Entry #10-3439

“This Narhiri woman has become somewhat of an annoyance to me. When I got word from Lisa Curie, she reported that Emrakul has been detected on Innistrad.

According to her, her mercenaries detected Nahiri and some cult having to do with Emrakul entering the plane.


[Jovan sighs]

“…… And somehow the Gatewatch, a planeswalker from Kamigawa, and a Dominarian planeswalker did what they could and ended up dealing away Emrakul on a moon.

Then Lisa reported that Nahiri did this because of this Vampire names Sorin Markov. And it has something to do with the Eldrazis on Zendikar.

It seemed personal and I don’t condone Nahiri use of the Eldrazis in this manner.

I had the Order of the Blins Eternities be kept aware of the planeswalker and have her apprehended.

I have my reasons.”

[Audio ends here]

Time Stops
Dzen Yoko

0310•Chapter Seven•2017

Time Stops

I have a theory - time stops at certain hours. Today it was 5:53 pm. Today I caught it again. I recorded its voice. I took its image. I hope that you will understand - if you hear it, if you see it.

Time stops. Maybe in the near future I will tell you more: how I found about this phenomenon, how I keep chasing it (day and night), how I keep falling in love with it every single time I succeed in catching it.

I promise - I will tell you all about it. Because I want you to be part of it. I want you to experience it - feel, taste, see, hear, smell it. Because sometimes it is all of the above… but sometimes it is only one of them. Here I can give you only a hint - it makes me sad that I can work only with the hear and the see. I hope it would be enough for you. I hope it would lead you to the feel, the taste and the smell.

Listen, time stops. Can you see it?

//Dzen Yoko

Entry #10-3450

[There ate sounds of swords clashing. Jovan is using one sword, Gisela is using two. Jovan knocks Gisela down, she groans a bit. It’s sounds like they’ve been training for ours.]

Jovan: “Don’t ever go where your enemy leads you.”

[Gisela gets up. More swords clash. She is knocked down again.]

Jovan: Don’t repeat the same move or pattern over and over; it’s give things away. The only expection for this when you’re planning to deceive your enemy.

[Gisela sighs and refuses to fight, sitting where she is. Jovan can be heard walking over to sit next to her]

Gisela: I don’t feel like what I use to be.

Jovan: I know you can use your wings, and I know I should’ve have brought you back like this. Yet, you and your sister can live new lives. The soul traps I have can help you planeswalk without a spark.

Gisela: …….. I just want to return to Innistrad—

Jovan: Now, now, you have to be careful. There are memories that will bring severe headaches. I don’t want that happening to you. Returning to your home will make it worse.

[Gisela takes a deep breath, not understanding planeswalking. The name of her home plane and events before Avacyn’s madness is all she can remember without getting painful flashbacks.]

Gisela: So….. I cant return home, but I can start a new life in these other worlds?

Jovan: Planes Actually, But yes, that’s the truth.

[Jovan gets up and picks up the recorder]

Jovan: If you want to live somewhere other than Fiora, give the word to me.

[Audio Ends]


[WARNING: LONG POST. I tried to format this to be easier to read but sorry if it’s still difficult]

Thank you to @useless-uterus for helping me come up with this

Have you ever wanted to play through the Bioshock series and get absolutely plastered? Here’s the game for you! (note: please drink responsibly and only if you’re of legal drinking age. Don’t try hardcore mode if you’re a lightweight. You don’t have anything to prove to your friends, you’ll just get alcohol poisoning.)

[OPTIONAL: Make cocktails based on the vigors/plasmids and take a shot from whichever one you have equipped when you need to drink]



  • Take a drink
    • Every time the Luteces appear
    • Whenever someone hits on Booker
    • Every time you take a new vigor
    • Whenever you find a voxophone–the sample one from the vendor doesn’t count (ONLY APPLICABLE IN A NON-COMPLETIONIST RUN)
    • Whenever you find an infusion (if you have the DLC with all the infusions in the Blue Ribbon you can take a drink for every three)
    • Whenever you find gear (same rules as the last one apply)
    • Every time Comstock says something he knows about you
    • Every time your nose bleeds
    • Every time Elizabeth picks the lock on a safe
    • Whenever Elizabeth specifically says “Booker catch!” (don’t drink for any variation. Save it for hardcore mode)
    • Finish your drink for the ending


  • Take a drink
    • Every time Elizabeth throws you something
    • Every time Elizabeth opens a tear
    • Finish your drink when you find all the infusions in the blue ribbon (shotgun another drink for the gear while you’re at it)
    • Every time the Luteces say something cryptic
    • Every time Comstock says something racist
    • Every time Lady Comstock is mentioned
    • Every time Daisy Fitzroy is mentioned
    • Whenever you find a voxophone in a completionist run
    • Every time Elizabeth picks a lock in general
    • Every time Jeremiah Fink strokes his own ego



  • Take a drink:
    • Every time Elizabeth snaps at you to hurry
    • Every time you have to go off course to get to your objective
    • Every time there’s a samurai for no real reason
    • Every time Elizabeth opens a tear
    • Every time you get a new plasmid
    • Every time Elizabeth hints that she’s not from Rapture
    • Every time somebody lowkey insults Booker


  • Take a drink:
    • Every time you close a vent
    • Every time Elizabeth says something heartbreaking
    • Finish your drink for Sander Cohen
    • Finish your drink for the radar range
    • Finish your drink in baby Anna’s honor
    • Every time your nose bleeds


  • Take a drink:
    • When the mood shifts in the Paris scene (you’ll need it)
    • For dancing baguette boy
    • For any foreshadowing you spot while in Paris
    • Every time Booker talks to you
    • Every time Elizabeth says something she has no reason to know (for example make and model of bathyspheres)
    • Every time Andrew Ryan talks to you
    • Every time Elizabeth’s brain goes into puzzle mode
    • Every time Elizabeth’s strength stat doesn’t match up to what she’s doing (can’t kill someone with the skyhook my ass)
    • Every time she refers to Suchong as an ego-maniac
    • Every time she has a flashback whether or not it’s her own (or flash forward in some cases)

HARDCORE MODE: (please use a small cup for this)

  • Take a drink:
    • Every time Elizabeth says something heartbreaking

    • Finish your drink for the attempted lobotomy

    • Every time you knock someone out

    • Every time you die (only if you’re bad at stealth games but you’ll be drunk so it probably doesn’t matter)

    • Whenever you crawl in a vent

    • Finish your drink when you find your own dead body

    • Finish your drink every time you hear La Vie en Rose

    • Finish your drink if you die and you get a Lutece monologue

    • Finish your drink for the ending
  • Take a drink:
    • Every time you get a new plasmid
    • Every time Atlas says “Would you kindly?” (excluding his reveal at the end) 
    • Every time you get a gift from Tenenbaum 
    • Every time you find an audio diary
    • Finish your drink whenever a splicer yells “The bees! They’re in my eyes!” when you shoot bees at them
    • Finish your drink when Sander Cohen stops you in Fort Frolic
    • Every time you fight a Big Daddy (with a little sister. Doesn’t count if they don’t have one)
    • Every time Atlas calls you “Boyo”

  • Take a drink:
    • Finish your drink if you activate the plaster splicers
    • Finish your drink during Ryan’s monologue 
    • Every time Cohen complains about something
    • Every time Cohen mentions his muse
    • Every time Fontaine talks
    • Finish your drink when Atlas becomes Fontaine again



  • Take a drink:
    • Every time you get a flash from Eleanor 
    • Every time you find an audio diary from Eleanor
    • Every time Sophia Lamb threatens you
    • Every time you save a little sister 
    • Every other time you fight a big sister
    • Finish your drink every time you see an homage to the first game
    • Finish your drink every time you encounter a moral path (Stanley Poole, Grace Holloway, Gil Alexander–little sisters not included because you would die)
    • Every time Sinclair says something suspicious 
    • Every time you get a new plasmid


  • Take a drink:
    • Every time Sophia Lamb says something about communism 
    • Every time one of the Wales brothers says something overly religious 
    • Every time Sinclair says something that makes you remember exactly how Southern he is, sport
    • Every time you get jumped by a brute splicer
    • Every time you wish Eleanor was a better written character
    • Finish your drink if you get the bad ending
    • Finish your friend’s drink if you get the very bad ending



  • Take a drink:
    • Every time you get a new plasmid 
    • Every time you fight a Lancer
    • Every time you find a vacuum 
    • Every time you fight a Big Sister
    • Every time Reed Wahl calls Porter a traitor


  • Take a drink:
    • Every time there are cryptic numbers everywhere

    • Finish your drink for the climax

    • Every time The Thinker is mentioned

Deleted Audio Diary #[unknown] - Recovered

“This is Jovan Marlauu with an unusual discovery of Eldrazified angels and melded Eldrazified subjects.

De-Eldrazifying an angel via accelerated growth and surgical means didn’t affect the fusion. The angels, Gisela and Bruna are the only example and it’s questionable for other Eldrazi meld subjects.

Their original fusion looked like that way I found their corpse, but when the two are de-Eldrazified it was astonishing.

Despite the missing arm and the scarred wings, they resulted into being no longer some Voice of Nightmares, but instead Nightmares Subdued.

This fusion is a typical angel with two pairs of wings. Their have some disabilities: a weak right arm and eyes that are slightly blind.

And the fusion is not the best part; they can unfuse by will. I can research why this is possible, but I’m researching Eldrazis, not the power of fusion and defusion.”

[End of Audio]


♥ it’s time to spread your podcast palette ♥

And the palette continues! Here we are again with the third installment to Broaden Your Podcast Palette, the one and only 2015 rendition. Before the holiday season ends and 2016 begins, be sure to take time out of your day to appreciate the newest additions to the audio drama community.

Are you searching for a hero? Wanna get away from reality? Someone to talk to? Perhaps you need to have a double take on that skeleton in your closet?

Looking for something fresh to please that sudden thirst for audio storytelling? Look no further as PodCake has six more podcasts you’ll certainly love.

1. Audio Diary of a Superhero

In the fact of a smear campaign by the International Department of Superhuman Oversight, Adria Collins releases her audio journal in a bimonthly podcast.

The life of a superhero seems glamorous at first glance, but Laura Henderson’s Audio Diary of a Superhero begs to differ. It’s only occurred to me now that no podcast I’ve come across has dealt with superheroes and if this is the first, let it certainly be an inspiration to your inner comic book nerd.

Told with excellent imagery and some gracious swearing, this show provides an interesting deconstruction of superhuman ability paired with the pain of disability. Juggling the two can’t be easy but Adria Collin’s quest to beat the odds is inspiring, funny, and…certainly super.

2. The Elysium Project

The Elysium Project follows those who are pulled into the world of a powerful formula that allows its subject to manipulate the world around them based on thought and desire.

And thus sci-fi rears its mechanical head once more. But this time, we have something a little different than your usual aliens and space travel. Try to consider the above synopsis to be a question to ask yourself: How badly do you desire control?

Manipulating reality sounds like a lot of fun until you learn that perhaps having everything you wanted from simple thought alone may not be all it’s cracked up to be. Fast, smart, and gripping from the start, creator Natalie Van Sistine delivers The Elysium Project on a silver platter and begs you hang on for dear life.

3. The Bunker

The Bunker is a breakfast radio show for the post-apocalypse generation. Set in the year 2414, the series chronicles the misadventures of David, Dave, and Tom as they struggle to a one hour radio programme from their underground bunker.

The apocalypse can’t be all bad, right? As long as we have radio, we can preserve the art of entertainment and communication and if we wish really hard, things might just turn up …living. What more could you ask for when the air is barely breathable and basic resources are a rarity to a dying population?

Listen to The Bunker, and suddenly the bleakness of a destroyed earth doesn’t seem some glum anymore. In this British comedy, we listen in on the last radio station after the end of the world for short stories, drama, and a warm helping of tea and biscuits.

4. King Falls AM

King Falls AM centers on a lonely little mountain town’s late-night AM talk radio show and its paranormal, peculiar happenings and inhabitants.

Moving to a new town for a new job can be stressful, especially when this new town may not be the modest little grove of trees and sunny faces you previously expected.

Slip into something comfortable and listen in on King Falls AM, your favorite talk show about a mountain town that is a lot more bizarre than it seems. This is your go-to podcast for the paranormal and a good laugh about a kooky community and the banter of our two hosts as they tackle the strange whereabouts of King Falls.

5. The Black Tapes

The Black Tapes is a weekly podcast from the creators of Pacific Northwest Stories, and is hosted by Alex Regan. The Black tapes Podcast is a serialized docudrama about one journalist’s search for the truth, her subject’s mysterious past, and the literal and figurative ghosts that haunt them both. Do you believe?

Do you believe in ghosts? This is likely a question you’ve been asked before and The Black Tapes runs with it in this brilliant documentary about the hidden horrors of the world.

This is a show that truly makes you question the events around you. How much of it is based on a plain of existence you are comfortable with? Are you willing to question what may happen after death? What is and what isn’t human? Then The Black Tapes is for you.

6. Limetown

Ten years ago, over three hundred men, women, and children disappeared from a small town in Tennessee, never to be heard from again. In this seven-part podcast, American Public Radio host Lisa Haddock asks the question once more, “What happened to the people of Limetown?

Oh my, I think I just felt a breeze! There’s a chill running up my spine, I just know it. It might be because I’m writing this next to an open window during a dark, rainy October night or because something as thrilling and creepy as Limetown exists and is here to stay.

Much like The Black Tapes, Limetown knows the most horrifying things are the one’s that hit closest to home. What’s more creepy and mysterious than a deserted town? Lisa Haddock is on the case and you should take part in her journey.

now, get to listening.

Adira: *on top of Temptress holding her down* You are defeated

Temptress: You forgot about my secret weapon…

Temptress: It can only be defused by kissing me on the mouth


Adira: You know you could’ve just asked me out instead of taking over this city?

Temptress:  I’M AWKWARD OK

Marco Diaz Audio Log
Isolated Frequencies
Marco Diaz Audio Log

Marco records another entry in his ongoing audio diary log.

This is another idea I had help with putting together with @necrosishead. This is the first installment of “Marco’s audio log” (name is in progress, will be better later), it’s pretty much an AU of good ol’ Marco having an ongoing recording of events and such from his perspective. Who knows what kind of stuff we’ll see hear.

Here’s the dialogue: This is Marco making another entry in the log…. never really know how to start these… It’s been business as usual, well, as usual as it’s been since Star’s showed up, ha-ha, never a dull moment. Been practicing karate a lot more, considering the number of times Ludo’s been trying to get the wand recently, now I can train harder knowing I’ll be fighting alongside Star. Man! That girl can fight! So I have to stay strong if I want to keep up with her. I also have to be careful what I say around her. Like when I told her that the fortune cookie’s fortunes were true. Now THAT, was a mistake. It was a bit silly at first, even a little adorable, but booooy did that spiral out quickly. Especially when that resulted in me having to fight Ludo’s minion on my own for a bit. Maybe I should train with the possibility of Star not being by my……. side….. Nah, why wouldn’t she be there? I mean, ever since she’s been here she’s…. well, been THERE. Friends have to stick together! I have to trust in star like she trusts in me! Okay! I have to go, I gotta practice! Diaz out!


Frank Fontaine | “The Longest Con” | BioShock in Apollo Square

Frank Fontaine: Never play a man for the short con when you can play ‘em for the long one. Atlas is the longest con of all. Ryan wanted Frank Fontaine dead, I just gave him what he wanted. As Atlas, I got a new face, a clean record, and a fresh start. Now it’s time to take back Rapture and -

Diane McClintock: … Ryan did. I can’t wait to tell Atlas. He’ll be so pleased…

Frank Fontaine (Using Atlas’ voice): Uhh, Miss McClintock… what are you doing here? Let me just… (Back to normal voice) turn this off…