auditory aphasia

This is my personal opinion but I always found this saying a little dehumanizing.   It always made me feel like the person saying it couldn’t see a disable person as fully human and they had to remind themselves to be respectful. I have a lot of personal problems with it

This week’s update. Accommodations are important and it can be illegal not to follow someone’s. They are not about giving someone extra treatment but allowing a more even playing field. I can do the work but I just need to changes things around to allow me to do it to the best of my ability. I would have failed out of uni without mine.

I always explain accommodations and accommodations in the classroom using the example of eye glasses to those who aren’t use to learning disabilities. If a person needs glasses to see, that isn’t their fault. No matter how hard they try their eyesight will not get better and they are not lazy when they can’t see something. If glasses are the only way they can see, you wouldn’t take away the use of them on a test or assignment just because the other students don’t get to use them. The other students don’t need them. Also it just wouldn’t be right to judge that student on the work they did without their glasses because that isn’t a true reflection of their abilities. A student could fail for the dumb reason of trying to treat everyone the same when we’re all different.

Following someone’s accommodations is just so important and it could change someone’s life. Glasses are a type of accommodations but there are so many more. Be open to them and teachers, work with your students to find out what’s best for them.

When I was in school I would sometimes feel like teachers only saw the one hour of work I did inside the classroom and forget the hours of work I did outside of it. Learning isn’t about being perfect, it’s about making progress.

It’s #bell lets talk today in Canada that encourages people to join in the conversation and end the stigma against mental health.

I remember being a kid and being pretty open about my LD, until one of my friends told me I was being rude for talking about it because it made other people feel uncomfortable. That hurt and I stopped talking about it for a couple years. It took me a long time to realize that it wasn’t my fault if she was uncomfortable.

This Week’s Update! As someone with an LD there are many times where I don’t feel like the internet is a safe place for me. I am always worried that I am going to become a target for bullying or my ideas will not be judge for their merit but dismissed because of my bad spelling and grammar. I am worried that if someone sees that I made a spelling mistake, they will use that to dehumanize me and call me and my ideas stupid.