Pressure is On: Spells & Charms for Auditions & Interviews

Stones to Carry:

  • Aura Quartz: serenity, enhanced communication
  • Blue Lace Agate: communication, clarity, confidence
  • Aquamarine: soothing, clear communication
  • Calcite: confidence, insight, and innovation
  • Green Aventurine: Confidence
  • Rose Quartz: releasing stress
  • Ruby: strength and confidence 

Herbs to add:

  • Basil: wealth, luck in job interviews
  • Bay Leaf: success & achieving goals
  • Cedar: confidence, strength, and power
  • Chamomile: stress relieving, aids in success
  • Ginger: personal confidence and success 
  • Honeysuckle: persuasiveness, confidence, and success
  • Rosemary: increased memory, clear thinking
  • Tonka Bean: good fortune, especially in interviews

Sigils to use:


Tips For A Successful Audition Part 1: Your Audition Piece

I always wished I had someone to help coach me through auditions (and honestly I still do) so I’m starting this series “Tips For A Successful Audition” to help aspiring actors achieve what took me years to do in just ONE audition!

This is Part 1: Your Audition Piece

Cutting your music:

- Put your cut in highlighted brackets.

- Mark your start and end in brackets and all caps:


Do you want an intro?

- Make sure your intro (if applicable) is no longer than two bars, no director wants to sit through a 4-8 measure intro!

- If you have no intro don’t be afraid to ask for a starting note or “bell tone” so you know which note to start on!

Marking your music:

- If there is a key change write and highlight


Helpful image for finding your key:

- If there is a tempo change not already written in the music then write it down (the same as you would a key change)

- Some key words:

Ritard - Slower

Accel - Faster

A Tempo - Back to original tempo

- If you don’t start at the beginning of your piece write the song title and composer at the top of the page so the accompanist knows (at least vaguely) what style they are going for.

An example of an audition piece:

(I chose to cut the song from the bridge to the end so I do not need to bracket the end, it is already marked.)


- Can you imagine yourself playing the character who sings your piece right now at the age/ability level you are at?

- Is this song too mature/immature for you?


Memory would be a BAD audition song for a teenager but it would be great for a 30+ year old (though I would never recommend singing memory at an audition)! 

What It Means To Be A Friend would be a bad audition song for anyone over 18 but GREAT for children/teens!

The story of the song:

- Think about what the character singing the song is going through

- Are he/she/they asking a question through this song?

- What led up to this character singing this song?

- How do you want the audience to feel? Sad? Humored?

- Does this song change anything in the character’s story?

A few things to remember:

- Keep all of your audition pieces in one binder and have another “only for auditions binder” where you transfer the songs from your binder full of songs to an empty binder for your audition, I would recommend you bring at least two pieces into your audition in case the director wants to hear more.

- Don’t bring the whole song unless you are asked to do so, only bring your cuts.

- “16-32 bars” ; this is approximate, each bar is 2-4 seconds long, if the song is uptempo do 32, if the song is slow go with 16.

- Cuts should not start in the middle of a “sentence” ; break down your cut and see if it would make sense as a monologue.

- Must be easy enough for an accompanist to sight read ; too many key/tempo changes make the piece too difficult to play.

- COMMUNICATE THROUGH THE LYRICS ; the director will know whether or not you can sing within the first few bars, you need to take your song to the next level.

- Don’t riff unless it’s written ; if you want to show off your riffing choose a song with riffs written in! It can throw off the accompanist if you just start riffing all over the place!

- Try to stay away from songs with excessive profanity/sexual themes, it can make a director feel very uncomfortable!

- If they ask you to choose a song from “The American Musical Theatre Repertoire” that means a song from a show that ran on Broadway.

Names to stay away from: 

Sondheim, Webber, Jason Robert Brown, Alan Menken (unless you’re auditioning for a Disney show), Cole Porter, Rodgers and Hammerstein.

Songs to stay away from: 

GIRLS: “Defying Gravity,” “Astonishing,” “Gimme Gimme,” “Popular”, “Don’t Rain On My Parade”, “I Dreamed a Dream”, “On My Own”, “Part of Your World”, “So Much Better”, “Tomorrow” and “The Girl in 14G”

BOYS: “Giants In The Sky”, “Corner of the Sky”,”Run Away With Me”, “Bring Him Home”, “Santa Fe” (Newsies), “Music Of The Night”, “Dancing Though Life”, and “What Do I Need With Love” 


If you have any questions feel free to send me an ask and I will get back to you!


Bigger, Longer, Interest Check

Hey guys!~ So within the next month or so we’re planning to start up a larger South Park ask blog where we will be acting as Stan (Admin Craig) and Kyle (Admin Tweek). 

Characters we’re looking to include will be: The Main 4, Craig’s Gang, Wendy Testaburger, Bebe Stevens, Butters Stotch, and maybe others. 

We’re also going to be joined by our friend @katze-stan-marsh who will be our Wendy/Wendyl (and potentially others). 

This blog will be much more plot/story driven and will be home to a variety of new pairings (however Creek will still be present)! We were just wondering how many of you would be interested in this blog and would love any suggestions for what you might like to see in it. 

The journey will never end.

Sending a congratulations to everyone who took their FIRST STEPS in joining any of the Drum Corps International organizations over the last few months. Whether you made if or not, you have started on a new journey that can and will last a lifetime.

May you take what you have learned and apply it to everything you do. And welcome to your new families.
Casting Call: Sailor Moon: Another Story Radioplay
BTVA is a voice acting community site that has a database of voice actors with images and sounds of the characters they play in cartoons, tv shows, movies, video games and more.

Calling all voice actors and actresses! Sailor Moon: Another Story Radioplay needs YOU! 

Sailor Moon: Another Story is a Sailor Moon RPG released for the SNES and taking place after Sailor Moon S. This project will be taking the events and music of the game and turning it into a radioplay!

Learn more about the Sailor Moon Another Story RPG here. 


Just a sample of the characters we need: 

  • Usagi Tsukino / Sailor Moon 
  • Rei Hino / Sailor Mars
  • Ami Mizuno / Sailor Mercury
  • Makoto Kino / Sailor Jupiter
  • Minako Aino / Sailor Venus 
  • Haruka Tenou / Sailor Uranus
  • Michiru Kaioh / Sailor Neptune
  • Hotaru Tomoe / Sailor Saturn 
  • Setsuna Meioh / Sailor Pluto 
  • Mamoru Chiba / Tuxedo Mask
  • ChibiUsa Tsukino 
  • Luna
  • Artemis
  • Diana
  • Sin 
  • Anshar
  • Nabu
  • Nergal
  • Marduk 
  • Ishtar
  • Neo Queen Serenity
  • King Endymion
  • Narrator

and MORE! 


  • Have a decent microphone.
  • Check and reply to your emails often.
  • Be willing and able to meet deadlines throughout the year.

Not on BTVA? That’s fine! Casting Call Club link is here.

This link is for major roles. Don’t want so many lines? Check here for the page where you can audition for smaller roles.  

Have other questions? Maybe just want to email me your audition? Just message me here, at 

Auditions in San Franciso / Bay Area for “The Anthrax Factory” Paid Roles

The Anthrax Factory: A Romantic Comedy Location: San Francisco Bay Area Type: Comedy ANTHRAX FACTORY audition notice We will be holding auditions for The Anthrax Factory: A Romantic Comedy at the Jean Shelton Studios, 533 Sutter, San Francisco, on Sa 2/13 and 2/20 2-5PM, with call backs at Shelton Studios 2/27. A non-Equity production. Pay […]

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