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Photo translation:

“Miraculous - Season 2″
Development Plot Workshop: Thomas Astruc - Matthieu Choquet - Fred Lenoir -Sebastien Thibaudeau - Wilfried Pain

“Marinette is lying in bed”

SEASON 2 UPDATES! Winny is writing a script for S2. Winny previously said in an interview that he would be working on an episode and that the episode featured “Drums. Drums. More drums. (small break) Silent. Kisses.” and he expects the fandom to explode yet again. And guess what, it’s this episode.

And why the line above (”Marinette est allongee dans son lit”) is so interesting is that while it translates to “Marinette is lying in bed”, it uses the masculine possessive adjective ‘son’ instead of the feminine ‘sa’. Meaning, the line above is actually “Marinette is lying in his bed”.

EDIT: The word “lit”(bed) is masculine, so the possessive adjective is automatically masculine. So it actually is “Marinette is lying in (her) bed”.

Matsuno brothers’ fetishes

From the first seiyuu event ~

ORDER (what their seiyuu answered – the official answer)

Osomatsu: Matsu fetish – Boobs, butt, beautiful skin, nice smell, nape, waist, voice, etc.
Karamatsu: Boobs – “Heh. As long as there’s love”
Choromatsu: Voice – “I won’t say”
Ichimatsu: Cat ears – Paw pads
Jyushimatsu: An uninhabited island fetish – “Eh?!”
Todomatsu: Legs – Legs