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1) Slenderman — Creepypasta

In the deep of the forest amongst the brittle thicket and still leaves - a man stood at the edge of a glade.

Now this ‘man’ was not a normal man let alone human. His body an elongated build, yet arms hung lower than what seemed possibly correct, his legs seemed not to quiver nor twitch as he stood motionless against the cage of trees around the clearing of moonlight.

His attire was that of a businessman - a neatly kept and tight two piece black suit, dusty black shoes, and a white shirt beneath the waistcoat. However white the shirt was, it was dull in comparison to the pale parchment like skin that coated the slender man’s skeleton. Amongst the monochrome appearance one splash of boldness stood against the black and White Sea - a crimson tie, perfectly placed and straight as an arrow.

However upon his parched face say nothing but skin. Not a nose or mouth; nor were there any eyes or ears. Not a single hair could be found upon the tall man’s body, not head to toe.

You know nothin of the faceless man.

Yet you know the name of the man who’s buisness is death.

You’ve known for a very long while of this slender man.

The Slenderman.

2) Ezio Auditore Da Firenze — Assassin’s Creed II (AC2)

Dashing, ducking, and diving.

Those are the most glimpses you have caught of the fabled Ezio Auditore. The son of the deceased Giovanni Auditore Da Firenze, and the infamous Master assassin of Italy.

Some rumours have been heard - that there was a plot of another assassination in the works.

As you wonder down the street words left behind you stop, a chill runs down your spine and then the cool metal is pressed hard against your throat, you feel the hot breath against your ear - and you can’t even let out a noise.

Shocked into silence you move quietly and obediently at your captors command. It is not a voice you recognised, nor would you be able too - the owner was not from around here.

The tone is harsh and spiteful, yet gravelly and foreign to your ears. Suddenly all becomes silent - not a living thing stirs for a moment or two. Then as quickly as it falls it is revealed.

A sharp whistle skitters past your ear, scathing your cheek, droplets of warmth splatter down in a plume of red death on your cheek and neck.

An eternity seems to pass as you finally decide to turn to see what happened, you don’t get a chance. Gentle and kind hands pull you into a tight embrace - pressing your cheek tight against his chest.

“ ah, mi scuso, mia signora!

[[ TRANSLATION: ah, my apologies, my lady ]]

A smooth and persuading voice chimes, in a humble gesture.

“ I did not foresee this event, I regret you must be caught up in this… Atrocity of a deed, mia signora!

[[ TRANSLATION: my lady ]]