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The Paladins and Singing Abilities

Allura: Everyone expects her to have a beautiful singing voice, but she actually sounds like a dying cat. Keith is the only one brave enough to tell her, and immediately regrets it.

Keith: Will not sing, under any circumstances, but he absentmindedly hums with his headphones on and…Lance? Why are you staring at me?

Lance: A+++ singer, used to use it to get girls, but now it’s mostly relegated to shower concerts…Keith? Why are you sitting outside the bathroom door?

Pidge: Cannot figure out rhythm and pitch to save her life. She tries to use science to teach herself but Lance says that music is not a science. “Lance, everything is a science.”

Hunk: Makes his mundane activities into songs. “I’m makin’ waaaaaa-ffles. I’m makin’ waaaaaa-OW!” Keith is not amused.

Coran: Studied the Altean version of opera and can sing, but it sounds weird to human ears so the Paladins just nod and grimace when he “performs.”

Shiro: “I’m the leader of Voltron. I have more important things to do than sing.”

*Last night while alone in the black lion*

“And I GO BACK to…blaaAAAAAAaaaaack….”