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It's not necessarily a question about auditioning, but how do your headcanons work? Like for things that are canon in your universe, do you guys have to discuss it altogether before continuing? And how do us, who audition, go about that? Could we write anything even if it's the complete opposite of your canon? Sorry if this is confusing in any way and thank you in advance!

Hi there! I hope you don’t mind me answering this publicly in case anyone else had a similar question :)

When it comes to bigger plotlines like the Valentine’s Day Mavin series which might be spread over multiple posts, the people involved would discuss how it played out in advance, either privately or in our group Discord server so the rest of us could have some input. If it affected every character then the same idea would apply just to make sure that everyone knows where they stand and how to play their part.

With smaller headcanons/events I think it’s okay to have some creative freedom - when we first started writing Ray’s Walmart adventure, for example, I didn’t clear the bet idea with Dave before we started but they were happy to go along with it.

That said, I don’t think we necessarily have one overarching ‘canon’ series of events? We write these little snapshots of the crew’s lives but we wouldn’t necessarily limit what we can or can’t write based on old chats, if that makes sense? 

It’s the same for the shippy stuff - some people prefer to just read the ‘gen’ posts so they don’t take our Shippy Sunday posts as canon, which is totally okay!

As for your audition question, I think it’s safe to say that if you have a particular plot idea for one of your chats you’re welcome to include it and if anyone has a problem with it they’ll raise it privately.

Sorry this answer got away from me a little but I hope what I’ve said makes sense! If any of the other mods have something to add they’ll reblog this post :)

- Mod H

EDIT: A little input from our lovely Jack, Mod M:

#basically this :) #our canon is very scattered #and some headcanons and running gags develop over time #but they’re mostly character specific if that makes sense? #like how geoff always adds staches to his smileys

- Mod H



This charity-zine project is organized by a team of 5: @cryptidsp00n @epherall @gayradsaddad @mehringguie @sylveonstri

We thought it might be a fun idea to make a digital zine for those who enjoy the Be More Chill Musical and will be considered a tribute to the creators and actors of the play. The theme will center around shenanigans of the main characters which are during and supposedly after the play. It can be canonical or fan interpretations of the characters and just loads of fun in general


Q: Is the zine digital or physical?
A: We will only offer a digital version! though if this become successful we might consider getting it physical. It will be sold on gumroad!!

Q: Why only digital?
A: This is only a just for fun zine created by a bunch of friends, we may consider making it physical but may only be very limited copies

Q: What charity will you be donating to?
A: We just started feel free to suggest!!

Q: How many artists are participating?
A: There’ll be a maximum of 23 artist and 7 writers. This is still flexible.

Q: Who are you accepting?

A: We’ll have invited artist and we’ll be accepting open call artists and writers

Q: Who are the invited Artists?:
A: The invited Artists are (including the three of us are):


Q: What about writers?:
A: We are still discussing about this so the writer count is still flexible, for now @sylveonstri is one of our main writers, and will handle the writing department [with our assistance of course]

Q: What are the portfolio requirements?
A: Portfolios will be either an art tag or any site with sample pictures of your work, please also include sample pictures of anything related to BMC

Q: Are traditional artists accepted?
A: Yes, traditional art is accepted so long as it is scanned at 300 dpi or higher and fits into the template provided.

Q: How will the artists be chosen?
A: All of us will be voting and rating the tag, if three or more of us accepted it, it will move onto the second stage where we will finally decide on who to accept

Q: How will I know if I was selected or not?
A: We will make a post about the final artists and will send out an email shortly afterwards with instructions and the template. You will also be added to a discord chat so we can receive updates on your works and also share it with others

Q: What will participating artists receive?
A: Participating artist will receive the digital copy of the zine and some extra pages, merch is still in discussion but its a possibility

Q: Is there a certain age you have to be to apply?

A: We just ask that you have parental permission if you are under 18. Decisions about acceptance will be based on skill, not age.

Q: Will Ships be allowed??
A: Yes it will be allowed! but our primary focus is with the interaction and friendship within characters

Q: Will you be judging some portfolios as they come in, or all at once after the apps close?
A: We’ll continue to judge portfolios even after the application closes. the day of results will vary at the amount of applications received

Q: When is the deadline for the application?
A: Currently, its still in discussion, it depends on the applications we receive if we extend it or not but possibly by the end of august to early september

[Artwork above was collaborated by gayradsaddad [sketch] , epherall [lines] & cryptidspoon [colors]]

APPLICATION PAGE [please read the guidelines]

StiB Danny Phantom Open Audition - Danny
Hey there! My name’s Brendan “Jello” Blaber and I make a series of semi-animated parodies called So This is Basically! Each episode pokes fun at a different franchise, be it a cartoon, game, or anime. The current video I’m working on is for Danny Phantom, a superhero cartoon about ghosts that ran...

Hey there, voice actors! I’m holding a small open audition for the role of Danny Phantom in an upcoming parody I’m making! Details in the document.

This is a paid role! DEADLINE MAY 11TH!

Recommended Obscure Musicals of the Week

1. Be More Chill
- Imagine “13” and “Little Shop of Horrors had a love-child. ‘Nuff said. Also, teen depression metaphors and a hype, funny soundtrack. (Lots of great audition songs)

2. Fortress of Solitude
- "Hairspray” and “Motown”’s love-child. But better. Lots of roles for POC. Lots of roles for teens.

3. Nine
Not super obscure, but really dark, twisted, and comedic. Definitely under-appreciated. There are lots of beautiful ballads here that I never see at auditions

4. Edges
A Pasek and Paul (team behind “Dear Evan Hansen). Emotional abuse themes. Basically a masterpiece.

5. A Man of No Importance
The only Ahrens and Flaherty that no one knows. So very Broadway, and one of their best. It’s about theatre and every-day struggles. It’s really lovely.

6. Vanities
Just listen to "Fly Into the Future” and get back to me.

7. Cops
If you haven’t already heard of “The Sensitive Song”….I don’t know what you’ve been doing. Basically it’s the best guy audition song ever, especially if you’re going in for something not-so-kosher.


Hey there, Voice Actors and Content Creators! It’s the first episode of our new how-to advice video-podcast, Tip of the Tongue! Hosted by myself and my good buddy with pipes of gold, Will!

This monthly podcast is a Patreon stretch goal that seeks to help VAs and anyone else who wants to make cool shit on the internet. The first episode is highly VA-centric and focuses on HOW TO AUDITION FOR PROJECTS AND GET ROLES

In this episode we cover a wide number of topics, including:

  • Where to find casting calls?
  • How to record a solid audition?
  • How to submit an audition and good email structure.
  • Easy and free ways to clean up your audio so your audition doesn’t get thrown out, regardless of microphone quality.
  • Auditioning for multiple roles in one casting call
  • Getting over your fear of auditioning and live direction
  • How to spot bad auditions and avoid them so you don’t waste your time (this is especially important for new VAs!)
  • A big QnA segment at the end answering questions we got on our Twitter page (@Welcome2Tweet)

Hopefully you guys enjoy this (very long) episode! If you have any questions about Auditioning that we didn’t cover, or you’d just like to suggest a topic for next month, leave a comment on the video! Thanks a lot! :D


So I made a quick animatic explaining how I got to Goron City in Zelda Breath of the Wild! I didn’t know about elixirs or anything, so I just ate all my food to replenish my hearts while I ran to the city on fire, I thought it was silly.

And now I need 2 voices! I’m being cheap so this isn’t a paid thing, I’m sorry ); but I’ll credit you in the description and link your social medias and stuff!

I basically need Link screaming hysterically, and he has one fast sentence; 


While the Goron has 2; I want him to speak slowly and sound kind of dopey.

“Hey.. You’re a Hylian, you better put some armor on or else you’ll burn.“ (Probably won’t hear the whole sentence, Link interrupts him)

“You don’t have enough rupees”

Link doesn’t have to sound like Link, I’m looking for a more silly kind of screaming, not a realistic scream of a man burning to death. Unless someone can make that funny.. The timing of those sentences does not have to match the timing of the video, I can adjust that.

I’d like his screams to match the timing though, if you can. Link stuffs his face every few seconds, and it might be weird to yell then make a chomp sound then yell then chomp again, so if the constant pausing diminishes the quality of your scream, just try to do a few long screams, and a few chomping sounds and I can try to edit it to fit :) B

I’d also like good quality sound please, here’s a video Ricepirate made explaining how to make the most of your mic if you don’t know how!

You can send your auditions to ! Thank you guys :D

Be More Chill Auditions

I’m organizing a Be More Chill fan recording. It will include all songs and dialogue while following the original script.

You can apply for any of the four roles:

Actor - act as one of the 10 character roles.

Artist - create cover art for the event.

Instrumentalist - help reproduce the instrumental backtracks.

Judge - score auditions to determine the final cast.

Anyone can audition / apply regardless of age or gender.

If you’re interested, the [application forms] (along with additional info) are on my profile. Please signal boost!