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Starlit Wanderings

ARTIST AND AUTHOR’S NOTE: Art + Edit. With everything but the Endless Summer gang’s symbols, which are by @playchoices, drawn by me.

We were put on this earth for reasons we often do not uncover. We wander about, going off into uncharted territory to find that reason. Some succeed, others don’t. So they keep looking, keep running, keep fighting.

They knock on doors, waiting for them to open. They close their eyes, wishing for a miracle. They take a step, hoping that it’ll take them somewhere.

Then, they find themselves at the crossroads of life, hesitating on whether or not to take the next turn.

They look up at the starry night sky, the compass that’s helped countless generations navigate through the darkness and storm.

They try to attach them together like chains of fate plastered upon the atmosphere, intertwining their destiny with the most unlikely of people. They glance at the crossroads, then look back at the stars.

I’ll just wander for a while longer.

It’s hard when things get messy    Let’s go? Yes, no - hell no!

what was the point of all that love?  what was it for?

i’ve been meaning to draw something for scherzo since i listened to it but honestly nothing within my artistic capabilities can efficiently capture my total love and admiration for this audio.  still, i tried my best.  for the first time, i actually have a really good excuse for not drawing a background, seeing as scherzo is set in a world of total nothingness haha.

listen; cover edit by me

1. Riptide - Vance Joy // 2. Cemeteries of London - Coldplay // 3. Pompeii - Bastille // 4. Immortals - Fall Out Boy // 5. This Is Gospel - Panic! at the Disco // 6. The Phoenix - Fall Out Boy // 7. Desperate Measures - Marianas Trench //  8. 21 Guns - Green Day // 9. Amsterdam - Imagine Dragons // 10. Skyfall - Adele

Author’s Note: First of all, this fanfic is Mommy kink, if you don’t like it, DON’T READ.  Second thing, it will have more chapters so wait for the continuation, but, other members will appear, and it will not be only with Jungkook. 
This is my first smut so understand that I’m just trying.  Please enjoy and you can hear this as you read: My twitter is @darkpjimin if you wanna talk about it, thank you.

ROOM SERVICE - part 1,

The sound of a knock on the door awakens a bored Jungkook inside the room.

- Yes?

- Room service.

- I’m going.

He gets up from the bed thinking he did not ask for any service but would check it anyway since no food should be missed. He opens the door and a girl more attractive than the people who usually work in hotels  is in the door with a food table and wearing the work uniform.

Jungkook is interested, so he doesn’t disguise himself by looking at her from the top down before giving the smile he is known to “kill” the Armys  (which is how people whos is a fan of his group are called). The girl doesn’t feel a bit intimidated and does’t stop staring into his eyes for a second.

- Can I enter? - She says with a carefree face and runs past him pushing the table into the room.

- Yeah, you can. - he says and doesn’t stop watching her from behind while she walks, she certainly was not American. She had a nice ass he could rate and this was not so common for US women who are better known for having for having big boobs and he knew that well.

- Where do I put it? - She turns and stares at him. Contrary to what he imagined but once didn’t intimidate.

He smiles internally.

“You can put it in the corner.” He points to the corner of the TV room and sits down on the bed to watch her.

He can’t deny that he feels a little turned on about the situation even more by starting to imagine things he could do with her.

“It’s here, see you later.” -  She begins to walk towards the door and he stops her.

- That’s it?

She stops and doesn’t move. It takes a few seconds for her to turn againand once again he can appreciate the beautiful view that is her body.


“Would you like anything else, baby?”

He stops breathing. He can see the smile from the corner of her face appearing. For some reason she knows this is something that makes him extremely excited.

His penis begins to throb and that makes him extremely turned on with a single word said.

“Yes, Mommy, I’d like some more.”

Then she took a few steps to the bedroom door that had been open and closed. Braid.

She turns and her face is no longer the same as before, that pretty face but only of a hotel employee. That face was from a predator that had finally found its prey.

She takes a few more steps and the closer she gets, the more turned on jungkook gets. He could beg her to touch his dick if she needed it, but they both had to have something tonight.

“Why you don’t tell Mommy what you want?” Maybe I can help you … “- She smiles for the first time. Biting her lip a little.

This was getting good.

"If you’re a good boy for Mommy. I can give you anything you want. Anything.

Jungkook’s breathing was already accelerating. He could barely breathe. He most certainly wanted her to touch his whole body with her hands, with his mouth, with everything she wanted

Every time Jungkook had relationships, they were good, but never, ever, was a girl named baby. It was always the famous Oppa he hated. People didn’t know but the Maknae of the group wanted to be totally dominated.

- I …

"Yeah, tell me …”-  She walked over to her side of the bed and sat down very close to her cheek looking extremely interested.

“I want you to suck me.”

She laughed. She actually started to laugh but stopped suddenly.

“So, baby wants to be sucked? By Mommy?” She stared into Jeon’s eyes.

- Yeah Mommy, I want, I really want.

“Well … For baby to get what I can say that will be the best blow job of his entire life, he has to make Mommy scream, squirm and suffer for him, and then, but ONLY then, Mommy can Start giving what he wants. She stares at him. -  "Do you think you can do that?”

- Yes Mommy, I can.

She smiles wickedly.

- Im waiting.

Jungkook not knowing for sure what to do but every second more crazy of desire gets up. He turns to the girl and to the middle of her legs putting his already extremely hard cock right in front of her. She had to know how he felt about her.

She looks at his member, raises one of his hands and puts it on him squeezing lightly and that was what she was really thinking. Jungkook closes his eyes when she does, the simple touch made him roll his eyes with pleasure.

She looks up smiling and bites her lips.

- You must taste wonderful baby, I promise that being a good boy I’ll suck you so hard it’ll make you never want another mouth on that wonderful dick.

Once more he closes his excited eyes. He puts his hand on his cock over the shorts because he is in pain. Pain of pleasure. She takes his hand away.

“No no no, you will not touch yourself until I say so. - She looks at him defiantly.

He breathes deeply and smiles, he was loving it.

Jungkook bends down and this time is about the height of the girl’s face. He looks directly into her eyes and puts a hand on her neck, beginning to bring her close. He brings his lips to hers and when he finally touches them he is delighted with how soft and tasty they are.

After a few seconds without moving he finally sucks her lips and he can hear a soft moan coming from her. She liked it. A kiss that started lens suddenly becomes wilder with him laying her back and climbing over her.

His cock throbbed so hard he has to touch it lightly to calm it. He bites her mouth and every time he does that he can hear a moan coming from the girl’s chest.

He begins to lower the kisses to the cheeks, chin, neck and stays a few seconds there, until descending more and more.

The girl wears a dress with buttons and he doesn’t think twice before open them quickly, exposing a black bra that surely made her breasts well sculpted. He looks at them happily and looks into her eyes back smirking.

He pulls the top of the dress down just leaving her bra and finally pulls it down as well, displaying a rosy chest and delicious, the way Jungkook liked.

"You have beautiful, delicious boobs Mommy , I can’t wait to try it.

- Make Mommy happy.

Jungkook doesn’t wait and from his lips straight to the beak of the girl’s chest sucking him lightly at first and with a little more intensity then he can hear the moans coming from the girl with every hickey he gives.

He doesn’t stop, alternating from one breast to the other trying to leave her ready for what would follow.

He begins to lower his kisses down the girl’s abdomen and down to the top of her panties.

He finishes pulling her dress down and manages to finally look well at what she was wearing.

A lacy panties that fit the bra she wore. But unlike the bra it was all lace and didn’t leave much to the imagination.

His cock pulsed into her crazy underwear to be pierced deep into her beautiful pussy, pink just like her breasts.

She watched him the whole time and waited to see what he was going to do.

"I’m wet for you baby, what are you going to do about it?”

- “I’m gonna suck you mommy, I want to hear you moan my name.

She smiles and he sees it as a signal to to begins with it.

He begins to give kisses and hickeys from the sides of his leg very close to where her beautiful cunt was exposed.

The girl on instinct opens her legs wider and leaves her even more exposed. He can see her entrance and go completely crazy.

And he climb the kisses to her intimacy and when he comes near the one blows that makes her moan loudly.

He opens the sealing of her panties and finally pulls them off. Now she was really exposed and he could savor there as he wanted.

He descended toward her intimacy and she closed her legs a little in response moaning immediately as he began. He sucked her intimacy intensely by taking every second the taste that came from the intimacy of the girl knowing that it had been caused by him. It made him more excited.

He would kiss and suck and she would moan and hold the sheets on the bed as if she wanted to scream.

"Are you enjoying Mommy?” Am I being a good boy to you?

She smiles and grunts in response. He smiles to himself and continues.

He sucks her for a few more seconds and decides what needs to be inside her somehow so he resolves to insert one of his fingers inside her. She stands up a little in response.

- Yeah baby, Mommy wants this.

He is happy to know that he is pleasing and at the same time he fucks her with a finger, he starts to suck her again.

His dick pulses with pleasure in the middle of his legs and he no longer knows if he can control for long. He believes he’s close to coming without even being touched.

- Mommy’s coming, baby, Mommy’s coming for you.

He hears her say and introduces another finger, putting and taking out fast, putting on and taking off fast while licking her. She moans loudly in response. He doesn’t stop until finally she gives a loud moan as she grabs the sheets and comes directly into his mouth.

He licks each drop with pleasure remembering it was him who provided it. She smiles taking a deep breath and her eyes closed to the ceiling.

“Did you like Mommy?”

She opens her eyes and suddenly looks serious looking into his eyes.

- Come here baby, Mommy needs to take care of you …