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Accidentally meeting and talking to Day6

Note - all the staff at the Day6 concert wore a day6 hoodie and a mask with the face of one of the members. (As can be seen on V Live from April 1st) and I went with my friend @hmadsen93 

 Okay so yesterday, April 1st, was the Day6 concert, and my friend Helene and I got there about 2 and a half hours early. We got confused about what to do because there were many lines and stuff, and so we just kinda stopped up by the doorway and just looked awkwardly around - not knowing that the two people in the doorway, with Young K masks were IN FACT YOUNG K AND DOWOON! 

 After a little while, we got in a line, got a card and then walked PASSED YOUNG K AND DOWOON, to a table where there were two masked people sitting and giving the cards stamps. Helene got one from the one on the inner side and walked downstairs to look at the merch, and I got a stamp from the person who was most towards the door, and just as I was about to walk downstairs after my friend, she came back upstairs and I just followed her - being yelled after if I didn’t want to go downstairs and stuff from the guy giving me the stamp - we found out that she got a stamp from Sungjin himself, and Wonpil - COTTON CANDY MAN KIM WONPIL - WAS THE ONE THAT YELLED AFTER ME!!!! 

 After we got in line, and we were walking into the venue with the rest of the people, there were two masked Young K’s in the door again, taking the ticket stubs. Helene is so graceful and elegant that she bumped into the shorter of the two, who acted very careful and spoke very softly - in a deep voice, and I just said “Thank you” - And I got a very American sounding “Thank you” in return - We found out that it was Young K and Dowoon once again - Helene stumbling into Dowoon and me speaking to Young K. 

 Small things that happened at the concert: I found out that being tall, pale and having BRIGHT PINK HAIR will grant you a lot of eye contact with your biases, Jae is very underrated and not loved so much here in Korea as he is in foreign / western countries, Sungjin looks a little like CN blue’s Yonghwa with his current style, Young K is too sexy when he is sweating, Wonpil is too cheesy for his own good, Dowoon’s voice is deeper than you would’ve imagined and he sings HELLA good, and Jae LOVES TO DANCE…… WHO KNEW?!! 

 The fans had also planned a prank on Day6, which actually granted us the concert to be an hour longer than it was originally - we started singing Letting Go for them after they had left the stage, and we held up posters saying “Day6 isn’t talented enough” and when they finished another song, we turned it around again and it said “unbelievable” - BUT SINCE THEY HAD BEEN PLAYING THE STAFF THEY KNEW ALL ABOUT IT!! 

They pulled the biggest April Fools prank on us ever!
 Also my fave quote of the night:
Fan (to Young K): BRIAN I LOVE YOU
Young K: Yeah yeah ok