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New Upcoming Projects!

thank you those who voted, i really appreciate it <3 i saw that both PATCH and My Male Friend were the most requested, so i decided to pick up both of them! ^^

PATCH will be text only translations due to copyright concerns, and i’ll be doing full uploads of MMF until there’s a copyright takedown notice issued by either Comico or the author!

schedule is still tentative, but i’m thinking maybe these two will be friday weekly releases! if i have enough time, i’m aiming for daily releases starting next friday for both of these until we’re caught up to the raws (it’s not a lot though, both PATCH and MMF only have up to chapter 4 released ^^;;) and then we’ll fall into the weekly release schedule :D

i’ll also make a walkthrough on how to create an account on Comica (it’s a LOT easier than comico though LOL) so i’ll post that guide in a few days!

will be making another post when i have things in order ^o^ school’s starting soon though ugh end me

anonymous asked:

do you think andromeda will still be a trilogy or will it just die now and be novels?

IM AFRAID.. the phrase “there are no planned future patches for single-player or in-game story content’’ pretty much confirms that andromeda is, as of 19/08/17… dead for good as a game


it’s comics and novels now buddy