Olly duetting with this year’s X Factor auditionee James Arthur on last night’s Xtra Factor…


Meghan Sanett has auditioned for sytycd a few times & I don’t get why she hasn’t made it. I just love her & her choreo.

check this out!

So on Friday we had a football game where the junior high band got to play pep tunes with us. One of the trumpets from the junior high is in my boys scout troop and his dad marched blue devils back in the day. Before the game his dad came up to me and talked to me about drum corps and stuff and then told me to have a good show. I came back from halftime and he complemented me on my tone in my screamer notes and then he said “your marching was the best bout of the whole group.” Hearing him say that made me so freaking happy, you have no idea. Then he told me “you are definitely Blue Devils material.”
He shook my hand and then told me to “do it up.” That was by far the best thing anyone could have told me to do. So thank you Mr.gong.

Tonight, Ayala has turned into a big music festival venue. Loud beats are coming from opposite sides - The Terraces and Activity Center. But in the middle of chaos, I just did the most random thing that came up inside my brain. See pic! ^_____^

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If you have to wait on others to do the work of making email banners, Youtube trailers, flyers, audio, interviews and podcasts all necessary to promote your next project, then you are handing over power as well as unnecessary money. Of course there are times when getting the professionals in is worth it, I will get my art director in to design and create the flyer for my next solo show, but when you just want to send an email out about some new work or give people a heads up, being able to add a quick visual or send them to a new webpage you have just set up gives you so much power over your own career. No waiting on their schedule, no worries about budget, just dream, do and send out!

Having full use of the tools of our trade is hugely helpful. I have taught myself various software as I have gone along and I know I could do with more in-depth learning  to market and make my own work. With the advent of Apple’s iPhoto, iMovie, Garageband and Logic suddenly all the basic tools are in everyone’s hands which is why a large proportion of creatives use Macs, especially those starting out.

As a very basic, can you…

  • Set up your own blog or website
  • Add posts, events, images as you need to your website
  • Use basic photo editing to make flyers for your events or to publicize your next public performance
  • Use basic camera and movie editing equipment to make mini trailers to pop onto Youtube and your own website about your projects and forthcoming work
  • Use audio equipment to record interviews, podcasts and possibly make music or suitable sound effects.
  • Add video, audio, photos and interviews to your website
  • Add a landing Page to your website with details of your next project or sale of new work?
  • Are there other software or hardware tools that would make you better at creating? From Scrivener, Photoshop, one of those printers that pre-cut?

What is the next software tool that would be most useful for you to be able to use easily, either for making your work or for promotion? Have a think about whether a class, looking online for tuition or just old fashioned trying and yelling at it whilst trying to make something (my preferred option ;-)) is best for you. Let me know – remember the more power in your hands the better! Also in knowing even the basics then the more intelligent and informed conversations you can have with the experts when you are ready to bring them on board or have the budget to bring them in to take the work to the next level.

Day two of being an actress: Auditionee, self taper, movie editor, Youtube uploader

So today I had two auditions to self –tape and get sent off to the casting directors. One was sent to me Thursday and had to be in by end of today (yes it is a Sunday over a bank holiday weekend) and the other audition was something I had delayed as I knew they were taking ages to make a decisions. However once I had organised for my fellow actor, friend and neighbour, the lovely and very talented David Scott-Lucas to find time to pop down to read in the other characters for me, I used the chance to do both at the same time.
I did the taping at lunchtime, natural daylight is always best given I do not have a proper home studio or lighting kit, just my digital camera that also records HD video. I am learning that lighting is an art form and it can make or break how you look on screen. Apparently various actresses in the classic old movies would have affairs with the lighting men to assure they looked amazing on screen! Rather than that, I probably should consider investing in a mini lighting kit at home but it can cost thousands.

I then popped out with a friend for walks, some rose wine, food etc and then staggered back home at 9pm on a Sunday to then edit the recorded clips, just top and tailing them, adding my details and uploading them to where was required.
I don’t like to do too many takes as I like to keep the freshness. I actually prefer to do face to face or Skype auditions rather than self-taping as at least then you get the chance to have a chat and break the ice, rather than just sending off a tape of yourself and no actual communication other than email!

I am much quicker now at editing movie clips using iMovie than I used to be though I do know that it would be very useful to be better. I have a dream of editing my own showreel so I could add clips as I want. I went to a proper showreel edit suite to do my current showreel as great editors understand pace, the structure of the sections, overlaying the dialogue to move smartly from one frame to another and also delicately editing within the clips themselves which was necessary as there was some shocking over-acting from one character that turned the piece into stock comedy rather than a dramatic piece! The professionals are worth the cost I think on the big stuff until you are there yourself and my showreel is, even more than my headshot, the most important part of my marketing.

So yes there is always room for professionals to make your work better but when it is self-taping auditions, I can’t afford to wait to go to a proper film studio to do them in a well-lit studio  or edit the beginnings or ends as I scramble to turn the video on. Hence the basic skills of this is super useful, as well as it  can be fun!

This below little Youtube clip I did on a plane to Montreal, Canada as I was doing a few cabaret/comedy solo shows there. I used the great stills I did with Martin Butterworth, who art directed it, added the background as well as made the club AND modelled and Graham Humphreys took the shots. I spent that flight giggling to myself adding captions and coming up with ideas. It certainly drew people to the show and it was a fun offshoot of the show!

If you want to get involved with this project of tracking the next 100 days of being an actor, singer, writer, film-maker, painter etc then here are the full details. Or just start today and I would love to hear what you are up to!

100 days of being a creative

100 days of being an actress: Day 2 self-taper & movie editor If you have to wait on others to do the work of making email banners, Youtube trailers, flyers, audio, interviews and podcasts all necessary to promote your next project, then you are handing over power as well as unnecessary money.

emthegem13 asked:

Hello! My school's auditions for the Phantom of the Opera are in a few days and I'm really hoping to get the part of Meg. Do you have any tips?

Hi, darling! My advice to you mostly elaborates on typical audition advice: be confident, be polite, and be prepared. 

Confidence is key. Remember, you are there to solve their problem: they don’t know who is going to play this part. You are there as a solution to this dilemma. 

Be polite to everyone you encounter, auditionees or evaluators; even when you’re trying to stay focused, you can still smile and say “please” and “thank you.” 

Know your musical well, have it clearly presented for the accompanist, and select a quality cut of music. Like the full song, it should have a beginning, a middle, and an end, as well as make sense musically.

For Meg, although you do not need to sing a song that sits high in the rafters, reflect a classically trained tone in your piece. While not the star of the show, Meg is still an ingenue, so I’d recommend picking a song that reflects that particular naivety. If possible, go over it with a student who plays the piano well enough so you can get a feel for the accompaniment and recognize spots where maybe an accompanist seeing the music for the first time might trip up.

Do not overdress to the audition, but I’d say a simple, casual, not-too-tight dress (aside from being inappropriate, constricts breathing), tights, and low-heeled shoes (they put you in the proper singing position) would be appropriate. 

Remember to tell a story while you’re singing. I don’t mean to say overact, but demonstrate that you understand what you’re saying. Similarly, recently I was at a college audition where the evaluator stopped a girl mid-song because she wasn’t focused on what she was saying. She was just enjoying belting out a pop-rock musical tune. Don’t get caught up in listening to yourself sound lovely; Meg has quite a few exposition lines and plot-driven melodies, so demonstrate to the evaluators that you are capable of storytelling while singing.

I wish you the best of luck, and I hope I was able to help!

Huzzah! I am going to be a soloist in the Rossini Stabat Mater after all. I just wish I knew which part I’m going to be singing. There was one auditionee who couldn’t make her allotted time and so will be auditioning next week instead. It all depends on her. I wish I knew who is was so I might be able to anticipate the parts we’ll be given.

I am prepared to sing either, but I would much much prefer Soprano 1 as Soprano 2 is more of a mezzo part, and I can see myself getting a bit tired by the end of it with all those bottom Bs.

Out of thousands

Libo-libong aspiring housemate ng pinakasikat na bahay sa bansa. Bawat individual na nangangarap makatulong sa pamilya o matulungan yung sarili. Hindi ko ma-imagine kung anong ginagawa sa audition. Sa sobrang daming tao, iisipin mo, 2seconds lang siguro yung binibigay sa bawat auditionee na naandon. Kaya siguro isa sa tagline nila yung “Teleserye ng Totoong Buhay” kasi audition pa lang, pang-Teleserye na. Mayroon din siguro na every season nag-o-audition tapos hanggang ngayon hindi pa rin nakukuha. Kaya ayun, pang-teleserye nga talaga.

Pero alam mo kung ano yung pinaka-maganda sa PBB? Pinapa-alala nito na nasa maganda akong bansa. Libo-libong tao parin ang magsi-sikap para mabago ang estado ng pamumuhay, kasya gumawa ng masama. Imagine, kahit alam nila na madaming auditionees, kahit alam nila na 0.1 chance lang meron sila. Sinubukan pa rin nila. Kahit mahirap nangangarap pa rin sila na isang araw mabago yung buhay nila at isang araw out of thousands auditionees, tatawagin siyang “Big Winner”.

It's callbacks day!

So weird to be sitting on the other side of the table. It’s kind of fun though; the quality of auditionees has been super high, so it’s sort of like watching a series of mini-concerts all day.

Of course, today they’ll all be singing/reading material I wrote. So that’ll be a little surreal…

anonymous asked:

So with all the fuss the anons were making has anyone asked to audition for any taken character?

A few people. But we maintain confidentiality. Only the current cosplayer, the auditionee, and us know.

i KNOW, i am capable of doing the audition routine well enough. i know i have more experience than some other auditionees. but, i always panic in competitive situations. i forget what i know and i just think everyone’s better.

and i’d give up.

3rd year skipping the annual auditions. all three years i was invited for the auditions.

my only chance of going into a professional salsa dance team, the best in my country, and my chance of getting international stages. but then again, there’s the professional commitment to think about. the probation period is okay, but the official professional commitment once you’ve made it, that’s tough.