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If you’ve been active on tumblr lately, you may notice that they’ve started running a new type of ad in the right-hand sidebar unit. Specifically, there’s been an uptick in ads that auto-play loud audio, some of which are even un-mutable.

We’ve addressed this in Anti-Capitalism version 1.3.0, which adds a new option:

(small mea culpa: the naming here is slightly confusing. this will *always* remove the sidebar ad, even if it doesn’t happen to be one that plays audio, because we don’t have the ability to distinguish between them. the other difference is that it does it in a way that also takes care of the audio-visual component instead of just hiding the ad, like some adblockers have been doing)

(EDIT: yes, you’ll have to refresh the page after installing the extension/enabling the option. It sounds like this might also conflict with other ad-blockers, so let us know if you have any issues and/or try disabling other adblockers first and see if that fixes the problem)

let us know what you think! I’m probably going to be going to bed soon, but you can always reach us in our ask box, our support blog, or our live support chat. In general the dev team has less time to reply to asks nowadays because of both real-life obligations and the sheer quantity of asks we receive, so you’ll generally have a better time with the support chat, if you can catch one of us online. If nobody is online, you always can leave a message for us to read later. thanks for understanding!

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They asked him to change words in his song for the radio and that’s his answer

i think about the sensitivites some signs have, the tugs of inner and the outer experience.

aries have a tremendous sensitivity. they can be moved by the slightest touch, because they are so raw and reactive to their environment, and opportunities to learn, they are sensitive to new information like the early stages of development. the aries mind is always changing and expanding and exploring. taurus can be sensitive to sounds, sounds and music, and colours that other people cannot perceive, even tastes and spices and notches on people’s bodies

gemini, like a child in early education is very sensitive to circulating information, especially audio visual forms. even words not consciously read are imprinted in the mind, ready to be extracted during a moment of trivia. cancer experiences this but emotionally, sensitive to the mode of feeling, motherly instinct, sympathy. it’s like they have the ears that can hear the cry of everyone’s inner child. leo rules the heart and that heart is generous, tremendous, and fragile. the leo’s ego can be scarred at the faintest jab, a critique, rejection, or humiliation. they are sensitive to invalidation and silence. so much of their life involves recpricoation from others that their sensitivity is of the zodiac’s most pronounced. the namean lion could only be hurt by his own claws, and this gives a good insight into the cutting critique the leo unleashes on themselves

virgo has a sensitive nervous system. they are easily startled. they are hyper reactive to denigrative comments, especially people regarding the individual as unintelligent or lazy. while leo is sensitive to the crowd, virgo is sensitive to the critic within. libra has a magnificent interpersonal sensitivity, this natural psychological observatory reads people like books. nobody knows a stranger better than a libra. even if you are smiling, they can see when your eyes are sad. scorpio is sensitive to invisible undercurrents, purged resources smouldering up from the unconscious, sensitive to spirits stuck on earth, sensitive to the horrified scream of a baby being born, sensitive to the stranger person clinging to life, and sensitive to the soul of lovers, so much that a gliding touch can erupt in a hurricane. scorpio is a soul haemopheliac.

sagittarius is sensitive to the symbols of god, those which appear to the higher mind, a place where the sagittarian spends much of their time. spiritual laws and divine messages appear in global puzzles, readable to the jupiter intuition. capricorn is sensitive to validation, although the individual may interpet this sensitivity as being particulary attributed to parents, craving recognition especially from the father. however a deeper look may point to this sensitivity existing in a place wanting to serve and please god, a sensitivity to the unimaginable responsibility of human life and spiritual purpose.

aquarius is sensitive to vibrations, frequencies, glitches in the universal matrix, cosmic material, and the cries of humanity. their sensitive resonance absorbs information pouring from unusual, invisible dimensions, knowledge which has the power to nourish the world. they are sensitive to the vibrations of people, and they often annotate odd abstract conceptions regarding people, like people can just be balls of energy to aquarius. pisces contains all in human form, so immaterial and material meets in pisces. their profound sensitivity responds to psychic and esoteric stimulus, prophecy, adaptability, and empathy. the tears that fall down your cheeks feel like knives in the pisces spirit


Vinnie's Vinyls // Luke Hemmings imagine

Vinnie’s Vinyls. Vinnie’s the name, Vinyls the game. That was our slogan.

Vinnies Vinyls was this little record store just on the outside of town. It had legendary rock band posters on the wall. Vinyls, Cd’s and Tapes filled up about 10 shelves, Band merch was sold behind a small counter and in the far back corner we had drum sets, guitars and basses for sale. It was every rock, metal, pop punk and alternative lovers dream. And you worked there.

4 hours a day, 4 days a week and you enjoyed every minute of it. Well not every minute. Carrying heavy boxes and caring to rude customers wasn’t in away, shape or form pleasurable but you did enjoy the fact that the store’s had speaker which always played some amazing rock song and that your coworkers were a. your age and b. really cool people.

It was a Friday afternoon, your favorite time to work since hardly anyone came in on a friday, and you had just finished loading up some Cd’s when you heard the little bell above the door ring.

“Customer” you yelled across the store, trying to get Mallory, your aqua blue hair and absolutly gorgeous coworkers attention.

“Why don’t you get it” she called back.

That was the only bad thing about working on a friday, everyone just wanted to get the day over with so they can go home and sleep.

“Fine” you sighed and dropped the box you were carrying on the floor. Walking over to the door you come face to face with no other than Luke Hemmings, one of the most, if not the most popular boy in school.

Unlike the typical popular boy Luke didn’t sleep with every girl who threw themself at him and he didn’t make fun of or beat up the nerdy kids. But he wasn’t a saint either. He did go to parties, he has tried drugs and he has gotten drunk to the point of not remembering anything the next day. But all in all he was a nice guy.

You weren’t surprised to see him in a music store, he was in a band afterall, you were just surprised to see him at this music store.

“Do you need any help finding anything ?” you asked him. He turned around and faced you. When he realised you were talking to him, his eyes lit up and a smile grew on his face.

“Yeah actually, where are the all time low albums?” he asked scratching the back of his neck.

“Follow me” you motioned him to follow you as you led him to the “A” section of the Cd’s. Arriving, you flicked through and found the one’s you had in the stock.

“We only have these ones right now but were getting a new shipment of Cd’s tomorrow and other ones might be in there” you handed him the ones in your hands and reorganized the albums on the shelf.

“This is the one i’m looking for” he hands you “Don’t Panic”, “Dirty Work”, “Nothing Personal” back and keeps “Future Hearts” in his hands. You leave him, after asking if he needed anything else, he didn’t, and went back to your duties. About 10 minutes later, you see Luke head over to the cash register. Realizing that none of your other coworkers are gonna serve him, you head over to the cash register to ring up his items.

“Did you find everything okay after i left” you asked scanning his Blink-182 shirt.

“Yeah. How long have you worked here” he asked leaning against the counter.

“For about 7 months now” you hand him a plastic bag with his items in it. He takes the bag but doesn’t move from his position on the counter.

“Oh, cool. What days do you work here ?”

“Why you planning on murdering me and need to know when the perfect time to take me is ?” you asked kind of cunfused about his sudden curiosity towards you.

You’d gone to the same school as Luke since the 5th grade. You guys weren’t friends but you weren’t enemies either, you just never talked unless it was for a group project.

“No, i just want to know what times i should come by” he winked. You looked down, trying to hide your blushing cheeks.

“I work here every Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 3 till 7” you told him shyly.

“Okay, well then expect to see me here tomorrow at about 4 o'clock” he said tapping the counter before removing his hands.

“Okay, then i’ll see you tomorrow ” you were furiously blushing now and you knew that he could see it.

“See you tomorrow ” he says before exiting to store.

“Oh my god, you just flirted with Luke Hemmings” Mallory says from behind you , knocking you out of your gaze of the door that Luke just left through.

“We were not flirting” you say brushing off her comment.

“Yes you were and it was adorable. You guys will make a cute couple” she giggled.

“As if someone like Luke Hemmings would date me”

“You never know” Mallory sing sang.

Little did you know that Mallory was right.
this was slighlty longer but i actually really like this one.


James Blake Feat. Chance The Rapper “Life Round Here”


Spurs Special Forces



How to stop fucking yourself over - TED x San Francisco.


Never forget the Bob Dylan Apple commercial

construct _ de-construct : live test 001 @ i'klectik

Big respect to the VJ London group for getting me involved to play last night. So many creatives in one room; I learned a lot. And shouts to my friends for rolling through! New visual project : construct _ de-construct coming very soon.
ph. Anna Makri

New visual project : construct _ de-construct coming very soon.


I want to embody and be this.