Horror Movie Screams
Jacksepticeye 2017
Horror Movie Screams

A+ horror movie screams brought to you by Jacksepticeye! :D

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In all seriousness though, I thought this moment in the video would be a fun audio post to make. Those screams sound hilarious, haha! ^_^
Also does anyone else think that Seán’s screams here kind of sound like Ruby Rhod’s screams in The Fifth Element? xD

woahbunch  asked:

how do u personally pronounce spange

Ok this is really specific and idk if anyone’s gonna know what I’m talking about but a while back there was this audio post with the spongebob theme song but instead of the regular words it was just a text to speech program saying different variations of the word “sponge” every few seconds with the pirate from the intro yelling “WHO” every now and then?? The way the voice says “spange” is how I pronounce it lmao

Anyway I can’t find it now, but that’s what inspired me to tag sponges as “spange” in the first place, I hear it in that text to speech voice when I type it lol ^^;

This blog

… is not explicit ;) nor will it be in the future. But it has some (as the new Tumblr settings call them) “sensitive” content on it. And it will have some more “sensitive” content in the future. So… if you don’t want to see this, simply turn the safe-mode (settings -> general settings -> filtering) in your Tumblr settings “on”. If you want to see it, turn it “off”.

I will be a bit more conservative in flagging posts “sensitive” if it comes to photos, GIFs, etc… and a bit more liberal with text-posts only. So… Texts with “strong language” will probably not be flagged. Texts with clearly adult-content will be flagged. My audio posts from Soundcloud are flagged “explicit” on Soundcloud even if they “just” include strong language. I did that to conform to the Soundcloud guidelines. So that you are all safe. And that I am also safe ;)

I also might throw in some German texts and audios here and there. Or not. Maybe I will make a side-blog for them. Hey, I’m a Virgo after all… I need to categorize things. Even though I hate the thought to have yet another blog. But it’ll be a side-blog anyway… so… just one dash… but… well… I dunno yet.

Prompto grown
Final Fantasy XV
Prompto grown

Ignis: Prompto’s even capable of hunting alone these days. He really has come a long way.

Prompto: Ah ha! Had to become a functioning adult sooner or later!  ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Noctis: … Doesn’t feel like you’ve changed though…  (・∩・)

Gladio: Not nearly as much as he claims.   (≖ᴗ≖๑)

Prompto: You gotta spoil my moment?  (vಠ︵ಠ)v

Gladio: Hmph. What’s there to spoil?  ( ̄▽ ̄)

Noctis: You know even after all this time, you guys haven’t changed a bit.

Ignis: Well, not as individuals perhaps, but we no longer need to ask one another for help in times of need. We’ve reached the point where that sort of synergy is second nature.

Prompto: Ha ha. Yeah! And it only took us 10 years to get here.