Cheesy Macaroni
Cheesy Macaroni

G-Dragon’s epic MAMA 2012 opening rap (ambience effect)

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the show.

Hey MAMA. I am the one and only G to the D man they fake. Flies of them all, over head, on your feet.

I am flipping in the way with or without the beat.

I’m wild and I’m young, they old and obsolete.

Why you so damn serious? Got your girl delirious. I am only 25 and got the world so curious. (girl dies in bgnoise lol) Is it coz of my style or my flow is mysterious? King with them aces, I’m the best.

They clone me, they phony, cheesy like macaroni, the blueprint, the original, you a sketch of the old me. Trendsetter, been better, style is never for free. Yo MAMA’s in Hongkong begin the ceremony!

Hey yo 2012! MAMA’s in Hongkong! Give it up for my lady, Ailee make some noise yo! MUSIC MAKES ME ONE.


KimYuna & Big Bang - Shouting Dance (Shouts of Reds pt.2)

HAHA OMFG this was so long ago THIS IS TOO Cute DAESUNG AND tabi