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Inspektur Jenderal Kementerian Agama Mochammad Jasin mengatakan pemasukan yang didapat Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI)

Pemasukan yang didapat Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI) tak bisa dipertanggungjawabkan. Alasannya, MUI tidak berada di bawah satuan kerja pemerintah.

Kalau begitu alasannya, MUI juga jangan seenaknya mengkampanyekan barang konsumsi publik harus bersertifikasi halal. Padahal, keterangan dari BPOM sudah cukup karena BPOM itu bagian dari lembaga negara yang sah dan legal dalam mengurusi apa yang dikonsumsi masyarakat.

Kalau bisa menarik uang dari masyarakat, tapi tidak bisa diaudit, apa namanya kalau bukan monopoli? Dan monopoli adalah ciri khas kapitalis. Ya, kapitalis berjualan agama yang dikemas dengan ajaran agama dan disokong doktrin agama.

Audit reveals Pentagon credit cards used for gambling, hookers

If you’re looking to hide some spending habits — especially if those habits include gambling and escort services — it’s probably a good idea to use a credit card that your spouse doesn’t have access too.

But it’s definitely a bad idea to use a credit card issued by the Department of Defense.

An audit of “Government Travel Charge Transactions” from the DOD’s Office of Inspector General completely debunks the “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” slogan.

It revealed a significant number of Pentagon employees were charging their extracurricular activities in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, according to Politico.

A Pentagon official briefed on some of the findings stressed that the federal government did not necessarily pay the charges; holders of the cards pay their own bills and then submit receipts to be reimbursed for expenses related to their government business.

The official said that the employees may have used the government cards for gambling and escort services in order to shield the charges from spouses.

This wasn’t an official investigation, merely an audit of the credit card system. As a result the most likely result in employees being reminded that using a government credit card for these purposes — even if they end up paying for it out of their own pocket — violates policy.

It’s not the first time government employees have been caught with their pants down.

In March, a watchdog report revealed that Drug Enforcement Agency agents had “sex parties” with hookers hired by Colombian drug cartels.

anonymous asked:

About the taxes post - how does one get "audited"? Is it random or? How come you can't just pay taxes on day job and keep cash from whatever other supplementary jobs you may have?

It’s semi random.  When you file your taxes, your documents are compared against “norms” that are compiled from a random selection of returns every year, and they can either be accepted as filed, or passed on for further investigation, which can lead to an audit.  Certain kinds of returns are more likely to get audited – for instance, sole proprietor filers and other small business owners – but anyone can be.   Aside from your return specifically raising red flags, you can also be audited because you’ve been randomly selected, or because your return doesn’t match an employer’s W-2 or 1099 about you (strippers who file taxes: this may be especially relevant to you, depending on your club’s practices), or because someone whose return is in some way connected to yours is being audited themselves (again, particularly relevant to sex worker employees).  

As to your second question: The reason you “can’t” not report your sex work income is because it’s illegal (you are legally required to report all of your income, whether from criminalized sources or not), and it is possible that you will get caught.  Obviously, you actually can choose not to report a portion of your income, and plenty of people do and have not yet encountered any negative consequences of doing so.  Everyone has to decide what legal risks they’re comfortable with taking.  If your overall income from sex work (or any other “cash business” – keep in mind, if you’re doing cyberwork, you can’t really hide that from the IRS) is a relatively small part of your whole paycheck, then you can possibly shoebox that money or use it for groceries or a nice pair of boots and not ever have a problem even if you are audited (even though this is still technically tax evasion and a crime).   The more immediate problem arises when your return does not match evidence that the IRS has access to – your bank accounts, assets and lifestyle.  So, if you report twenty grand a year, but drop four grand in your bank account every month, that will be a problem for you.  If you keep all your money in a safe in your attic, but on that same reported income have an expensive apartment in a high cost of living city filled with fancy stereo equipment, you will also have a problem (also, don’t keep your money in a safe in the attic).  

Don’t forget that you can get dinged not just for underreporting your income but also making incorrect deductions – a lot of the actual business expenses of sex workers are not considered valid deductions unless they’re handled in very specific ways (consult an actual accountant – giving more specific advice on this subject is way the fuck above my pay grade).  

Important Note:  While you are required to report all income to the IRS, even income earned through illegal means, you are not required to report that that income is illegal.  You do not have to put any variation of “I touch peen for money” anywhere on your tax return ever, k?  Probably it is better not to do that, but consult an actual accountant for further advice.  

Norfolk city auditor to begin review of city procedures after Burfoot indictment
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NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Norfolk City Auditor John Sanderlin will conduct a review of council procedure and policies after City Treasurer Anthony Burfoot’s indictment on federal charges. He’s facing public corruption and perjury charges dating back to his time as vice mayor and as a member of city council.

The audit came up during Tuesday night’s council work session. Councilman Andy Protogyrou…

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Rand Paul Files Bill He Claims Will Audit Fed - Instead Makes Congress Able To Crash Economy

Rand Paul Files Bill He Claims Will Audit Fed – Instead Makes Congress Able To Crash Economy

If you listened to the right-wing blogosphere, Rand Paul’s new bill, S.294 was the end-all be-all of government actions this past week. The Ron Paul fans must be absolutely salivating at the call to audit the fed.

Of course the problem is that the Federal Reserve is audited on a regular basisby an independent, outside firm, with the audits verified by Congress. Which means, since the Federal…

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