think they both know what upsets each other but neither of them would do that intentionally to each other.  They’re not hurtful people.
  • who is most likely to apologise first after an argument?–– It depends on who started the argument and what it’s about.  I think Fitz is usually the first to apologize in most cases tho.
  • who treats who’s wounds more often?–– Audrey does.  Fitz gets a lot of cuts and injuries from working in the lab on projects.
  • who is in constant need of comfort?–– They both like to be comforted by each other but I think Fitz needs it more. Audrey will hold him, run her hand through his hair, kiss him, rub small circles on his back, and give him reassuring and loving words.
  • who gets more jealous?–– Fitz has more of a jealous streak than Audrey does.
  • who’s most likely to walk out on the other?–– Neither of them would do this.
  • who will propose?–– Fitz will when the time is right.
  • who has the most difficult parents?–– FITZ !! Mostly his father.
  • who initiates hand-holding when they’re out in public?–– Fitz does.  Audrey loves her hand being held at anytime but she usually lets Fitz take hers.
  • who hogs the blankets?–– Audrey does but Fitz doesn’t mind because he’s always hot.  Usually he’s okay with just a sheet.  However, Audrey is always cold and loves to be cocooned up in warmth.
  • who gets more sad?–– Fitz.
  • who is better at cheering the other up?–– I think Fitz has an easier time cheering Audrey up than she does him.  Audrey is quite cheerful but depending on his mood, sometimes it’s hard to pull Fitz out of his funk.
  • who’s the one that playfully slaps the other all the time after they make silly jokes?–– I don’t think either of them slap each other.  Audrey might playfully bump her hips into him if he said something silly.  
  • who is more streetwise?–– Fitz.  
  • who is more wise?–– Also Fitz.
  • who’s the shyest?–– Fitz.  Audrey is pretty bubbly and outgoing once she warms up to people.
  • who boasts about the other more?–– I think they both do.  They’re both extremely proud of each other.
  • who sits on who’s lap?–– Audrey sits on Fitz’s lap.

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Fitzrey for the ship meme, please. :)

  • Finds ideas for Halloween costumes - Audrey does.  Fitz isn’t into dressing up but I could see him doing it if they’re going to a party.  Audrey always suggests something he’s interested in like Doctor Who characters or something like that.
  • Proposes to take a relaxing bath together - I think both of them do but Audrey more often that him.  He’s afraid that she might turn him down (which tbh she probably never would because she loves having that close intimacy with him).
  • Spoils the kids a little bit too much - Fitz definitely.  He loves buying things for his children not because he’s wanting to win their affection (they already love him so much) but he likes to just buy them little things because he loves them and likes seeing them happy.  However, if he noticed they were starting to act spoiled, he’d stop.
  • Wakes his/her other half on the week-end for some grown-ups quality time - Audrey does.  Fitz is a late sleeper and especially more so on the weekends when he doesn’t have to go into work.  I don’t think he’d be too upset though if Audrey woke for some morning cuddles and sexy time.
  • Likes watching outside when there is a storm - Neither of them.  Audrey hates storms especially if they’re bad ones with lots of thunder and lightning.  She’ll usually stick close to Fitz until it passes.  Fitz doesn’t mind them but he rather watch from the window.
  • Is the most addicted to coffee - Audrey! Fitz hates coffee!  Audrey loves all the coffee and all their counterparts –– lattes, espressos, macchiatos, americanos, etc …  
  • Has a lot of family photos in her/his phone - They both have a lot of their children but Fitz probably has more than Audrey just because it’s so hard for Audrey to get pictures of Fitz because he hates it.  He’s got a lot of her tho! I think he likes to take pictures of her.
  • Eats the last part of pie/cake - Fitz.  He’s got a pretty big sweet tooth.  Audrey likes cakes and pies but she can have one or two slices and be done with it.  Fitz, however, will continue to graze on it until it’s all gone!
  • Checks on the kids before going to bed - Both do.  Audrey sometimes goes to bed before Fitz and she’ll stop to check on them.  When Fitz finally comes to bed he’ll stop in to check on them again.  If they both go to bed at the same time, they’ll check on them together.
  • Comes to the other after a fight to reconcile -  It depends on the fight but I think Fitz would be the first go to Audrey to apologize in most cases.  Audrey hates going to bed with them mad at each other so I know she’d want to work things out too.

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Fitzrey for the ship meme, please? :)

Who worries about how they will look when they’re older

  • I think this is more Audrey than Fitz.  She’s not overly obsessive about it but she doesn’t really want wrinkles so she makes sure to use anti-aging creams and serums before she goes to bed.  She knows she’s going to get old someday but the less wrinkles the better!

Who makes the mix tapes/cd’s

  • I think they both make playlists.  Fitz has different ones he uses when he’s working on projects and has some for when they go on long road trips. Audrey has playlists created for when she’s in the kitchen cooking and cleaning the house.  She also has a playlist for sexy times ;) (tho i’m not sure they use that one that often).

Clings to the other during scary movies

  • This is Audrey all the way! She usually buries her head against his shoulder or chest depending on how scary the movie is.  Sometimes she’ll pull a blanket around them and nuzzle her face against him.  She doesn’t like to be scared but watches the movies with Fitz because he likes them.  However, I don’t think Fitz minds her clinging to him at all.

Gets into the shower with the other randomly

  • I think they’d both do.  Maybe Audrey more often than Fitz but I can certainly see him jumping in the shower with her.  Especially, if he’s gotten up a little later than he should have and he’s pressed for time.  

Flashes the other when they walk by after taking a shower alone

  • Audrey would be the one to do this.  It would definitely come off as more comical than sexy (even if she’s trying to be sexy).  I could see her doing this more if he’s come home from a long and rough work day and he needs something to make him smile.

Initiates hand holding while the other is driving

  • I feel like Fitz does most of the driving whenever they go someplace but he’s also the one that initiates the hand holding too. I can see him being more inclined to take her hand when they’re on a date or when they’re running errands on the weekend more so than when they’re driving to and from work.

Secretly tries to touch the other in naughty places during public/family events

  • I don’t think either of them do this.  Audrey knows he probably freak if she started to touch him because he’d be afraid of getting caught.  However, if they were sitting closely to one another he might brush his fingertips against the side of her thigh if he was sure no one could see. Usually though, they save all the intimate touching when they’re alone.

Asks weird questions in the middle of the night

  • I definitely think Audrey has asked Fitz some weird questions as they’ve been laying in bed trying to fall asleep. If it’s meant to be sort of funny he’ll laugh at how ridiculous it is but if he can tell she’s looking for a serious answer he’ll try to answer it if he can.

Asks “what are you thinking about?”

  • Audrey gotten pretty good at telling when Fitz goes quiet if he’s thinking about work and project related things or if he’s thinking about something else.  Usually, if she can tell he’s thinking about work she’ll let him be but if she can tell he’s got something else weighing on his mind, she’ll ask him.  

Always has to be touching the other, (if either of them do)

  • They both like to touch each other but I think if they’re sitting or standing closely to each other that Fitz likes to have a part of him touching her.  He craves intimate contact.  

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Hey! I love your blog!! Could you recommend some YA books that you like, if you don't mind??

hey, thanks! i’m glad that you love it! :)

okay, wow. i hope you are ready for this because i am not. jk i was born ready for this. i mostly read ya so this list will be hella long, be prepared:

The Host by Stephenie Meyer (okay this is a lifelong debate if it’s ya or not but idc this is my favorite book ever and i’ll always mention it. this book is about earth in the future when aliens (HOSTS) insert themselves into human bodies and make the word a peaceful and better place. but not all humans are dead and there are un-hosted people who fight back and safe the race. one of the hosts gets inserted into a girl that won’t vanish and long story short they go on a mission to find her boyfriend and brother IT’S SO GOOD PLEASE READ IT IT’S EVERYTHING TO ME)

series (because most ya novels i read were part of a series):

  • Vendetta by Catherine Doyle (5 boys move into an abandoned house in a chicago suburb and the main character (girl) meets one of them and gets thrown into looooots of drama. let me just say MAFIA. it’s so good. i love it. favorite series!)
  • angelfall by susan ee (angels are actually the bad guys who kill people and make earth their battlefield. penryn tries to flee to a safer place with her little sister and mother but things happen and her sister was taken by evil angels after she witnessed a fight between them and another angel and intervened. she is stuck with the one she tried to help in order to get to her sister and rescue her. soon good. main character is so badass i love her.)
  • star-crossed by josephine agenlini (GREEK MYTHOLOGY BUT MODERN DAY! enough said? no? okay, a new family moves into a small town and as soon as mad character lays eyes on the boy she finds him stunningly attractive and wants to kill him brutally at the same time. soooooooo goooood)
  • cinder by marissa meyer (-future- main character is a cyborg and mechanic. one days she fixes the crown prince’s robot and things happen. no, but seriously this series is so great and at the end of the first book shit seriously goes down and the 3 next books all feature characters from other tales but also different. it’s awesome!)
  • the 5th wave by rick yancey (aliens took over the world and kill all humans, girl is the ‘lone’ survivor and tries to find her brother who was taken into a camp by the government. i live for ethan)
  • The Wrath & the Dawn by Renée Ahdieh (thousand and one night but different. every day a young woman gets married to hot boy king but get killed at every dawn. main character’s best friend was chosen the day before and died and now she wants to avenge her death and kill the king herself. but the more time she spends at the palace the more she finds out about the truth. omg this book was too good, i devoured in like 2 days and i’m still extremely sad that i don’t own the sequel.)
  • The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater (okay, sometimes i think i got the gist of it but it still feels like a big mystery with these books. i only read the first 2 so far and i’m currently reading the third. a non-psychic girl befriends with 4 boys who go to a local school for rich boys and try to find a dead but also alive (?) welsh king. i tried.)
  • Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas (girl assassin who was working as a slave in a mine has the opportunity to fight for her freedom by joining a competition to become the king’s champion. that’s only the beginning. a huge truck load of shit is going down the further you get along in the series. it’s so good i love it!)
  • Obsidian by Jennifer L Armentrout (girl moves to small town ends up being next door neighbors to drop dead gorgeous alien twins and get thrown right in the middle of alien vs government drama. i haven’t read the last book so far because i’m still not over the feels and the suffering from the 4th book. send help and hugs.)
  • Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz (two boys who start hating out at the beginning of the summer. lots of feels and beautiful written words. i love it pls read it)

standalones (finally!):

  • The Next Together by Lauren James (reincarnation and time travel. it’s so so so so good. if you want to know more about my feels towards that book head over to my youtube channel and check out my june wrap up video. i ramble a lot about this book there)
  • Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver (popular girl dies and relives her last day 7 times and finds out a lot of stuff. super sad but also super good. movie is coming out this year and i am totes excited)
  • Radio Silence by Alice Oseman (study machine befriends with a boy (NO ROMANCE) and can be her geeky self but things happen and their friendship fall apart and lots of drama and my heart because wow read it pls. it’s so good and so many important things like job without uni, bisexuality and other other sexualities are mentioned and discussed there and it’s so good)
  • My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick (okay fluffy fluff fluff feel good but also drama and feels book. girl falls in love with boy (and his family) next door. so cute. so many feels. i ship them so hard. IT’S SO CUTE)
  • It’s Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini (boy puts himself into the psychiatric ward after he almost committed suicide. great book, read it!)
  • Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell (introverted girl goes to college but is more or less alone because her twin sister does other things with other friends. she throws herself in writing fan fiction and is famous on the internet for it. reagan is great and levi is life. read it!)
  • Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell (80′ies, girl moves to her mother and has a hard time finding friends. befriends and falls in love with a guy on a bus (okay, their interaction starts on the bus) it’s really cute and i devoured that book. it was great!)
  • The Love That Split the World by April Henry (really beautiful book! girl meets boy from an alternate universe and they fall in love. lots of native american tales and native american characters. loved it!)
  • All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven (OKAY THIS BOOK WILL TEAR YOU APART EMOTIONALLY I WAS CRYING SO HARD AND OMG THAT AUTHO’S NOTE KILLED ME COMPLETELY LIKE I WAS DEAD INSIDE 184238290% boy and girl get thrown together in a school project and travel to all these places in their state. heart breaking. soul stealing. mind taking. i love this book so much although it killed me)
  • The Heartbreakers by Ali Novak (girl meets lead singer of boyband she absolutely dislikes but some things happen. not only some love story, it’s also a story about family and siblings and making your own choices and live your own life. fluffy, drama and cute)

okay, there are probably some books i forgot to mention (mainly because it’s past 1am and i am tired but also because this list is hella long already and just  like 3 people tops will even bother to read it.

i hope i was able to spark your interest in some books! let me know if you decide to read one of them! i would love to hear your opinion about them! :)