Old Lady : Part 3 of Exclusive

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Happy x Reader
Tig!Friendship x reader

 Part one - Exclusive
Part two - Official 

A six month time skip

Things moved pretty quickly but you couldn’t bring yourself to be put off by it.

After you’d become official it had taken two months for Happy to officially move into your house, though he kept his dorm room so you both had somewhere to sneak to on Friday nights.

By month three you’d met his mum and aunt a handful of times and she had slipped Happy his grandmother’s ring and demanded grandchildren, he acted funny for about a week after.

Life was pretty quiet after that until month six when you walked in on him, Kozik and Tig torturing a Mayan for information in the clubhouse when going to get a spare wench for the car you were working on. Seriously who tortures in the middle of the day? You’d froze at the scene in front of you, all the Sons watching you with worry in their eyes.

This is where relationships broke down; when significant others saw what actually had to be done for the club. To their astonishment you’d mumbled the first thing that came to mind: “Try not to be late home for dinner I was going to cook you steak.”
You’d walked back out and returned to work.
It confirmed what Happy knew and by the end of Month six you’d let him tattoo his crow just under your breasts so the wings spread out under each breast. Jax was pleased because it meant that he’d won the ‘tramp stamp tattoo bet’ against Tig and the rest of them were pleased because it meant that you weren’t going anywhere anytime soon, even if it was still weird for them to see Happy so … affectionate with someone.

Tig spent two weeks after your tattoo trying to get you to flash him under the guise of checking that your tattoo was healing properly.

Becoming an Old Lady hadn’t taken much on your part, you were already friends with the club, you practically helped Gemma run TM anyway and you’d never had an issue being around club business. You’d been part of enough lock downs that any visiting Son already knew that if they needed anything they should ask Gemma or you and all of them congratulated you when they found out you were with Happy.

The only issue you had to face as a couple right now was the rest of the Sons teasing you about your relationship.
Currently you were sat on a sofa at the clubhouse at one of the club parties, you were tucked into Happy’s side with your legs over his lap and one of his hands tucked under your shirt so that he could run his thumb along the crow he’d put there. He had a drink in his other hand and you rested your head on him as you yourself had already had a lot to drink.
The guys were sat on the other sofa surrounding you guys with Tig next on an armchair next to you.
“Ugh you guys are repulsive.” Tig groaned and gestured at you both with his smoke in hand.
Happy leaned down to your ear, “Bitch is just jealous anything he’s hitting hasn’t got shit on you.”
“What you saying over there Hap? You wanna go?” Tig joked and you all laughed.

“You guys are only being so cutesy because you’re still in the honeymoon phase. Once you marry her it all changes, sex goes out the window and she’ll go fucking psycho.” Bobby laughed.
Then Happy knocked you all off your feet as he shrugged and stated confidently, “I’m still gonna marry her.”
You spluttered on your own drink and you were fairly certain Tig had just spat his drink all over Chibs if the Scottish man’s irate shouts were anything to go by. All eyes were on you and Happy and you could feel your cheeks burning from the embarrassment of the focus.

“What?” Happy asked simply as he looked around at everyone staring at him.
A shit eating grin spread over Jax’s face, “There something you want to tell us? You two engaged?”
You shook your head quickly and Happy shrugged, “Not yet.”
Your head snapped around at his almost confession, where the fuck was this coming from?

“Looks like it was news to Y/N!” Chibs laughed, well they were all laughing but you were too focused on the sincerity that you found in your Old Man’s face to pay them any attention.
He honestly believed that you would get married and logically it made a lot of sense to you, you had his crow for fuck sake but there was something about hearing the pride and certainty in his voice that made you swoon.

Someone or something had to ruin it and this time it was Juice as he jumped up from his seat and started to play Single Ladies by Beyonce on his phone. The guys were laughing at him soon as he started to dance and sing loudly ‘Happy liked it so he put a ring on it’. Jesus, what the fuck had he taken tonight?
You pressed your face into Happy’s chest to hide from the Son’s laughter and tried to ignore the rumble in your Old Man’s chest as he laughed with them.


“You feeling any better today Mrs. Lowman.” Tig teased.
You were currently crouched on the floor with your head in your hands, you raised your head to glare at him and tried to ignore the way your stomach protested, “Do I look any better? And stop it with that Mrs. Lowman bullshit.” You hissed and put your face back into your hands.

You’d been sick for past week and even before that your hormones were all over the place and you were just generally achy. You were also mad that Tig would now only refer to you with that nickname even though you and Happy hadn’t approached the subject since he’d so casually mentioned it two weeks ago at the party.
“Grouchy.” He mumbled before dropping himself down so that he sat on the garage floor beside you, he wrapped an arm around your shoulder and snuck his other hand through your defences to press it against your forehead.

“Come on Doll it’s been too long now to just be a head cold, come on I’m taking you up to the hospital.” He rubbed your back with one hand and gently pulled you up with the other. The movement made your stomach flip and you rushed out into the yard and doubled over like you were going to throw up. The most you could manage was to spit. Gross, yes, but better then puking everywhere at work.

Tig had taken that time to slip out of his overalls and pull his cut over his t-shirt and jeans and was guiding you to one of the trucks they’d sometimes take on runs with them. He left you in the passenger seat as he jogged into the office.

The last thing Gemma expected to come through the door was a mad eyed Tig dressed in club gear but she hadn’t time to raise an eyebrow at him before he rushed, “Ma I need you to call Hap and tell him I’m taking his Old Lady to the hospital, she’s not looking so hot.”
“Keep us informed!” You heard Gemma shout as Tig jogged out to you.

“Did you just get her to call Happy?” You glared weakly at him as the pair of you took off, it would barely take any time at all to get there with his driving.
“He’s worried about you.” Tig reassured and you resisted the urge to kick him, you didn’t want him worrying Happy when he was out doing god knows what. All you knew was that morning he dropped you off at TM before taking off dressed in his Cut, he’d tell you later you were sure.


It felt like you had been in hospital forever. Tig was surprisingly helpful, to keep you distracted he perched on your bed and messed up your hair, he found some old magazines and took the quizzes in them with you and read you the ‘sex position of the week’ from each one and claimed that he had done them all.

He’d had to disappear to take a call from the guys at one point, he let you know that’d given Bobby a run down to give to Happy and that Happy was…well… unhappy with you right now. He hadn’t wanted you to come to work in the first place.

You were lucky that Tara had been on shift, as soon as he caught sight of Tig dragging you in she’d put you on her rotation and done the blood tests. When she came back in the room, clipboard in hand Tig jumped up and asked, “So what’s the verdict Doc? She gonna live?”
Tara gave a tight nod as she looked at you, “I believe we’ve found the answer to your issues but maybe you would like some privacy? Get Tig to wait outside?”

Tig looked at you and raised his eyebrows letting you know it was your call.

You shook your head and tried to ignore the sense of impending doom, “No, no Tig can stay.”
At the declaration he came over and held your hand. Where was this guy when your family was dishing out brothers?
Tara nodded, even if she didn’t look convinced, and turned the clipboard around to face you before stating, “You’re pregnant.”


“I thought you’d broke my hand.” Tig mumbled awkwardly as you were leaving the hospital. You had freaked and squeezed a hold of his hand why shouting at Tara, how could this happen? She tried very hard not to be sarcastic at you and assumed you were stressed because you were about to be tied to a psycho killer for the rest of your life.

When in reality you were stressed because what if the psycho killer didn’t want you anymore? You and Happy had never spoken about children, you couldn’t bring yourself to talk about marriage and you knew for a fact that Happy wanted that.

You said nothing until you got back to the truck when you started to cry. You didn’t need to see Tig to know he was panicking as he wrapped his arms around your shoulders.
It was hard to talk between the hiccups and the gasps for breath, “What if he leaves Tigger?”
He shh’d you, “No no no baby girl, he couldn’t do that to you. He wants to marry you remember?”

As if he knew he was being spoken about your phone buzzed in your pocket as Happy phoned you. You pulled it out and looked at the background picture of you in his lap at one of the Samcro parties. You declined the call and dropped it in your lap.
“I want to tell him face to face.” You mumbled at Tig’s questioning look.
Tig’s phone began to ring not half a beat later, he took it out of his pocket and showed you that it was Happy calling, “Look I’m gonna let him know that I’m taking you home. I won’t tell him anything else I promised.” He pinched your cheek playfully like the strange guy that he was before slipping out of the truck and answering the phone when he’d gone a far enough distance away.

“Look Hap, you’re worried I get it but I’m taking her home now to rest up and then you two can talk about it later.” Tig reassured over the phone to his brother. He watched the traffic in front of the hospital, two black cars where speeding up one behind the other.
Something wasn’t right.
He didn’t hear what Happy was saying as he dropped the phone and started to run towards the truck yelling for you to get out.

You heard Tig shouting at you, you turned to look out the back window as a car skidded to a halt in front of the truck and one behind. A group of guys jumped out. White. Skin head. Nazi tattoos.

Fucking Nords.

Your door was ripped open and you were yanked out by your arms and hair and dropped onto the tarmac with a gun pointed at your face.

You looked up to see Tig in the same situation except his face was bloodied, he’d clearly been trying to get to you.
“Whats –” You were cut off by a strong backhand which sent you further to the ground and your head spin. You could hear Tig shout angrily and you spat up blood.

“Do you know who her Old Man is?!” Tig was snarling now.
“We know exactly who her Old Man is, why the fuck do you think with bother with a Son whore otherwise?” The guy who’d hit you sneered and you felt him press his boot into your back pressing you down. You yelped in pain and Tig struggled further against the two guys holding his arms back.

You were outside the front of a hospital. How could this happen?!

You yelped again as you felt him kick the side of your head and then you knew nothing.


“We need to find her man, and quick, or we’re looking at a slaughter on a scale we can’t comprehend.” Bobby advised as they stood around Tig’s hospital bed. They’d shot him in the shoulder as a warning and then kidnapped you as the police had shown up. The guys had shown up five minutes later as Happy had sped away from their meeting after hearing the end of Tig’s phone call.

They watched warily as Happy prowled up and down at the end of the room behind a very tense Juice who was trying his best to get any info given the descriptions Tig had given them. Saying that Tig hadn’t been too much help, they’d given him some hella strong pain meds and he was drooling, mumbling mess.

Tara slipped into the room and all eyes landed on her, they already knew Tig was going to be fine so this had to be about you.
“You guys find anything?” She asked solemnly.
Jax shook his head, “We don’t even know why they took her, we’ve got no beef with the Nords right now. And if they were watching the hospital and waiting, why go after Y/N and not you or Tig?”

Tig rolled his head slightly and slurred, “After her.”
“What?” Happy snarled moving from behind Juice and rushed next to Tig’s side. Tig swallowed a few times as though he was trying to find space in his mouth for the words, “They took her because of Happy.”

Happy already felt as though his world was crumpling away. You’d been taken, he had no idea what state you were in or what they wanted. If they were trying to scare the club or if this was serious threat to your life? Now finding out it was to hurt him? He was desperately clawing at his sanity to try and keep some of it intact. He wanted nothing more to shove his hands into the stomach of the man who did this and rip him into two pieces.

He craved blood and anger and ripping skin but worst of all he craved the little sigh you made when you fit just right into his arms so that he could rest his chin on your head. It was that thought alone that kept the animal in, the complete and soft way that you brought out the human in him.

“Woooorse.” Tig drawled out.
“Worse? How could it be worse?” Chibs asked as he dragged his hand down his face. God this was a fucking mess.

Tara cleared her throat to get their attention and all the Sons watched as she looked down before whispering, “Its worse because she’s pregnant.”

And with that Happy let his sanity slip.

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Matsuno brothers’ fetishes

From the first seiyuu event ~

ORDER (what their seiyuu answered – the official answer)

Osomatsu: Matsu fetish – Boobs, butt, beautiful skin, nice smell, nape, waist, voice, etc.
Karamatsu: Boobs – “Heh. As long as there’s love”
Choromatsu: Voice – “I won’t say”
Ichimatsu: Cat ears – Paw pads
Jyushimatsu: An uninhabited island fetish – “Eh?!”
Todomatsu: Legs – Legs


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Photo translation:

“Miraculous - Season 2″
Development Plot Workshop: Thomas Astruc - Matthieu Choquet - Fred Lenoir -Sebastien Thibaudeau - Wilfried Pain

“Marinette is lying in bed”

SEASON 2 UPDATES! Winny is writing a script for S2. Winny previously said in an interview that he would be working on an episode and that the episode featured “Drums. Drums. More drums. (small break) Silent. Kisses.” and he expects the fandom to explode yet again. And guess what, it’s this episode.

And why the line above (”Marinette est allongee dans son lit”) is so interesting is that while it translates to “Marinette is lying in bed”, it uses the masculine possessive adjective ‘son’ instead of the feminine ‘sa’. Meaning, the line above is actually “Marinette is lying in his bed”.

EDIT: The word “lit”(bed) is masculine, so the possessive adjective is automatically masculine. So it actually is “Marinette is lying in (her) bed”.


A Tribe Called Quest feat Busta Rhymes - Scenario (1991)