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SHINee latest Google searches


• why does tofu give me so much gas
• am I dead inside
• where is my baby pinee
• why is taemin growing up so fast I’m not ready


• shortest kpop idol male
• Jonghyun shinee abs & tattoos
• why do my dongsaengs bully me I’m older than them
• strip pole easy tricks


• simple but snatched makeup tutorials
• best vegan and expensive dog food
• which male kpop idol looks good in everything he wears
• how to stop being shady bc it’s ruining me


• suho cute moments compilations
• how to marry someone without them knowing
• why do people think I’m older than I really am
• shinee Minho tattoos edits


• how to hide my satanic rituals from my bandmates
• why am I called angel when I’m the devil
• does shinee know they’re not my parents
• who’s the most successful kpop group maknae

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This will FOREVER be my most favorite thing EVER 😂😂

Taemin’s Documentary

If you haven’t watched it, please take a minute and see this amazing short film.

Can I say how proud and inspirational Taemin has been to watch grow over the years.  (All of SHINee are inspirational but right this moment I want to talk about him)  He has grown from the boy who loved to dance (but did not sing so well in the beginning) to becoming a performer and now becoming a full blown solo artist who can hold his own stage. He still puts in full time to SHINee and stays humble throughout. The amount of time, work, determination and talent is beyond imagination. He was born for this and I want the best for him in every possible way. 

And here is the other one with Koharu