Humans 101

T'kani was shaken. Xhe had just exited the auditorium, having watched the archival Terran video feed presentation. It was so archaic it was presented in greyscale 2D, with primitive 16 track audiofile. That was bad enough, to have to suffer through a presentation without auxiliary datafiles for clarification, and a tonal orchestration xer Instructor had referred to as ‘background music’ that had been emotionally manipulative and unnerving. But the subject of the presentation - vile! As if the species of the aligned systems would stoop to duplicitous protein harvesting of native sophont species! And then make a play on words about the abhorrent practice!

Truly, humans were a disturbed species!

Xhe straightened xer kilt, and glared at a passing human male co-student who glanced at xer appraisingly. “Your whole species is SICK!”, xhe howled, eyes flaring with pale turquoise. “To Serve Man, indeed!”

T'kani stormed off in a huff, small pale tufts of shed fur drifting in the wake of xer passage.

Les Mis Podfic  Feelgood Rec List

While not all these stories are fluff, these are the podfics that always live on my phone to cheer me up. Podficcers do not get enough love, so here is a very very small and horribly incomplete list of some of my favourite Les Mis fics I’ve listened to.

The Life and Times of a Sullen Coffeeshop Employee by @vintage-jehan, read by @mysunfreckle 

Of course, I’m horribly biased because I was involved in the creative choices of this podfic, but the original story is so funny and the reading of it just really makes me happy! (20-30 min per part)

World Ain’t Ready by @idiopathicsmile, read by fulldaysdrive

This story is an absolute lifesaver. The amazing reading and editing are like the best art and listening to it has calmed so many near anxiety attacks for me. The original story is already so good, and fulldaysdrive manages to make it better with her amazing Grantaire voice. (over 20 hours)

You Dance Dreams by @theladyragnell, read by knight_tracer

Beautiful music, beautiful story, beautiful reading. A joy to listen to. The only thing better than this podfic would be a full-cast opera. (6:06:31)

This One Goes Out To by novembersmith, read by knight_tracer 

This wizard resistance radio au is a wonder of music and emotion and I can thoroughly recommend it.(2:56:25)

 éffeuiller la marguerite by arriviste, read by delabaissé (explicit)

Delabaissé has the best female Enjolras and Grantaire voices, it’s just so amazing. So much emotion and goodness in one audiofile! (2:38:04)

Lovesickness @idiopathicsmile, read by disquisitemind

Honestly one of the funniest podfics I’ve ever listened to. Great use of music and comedic effect. (01:16:27)

In Defiance of All Geometry by @idiopathicsmile,  read by delabaissé

You may see a pattern here, but idiopathicsmile’s stories never fail to bring a smile to my face. The humour in this reading is so brilliant, this one is a must to listen too. (6:12:50)

The Lonely Sea and Sky by @samyazaz, read by Rs_Creighton

So much longing and emotion in one story it’s nearly overwhelming. Beautifully read. (6:14:11)


Killer suspect Marcel Heße arrested 

19 yo Marcel Heße murdered a neighbours child, bragged about it on websites like 4chan with photos of the body and was on the run since monday. Today he allegedly posted a new picture of himself on 4chan and answered questions from the community. There he told the users, that he had killed 5 people since monday - uncluding the houseowners of the house he was hiding in. 
Now police arrested him at a diner in Heine, after he told the diner owner to report him to them. When police arrived he told them that he set a house on fire. He lead the police to the flat he was previously hiding in - where they found two more bodies. The flat was aflame. 

A press conference is set up for midnight.

my post about the case
his whatsapp confession to a friend (includes english transcript)
leaked Audiofiles from a Whatsapp conversation
his 4chan posts from today

About the new DDADDs update

Check this post in the DDADDs sub-reddit

I checked and extracted all the img and audio files from level0 to level60… 

And there’s nothing new that may be related to the cult ending. There’s 3 new img, that are just random stuff. (A Mat pose, a petal, and a “neutral_41″ - a blank image.) And no new audiofiles. 

All the new stuff is apparently in the text file. (from the reddit post)

I was excited too, but yeah… nothing new to “see” at least. But new stuff to read from the level18 file!

EDIT :: There is actually other img files for Saul, two expression, that were in the game files even BEFORE the update! thanks to @jackiemsn !

So I went through the Pyre subtitle textfiles last night with a few of the Manley Fanleys and ended up with some questions about cut lore and things to do with Pyre. I emailed Greg and he actually got back to me about all of it with some pretty good answers. Spoilers inbound of course, but I’m sure some of the things here might interest someone (Especially the development of Hedwyn).

Spoiler warning again


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In recognition of Black History Month, we are posting weekly about the life and accomplishments of the first person to set foot at the North Pole… It is Matt Henson Monday!

In 1891, Matthew Henson and Robert Peary sailed North together on the first of six Arctic expeditions that they would undertake together. The North Greenland Expedition of 1891-92 saw Matthew Henson as Peary’s “assistant,” a title that he would keep for all six Arctic expeditions. Henson proved his capability again in the Arctic, meeting the challenges of Arctic survival and exploration as well as (perhaps better than) any other southerner. Donald B. MacMillan described Henson as “the best field man aboard ship.”  Henson’s intelligence and talent were enhanced by the many skills he learned from the Inughuit men and women, whom Peary hired to support the expeditions. More on this next week!

Not only did Matthew Henson excel as an Arctic explorer, but he himself possessed a deep appreciation for the Arctic. As he wrote in his autobiographic account of the 1908-1909 North Pole expedition, A Negro Explorer at the North Pole:

There is an irresistible fascination about the regions of northernmost Grant Land that is impossible for me to describe. Having no poetry in my soul, and being somewhat hardened by years of experience in that inhospitable country, words proper to give you an idea of its unique beauty do no come to mind. Imagine gorgeous bleakness, beautiful blankness. It never seems broad, bright day, even in the middle of June, and the sky has different effects of the varying hours of morning and evening twilight from the first to the last peep of day… Artists have gone with us into the Arctic and I have heard them rave over the wonderful beauties of the scene, and I have seen them at work trying to reproduce some of it, with good results but with nothing like the effect of the original.

P.S. Check out this great audio clip on Henson from AudioFile Magazine.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any Valentine's day Sheriarty headcanons?

Not exactly as they’re not the most festive people, but some ones I can think of:

  • Jim sends Sherlock a giant bouquet of the world’s most deadliest flowers for him to experiment with.
  • A half naked Sherlock lures Jim in to the bedroom with a blindfold and handcuffs. After securing him to the bed and making sure he can’t see a thing, an eager and awaiting Jim feels hot breath panting down his neck and a warm tongue on his cheek. then…paws on his face? Sherlock released a puppy in the bed coyly asking “Is this not what you meant when you said you wanted to try ‘doggy style’? My apologies~…” before grinning to himself and leaving a really angry Jim alone with it. He’ll come get the puppy and free Jim. Eventually.
  • Jim sending Sherlock on this elaborate Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt all around the city only for it to end with Sherlock being glitter bombed with tiny hearts and a note saying he hopes the ~heart attack~ was an enjoyable one. Sherlock should be glad Jim didn’t go for the “cardiac arrest” pun.
  • Both of them taking time out of their busy schedules to catch up at a sort of dinner date thing (it’s a coincidence it falls on Valentine’s Day but they take advantage of it anyway) only to spend a majority of the night fighting off and trying to escape a group of assassins. They were initially after Sherlock but didn’t realize that would lead them to Jim as they just so happen to have orders for both of them for different reasons. Sherlock is having the best Valentine’s day of his life, Jim is pissed the gunmen didn’t wait until after dessert to start with this bullshit. He was looking forward to that chocolate fondue.
  • Sherlock sending Jim a framed x-ray of his heart (and probably some cheeky remark about how he didn’t manage to burn it) and Jim sending Sherlock back an audiofile of his own heartbeat saying it always belonged to him anyway which Sherlock listens to on loop when he dies to delude himself that he didn’t what

Oh you know, just Hot Professor out jogging.

He can’t skate to save his life, but midnight runs push his mind as much as his body, especially when he’s stuck on things in the lab. The numbers on the mega evolution charts aren’t right, Froakie’s acting up more than usual, and the plant Serena gave him isn’t thriving.

The humid Lumiose night is perfect for shedding all that tension and giving him a fresh sense of focus. The searing of his lungs, the straining of his muscles, it forces him to rework calculations and theories.

PokePlayer On Shuffle, most of which is set up by Serena:

  • Volbeat,
  • Team Rocketeers,
  • Professor Oak’s dissertation on the effects of evolutionary stones and Eevee and Growlithe on audiofile

Sungjong’s voice change since predebut til now~

So since Sungjong’s voice got a bit deeper again I thought that I make an audiofile like this. I used 1-1 introduction line form predebut and from every era (Come Back Again + She’s Back, BTD, Nothing’s Over, Be Mine + Paradise, The Chaser, Man in Love, Last Romeo) so please listen carefully and notice the change. (Also sorry for the quality but I wasn’t able to find really good quality videos :/)

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