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Crimson + Red

Gorillaz is a virtual animated band from the UK, who have been active as far back as the late nineties. They were created by the minds of Blur vocalist Damon Albarn and Tank Girl creator Jamie Hewlett. Gorillaz have made a comeback after a long six-year hiatus, and will be releasing their fifth album “Humanz” this April.

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The new song added is [ Ontology of The Resonant World / Kyoumei Sekai no Ontology ] !! It is a COOL-type song sung by Asuka Ninomiya ( CV : Shiki Aoki )

General Info:

Music&Lyrics&Arrange: Karasuyasabou
Accompanying Bass: Pro ( HigedriVAN )
Duration: 2:04
BPM: 190
Story MV positions : Frederica Miyamoto | Ranko Kanzaki | Asuka Ninomiya | Mirei Hayasaka | Yoshino Yorita

Available Difficulties:

  • DEBUT - 8☆ - 104 NOTES  - 10 stamina/play
  • REGULAR - 13☆ - 200 NOTES  - 13 stamina/play
  • PRO - 19☆ - 414 NOTES - 17 stamina/play
  • MASTER - 27☆ - 815 NOTES  - 19 stamina/play

Extras: The kanji for the song is 共鳴世界の存在論 ( actual reading: Kyoumei Sekai no Sonzairon ). This kanji  存在論 ( Sonzairon ) means ontology and, as such, is pronounced  Kyoumei Sekai no Ontology instead. The MV features many things featured from her cards in Starlight stage! This is the first MV in which an item, in this case the standmic, is moved by the singer. This is also the first MV to feature a sudden change in colour of the whole MV.


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7/30 Designer Skyline 

I love all of Owl City’s songs, but there were some songs I never thought I’d hear in his concerts. Two years ago, I went to my second Owl City concert, and he sang a mix of both his old and new songs. All of a sudden, he started singing Designer Skyline, and it surprised me because it was one of the songs I never thought he’d sing at any of his concerts. If you were to ask me what was my favorite part of the concert, it would have been when he sang Designer Skyline. It’s one of my favorite Owl City songs, and I was very excited when I heard him sing it.