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Text of Tweet: 

PP Great Plains KS:  “Senator Fitzgerald did NOT appreciate having a donation to @PPGreatPlains made in his honor.  Just FYI.”

(text of letter is very cranky, and compares having the donation is his name “as having one’s name associated with Dachau.”)

Oh, it is ON.

@vaspider, @ellenkushner @jesilverstein, can we get some boost on this?  I’d love to let him know (via lots and lots of donations in his name) that we don’t appreciate him comparing compassionate health care with Nazi concentration camps….

Greetings from Liberal, Kansas

Two attractive housewives of Liberal, Kansas, ‘Pancake Hub of the Universe’ prepare to run the 415 yard course which starts at the well and ends at a church which is the similar course run by the women of Olney, England. Each year on Shrove Tuesday the women of these two cities race, via stopwatch, in an International contest.

The first referendum on the Trump era will happen today in Kansas

  • Voters in Kansas’s 4th Congressional District will  head to the polls for the first congressional election since Trump’s presidential victory in November. 
  • The race to fill the seat once held by Trump CIA Director Mike Pompeo has largely been ignored by the national press because of Kansas’ deep-red conservative politics — Trump won the district by 27 points — until, that is, the Democrat surged.
  • Over the last few weeks, signs indicate that Democratic candidate James Thompson, a Bernie Sanders-inspired political outsider, might have a shot. Early voting among Democrats is way up in the district, and Thompson has raised an unusually large amount of money through grassroots fundraising — thanks in no part to the national Democratic Party.As a result, Republicans are in full-on panic mode. 

  • Over the past few days, the GOP has injected Republican candidate Ron Estes’ campaign with a last-minute infusion of cash, dispatched firebrand conservative Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) to campaign in the small Kansas district and recorded robocalls by both the Trump and Vice President Mike Pence — all to nail down what should have been a lay-up. Read more. (4/11/2017 9:30 AM)