You know, even though the Shuffler is WITHOUT A SINGLE POSSIBLE DOUBT, ONE-HUNNARD-PERCENT real, I like to keep a healthy skepticism before I get excited about things. That’s just who I am.  But you guys were RIGHT. I can hear BENNY in the ambient sounds of idle machinery. But hey—healthy SKEPTICISM… Josh has given me a cleaned up file of some audio that was running on another frequency next to Benny’s laptop to share with you guys.

Here >>

YOU DECIDE. Get to work, people. I’m going to go start building my own PROTON PACK!

the moment we’ve all been waiting for

last follow forever of 2017 as we begin a new year of kin drama

Eat shit, die, eat shit, die, mc gang

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i hope 2018 is even worse!

HAIYA GUYSS little milkinglings its ur cute mutual HONIIEE! this is my first follo forever i hope more weirdas fuck stuff comes in for 2018!!! I LOVE U GUYS SM AND I HOPE I MAKE MORE MUTUALS AND GET CLOSER TO U GUYS IF WE ARENT ALREADY AND HAPPYNEW YR! 

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engloid  asked:

💌treasured ass mutual even if every time i see u on my dash i think ur icon is ace flag

u can’t say shit about me icon when ur url for the last few weeks has been angrybirdsporn but i still love you