Az Avantgarde Trio Classico 30 millás hangrendszere úgy néz ki, mint két óriás, a tökéletes zenei élmény befogadására kiélezett audiofil fülcimpa pár. Ezzel szemben a hatalmas tölcsérek és bennük megbújó driverek nem hallgatásra, hanem hangkibocsátásra születtek, de még milyenre.

Better Podcasts

Podcasts are on the rise. Nobody has time to read, so audio content steps in to fill the place between your ears with content.

I stumbled upon a few services lately, that allow me to curate my own feed of found audio content on the web.


You come across a audiofile on the web and you want to consume it in your favorite podcast app? Or an interview on youtube where the video part can be neglected? Or a single episode you want to listen to? Maybe you ripped your old audiobook cds and uploaded them in one large mp3 into your public dropbox folder?

Go to Huffduffer, setup an account for free and start to curate your own podcast feed in adding youtube videos (audio gets magically extracted), single mp3 files (from dropbox or any webpage).

Since the feeds by all Huffduffer users are public you can discover a lot of new podcasts and when you tag your content nicely it helps others to discover new stuff.

Huffduffer is built and maintained by one guy and works smoothly since years.

Check out my huffduffer profile 


A slightly different approach has Narro. This service gives you the ability to listen to articles from websites… in your favorite podcast app.

It’s basically a Text2Speech service that converts articles to mp3 that get added to a podcast feed that you can subscribe to.

My Pocket (the read-it-later service) account counts over 700 articles that I probably never going to read. Finding Narro, I started to add some of them to this service and listen to them. Although Pocket and other read it later services offer a text2speech engine, Narro is the better way, since you stay in your podcast app with all the features you love (like smart speed in Overcast).

Narro offers you 15 article conversions per month for free. You are able to select from a wide range of english speaking engines. Some sound more natural than others.

Listening to a Text2Speech engine can be tiring, depending on how robotic the voice sounds. But having an artificially spoken article thrown in between real podcast content is ok. Here is an example.


Before I discovered Huffduffer, I used the service Justcast, that builds a feed out of mp3 files, from a dropbox folder. Unfortunately the app stopped working for me, but it’s worth a try.

Since the free version of Justcast only delivers 3 episodes it’s nothing to use for serious podcasting. But if you want to listen to an audiobook, this service works well.

Overcast offers upload of own content to their service if you become a Patreon. For freeloaders, Justcast is a nice option. You shouldn’t spread copyrighted material as podcast (like commercial audiobooks). But if you keep it all to yourself, it’s a nice workaround.

Have fun curating your own podcast feed!