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Endless Possibilities
Endless Possibilities

OMG it’s Sonic’s birthday and I’m hyped and happy atm so I thought I can share you my horrible voice trying to sing. I know it’s not good but It’s just something I do while I’m bored and I never went to any singing classes or anything… so yeah.. Idk why I’m doing this

Love (demo)
Love (demo)

When I look at you I’m in love
I see you as an angel sent from above
when I see your face I blush and smile
I would walk for miles to get to where you are

But you don’t see me like that
you won’t talk to me like that
if I said I liked you than any other way then what I do
would I loose you?

When I look at you I want to cry
it’s like i’m dying if I don’t talk to you
and what if you just ignore me
you think i’m ugly
would that change your perspective of me?

and I don’t care for her
and I don’t care what you say
if you really do love her
then forget about me for a day

I’m sorry for my shitty guitar skills


Hiking inside a glacial ice cave, Iceland. These are often originally formed by melt water that flows through the glaciers, and occupied by people later.

I’m not really partial to singing in public.  My voice is weird- low and croaky, the crow to my sister’s canary.  She’s got a splendid voice and i don;t think of ill of her for a second, but she’s tough act to follow, so I really only do it when I’m alone in the car.

But it’s come to my attention that there are no really good female covers of my favorite smutty pop songs.  Santana’s “Smooth” for instance.  There is a lovely woman on youtube but she doesn’t really have that intense growl that a lot of male artists have, that I *know* women can do too, and that it’s lethally good when they do.

And I’ve got a weird growly croaky voice.

This might change things.