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Why Use Image Descriptions ?

There are many reasons and they all boil down to accessibility for everyone. It’s massively helpful for those of us who are disabled, and has the added benefit of being helpful for those who aren’t.

- Allows screen readers and verbal descriptions for the blind and visually impaired.

- Transcripts of videos that allow the deaf, hard of hearing, or those with audio processing problems to follow along by reading rather than or in conjunction with listening.

- Lets people know what the picture/screencap/video/gif is if it does not load or are on limited internet.

- Helps those with visual processing issues process the image.

- Gives autistics and people with problems reading facial expressions,emotions, and other non-verbal cues a helpful way to tell what’s going on in the picture/video/gif.

- Typed transcripts are often easier to read than screenshots (which are sometimes impossible to read).

- Audio transcripts are useful for people who can’t play sound from their device.

- Allows for blacklisting software to work more effectively. If an image description is included for a gif, picture, or screenshot then the words are already included in the body of the post and it is more likely to be screened by the software for people who need it.
Audio Drama Transcripts Masterlist

I recently compiled and formatted a list of every audio drama transcript I could find; this is that list.  I am going to attempt to keep it as updated as possible, and I’m going to be working on some transcriptions myself sooner or later.

If you know of any transcripts I’ve missed, or want me to add a podcast to this list, or if you catch any broken links, please let me know!  And please, please, reblog this - I made the masterlist to be a resource, and would like as many people to have access to it as possible.

anonymous asked:

Does Steve ever yell at YOU about not taking risks?

friday has politely provided an audio transcript, since i felt it would be the most effective way to answer this question.

5/4/17, 18:00

S: Bucky, I can’t believe you went after that giant squid alone like that! You could’ve died!

B: Wouldn’t be the first time–

S: How could you be so reckless?!

B; –probably wouldn’t be the last. I’m just following your fine example, Stevie. 

S: I’m being serious, Buck! I can’t believe you did that!

B: And I couldn’t believe you were dumb enough to go after that MegaSharkaphant on your own in central park last week, but you did!

S: You and the chainsaw-hands robot! Two weeks ago!

B: That was last month, Mr. I-Can-Handle-This-Alien-Bugdog-Swarm-On-My-Own, and I had backup!

S: Then the time with the sorcerer and the statue of President Washington!



Oh man, I’m so sorry, you guys. I don’t know why I thought that only sharing the details of my daily life that I find interesting or amusing would be so controversial. For the sake of “realism”, I will now share all the boring shit that I don’t care about remembering.

Let’s see… should I start with a record of my bowel movements, or full audio transcriptions of every forgettable interaction? Going for that Geertz thick description.

Voice Comparison Between Episode 1 to Episode 4
Your Local Transguyde Podcast
Voice Comparison Between Episode 1 to Episode 4

Its kinda unbelievable, and incredibly exciting, to have already reach a 100 days on T!  The time has really flown by!

Since it’s milestone, I figured it would be cool to post a voice comparison between the current episodes’, “This weeks genders” segment!  

I’ve really appreciated everyone’s support. 

Thank y’all so much! 

Audio Transcript

Ryleigh (Voice maybe getting deeper??): “This weeks genders are: manual, automatic, and semi-automatic. This week’s genders are: vengeance, justice, and anarchy.  This week’s genders are semicolon, interrobang, and guillemet. This week’s genders are cous cous, quinoa, and lentils.”

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TYPE: Ghost Shell Recording

DESCRIPTION: Conversation

LOCATION: Twilight Gap



[Andal Brask] How many dead?

[Cayde-6] Too many. Hate to say it, but we’re in bad shape out there. Ana’s Pack is gone, Ikora’s alive mostly out of sheer spite, and every Titan I’ve seen is doing that grim thing they do. Heard mutterings about “Firebreak” in more’n one place.

[Andal Brask] And you?

[Cayde-6] Licked, but we ain’t dead yet - not all of us, at least.

[Andal Brask] Good.

[Cayde-6] Not seeing much about this that’s ‘Good,’ old man.

[Andal Brask] We’ll need Ikora, and we’ll need you too, once all of this is over. For now, take six of your keenest rifles over to Shaxx.

[Cayde-6] Shaxx? He still alive?

[Andal Brask] Heh. It’ll take more than a few Fallen to kill that son of a bitch.

[Cayde-6] I’d say this is more than a few. What’s he need? Figure I could put those six rifles to use somewhere else, just as easy.

[Andal Brask] Says he’s got a plan.

[Cayde-6] Ho ho? A plan, you say? Thought we were fresh outta those.

[Andal Brask] We were. He’ll need some eyes on him if he’s gonna pull it off, though. He’ll be exposed pretty quickly in a minute here, and he doesn’t have the range that we do.

[Cayde-6] He should know that.

[Andal Brask] He does.

[Cayde-6] Color me intrigued. You think he’s planning on dying?

[Andal Brask] You’re not the only one who’s overheard the word “Firebreak.”


[Cayde-6] Saladin won’t like that.

[Andal Brask] He’ll like it more if Shaxx lives.

[Cayde-6] So, what’s he up to?

[Andal Brask] Something stupid, I imagine. Go make sure it’s not too stupid.



[Cayde-6] He doesn’t know we’re coming, does he?


[Cayde-6] Figures. Keep him alive, huh?

[Andal Brask] Keep yourself alive too.

[Cayde-6] Oh, I won’t be dying today, old man. I got plans, and I aim to see ‘em through.

[Andal Brask] So do I, Ace. We’ll hold things down here, best we can. Eyes up - I’ll catch you on the other side.


[Cayde-6] You’re gonna owe me after this, Andal - and getting shot’d be a cheap way to get out of it, so you’d better stay alive ’til I can collect.


[Cayde-6] Oh, and like I said - don’t call me ‘Ace.’

Transcript-Making Question:

When writing transcripts for audio content, is it better to include every single thing a person says, such as moments of “or, uh… and, um…” or is it better to cut out those sorts of moments where the person is confused and try to make the most coherent sentence? Those bits don’t seem to look too good when reading them, but it also feels wrong not to give a deaf reader the exact information.



[tape picks up here]
TED: Among other things that makes it difficult is that at this point she was quite lucid talking about things. About some… It’s funny, it’s not funny but it’s odd the kinds of things people will say under those circumstances. And she said she thought that she had a Spanish test the next day and she thought that I had taken her to help tutor me for her Spanish test. It’s kind of odd, odd thing to say.
[tape cuts here]
[tape picks up here]
TED: The long short of it I’m gonna try to make this… get there by degrees. Long short of it was that I again knocked her unconscious and strangled her and drug her into about 10 yards into the small grove of trees that was there.
BOB KEPPEL: What’d you strangle her with?
TED: Cord.
TED: An old piece of rope.
BOB KEPPEL: Was it something that was right there with you?
TED: Yeah, it was in the car.
BOB KEPPEL: Then what happened?
TED: Then I packed the car up… By this time it was almost dawn, it was just about dawn. Sun was coming up. And I went through my usual - I say usual routine - I went through this routine where I was just absolutely… On this particular morning I was just absolutely, again, just shocked, scared-to-death, shocked, horrified about.. And I went down the road throwing everything that I’d had; the briefcase, out the window. Throwing the briefcase, the crutches, the rope, the clothes, just tossing them out the window. I was in a shear state of panic of just absolute horror. It’s like at that point and time it was consciousness of what has really happened. It’s like you’d break out of a fever or something, I would that is. So I drove north on 90 then northeast on 90 some point throwing articles out the window as I went; articles of clothing, shoes etc.
BOB KEPPEL: [inaudible]
TED: What?
BOB KEPPEL: When did you remove the clothing?
TED: After we got out of the car, initially. Well I skipped over some stuff there, we’ll have to get back to it sometime but I don’t feel… It’s just too hard for me to talk about right now.
[tape cuts here]
[tape picks up here]
TED: Well sure, yeah. I threw away the briefcase, and the crutches and all that stuff. And the crowbar, everything. Handcuffs, everything. I’d get mad at myself a few weeks late because I’d have to go out and buy another pair. I mean, it’s not comical but that’s what would happen.
[tape cuts here]
[tape picks up here]
TED: Well…
BOB KEPPEL: Remembering a Spanish test is pretty darn good if you ask me.
TED: That’s what she said. Unless she was hallucinating. She said everybody called her George.
TED: That’s what she said. Or how bout that she used a safety pin because apparently her blue slacks were a bit too big.
TED: Or… that’s about all I know.
TED: I mean I suppose.. I’m sure there are bits and pieces that will come back to me but obviously there wasn’t a lot of conversation.
[tape cuts here]
[tape picks up here]
TED: Talk about details coming back. I couldn’t find one of the shoes so I thought it was there but it wasn’t. So I went back. This was the next day. Got on my bicycle rode to that little parking lot. I knew there were police all over the place by that time but I was kind of nervous cause, and I’ll tell you why in a minute, cause I had left and my car had been parked there so they may have seen it. Now if something was found there they might connect me. So I went back to that parking lot and found both pierced earrings and the shoe laying in the parking lot at about five in the afternoon. I surreptitiously gathered them up and rode off.
BOB KEPPEL: Had the police checked that area?
TED: Well you can tell me. I’d seen whole streams of them driving all over the place but they were concentrating on places like the park, nearby park. They couldn’t have looked in that parking lot and missed the white patent leather clog and the two white pierced earrings; hoops.
[end of tape one]

TYPE: Ghost Shell Recording

DESCRIPTION: Conversation

LOCATION: Dreadnaught

PARTIES: Three [3] Guardian-type; One Anonymous Class Warlock [u.1], Two Anonymous Class Hunter [u.2], [u.3]



[1.1] Did anyone just - her helmet blinked. It blinked at me.

[2.1] Yeah, just ignore it. That’s what the rest of us do.

[1.2] What is that? Is that some kind of smoke? Why is it smoking? Are you seeing this? Her armor is smoking.


[1.3] Hello? Anyone? You, with the smoking armor - where did you find that stuff?

[3.1] Mm? Ghost built it out of…something it found. Dead Taken, maybe. I tried not to look at it for too long, because it started to make my head hurt. Are all Warlocks this jumpy?

[1.4] I’m not jumpy! You’re wearing - I don’t even know what you’re wearing but it’s smoking and blinking and…Dead Taken? I didn’t even know they had mass.

[1.5] They don’t have any mass, do they?

[3.2] Dunno. Maybe that’s why I feel so light? Like I’m wearing nothing but starlight. Except it’s not light. It’s more like…emptiness.

[1.6] Uh-

[3.3] It’s fantastic. I bet I could jump pretty high in this stuff. Ha ha!

[1.7] I’m sure you could. You…have no desire to eat the Traveler or anything?

[3.4] Nope, all good in here. A great set of armor. Only downside so far is the screaming.



[1.8] The screaming?

[3.5] Yeah. It’s like my ears are ringing but it’s just an endless scream. And I kinda feel like I’m falling. Just…falling, forever. Falling and falling and falling and falling and falling and falling and falling and…





[1.9] Right. Screaming, sublimating armor that makes you feel like you’re falling eternally and hurts to look at. That sounds completely safe and not at all physically and philosophically disastrous. This is not okay. Why are we okay with this?

[2.2] Hey, like I said: ignore it. Stop worrying so much, will you?


[3.6] Ha. Ha ha. Ha ha ha aha ahahahahaha.



[1.1.1] Traveler help us.

anonymous asked:

Hi, I'm currently learning Spanish at school and absolutely love it, but I really struggle when it comes to listening exams. I just can't seem to hear the words clearly and understand! Is there anything you can suggest so that I could get better? Thanks so much (p.s I'm in love with your blog, it's the best) Xx

¡Hola! ¡Gracias! ^^

I totally understand you, that’s also my weakest point. But don’t worry, it has solution :)

To improve your listening skills you need some active listening, this means that you give a response to what you listen. Just playing a Spanish podcast or radio station in the background while you do other stuff doesn’t really help, that’s passive listening.

The easiest way to give a response is writing what you hear, or answer some comprehension questions. And the best way is to speak with a native speaker in one-to-one conversations.

Here are some ideas to improve your listening skills:

Books & MP3

If you are studying with a book that has MP3 files with the listening exercises, I recommend you to listen to it, over and over again. Also try to write what you hear. If your book has the transcripts, you can check later if what you heard was correct. Then listen to it again, you’ll realize that you can understand more words now.

For difficult words or phrases try to repeat them out loud, it’ll be easier for your brain to recognize the sound of the words if you are the one who is speaking. Try to repeat the whole dialogues too.


  • Pick a slow song.
  • Try to write down the song, it doesn’t matter if you write just few words, we’re just starting.
  • Now find the lyrics and read them. Most of the times you’ll realize that you knew more words than you thought, but you just couldn’t catch them. If you want to know the translation you can find it here.
  • Listen to the song again reading the lyrics. You’ll see that the words you knew but couldn’t hear are there!
  • Listen to the song again. Hopefully you’ll catch more words now.
  • Try to write the song again. You’ll do it better this time! :)
  • Repeat this as many times as you need.

Some recommended singers (most of their songs are slow):

Alejandro Fernández
Alejandro Sanz
Alex Syntek
Alex Ubago
Alexander Acha
Carla Morrison
Jesse & Joy
Luis Miguel
Luis Fonsi
Sin Bandera


Sometimes we can’t understand what people say because we actually don’t know the words, even if they’re using simple grammar. So I recommend you to increase your vocabulary.

Memrise is a good website to memorize vocabulary because you can also listen to the word (if they have audio). Pick a vocabulary list, make sure it has audio file for each word! and start learning. It’s very easy to use, and you can practice as much as you want.

It also happens that you know how the word looks, but you don’t know how it sounds. If you want to know how a specific word or phrase sounds you can go to Forvo and look for the word. Search for all the words that are difficult for you and listen to them over and over again. Try to repeat them too so you get used to the sound.

Listening Comprehension

I’ll give you some websites where you can test how much you can understand.

Listening with comprehension exercises:

Listening with transcription:


Watch videos about what you like in Spanish. It’s easier to learn when you see and hear something that you’re interested in.
For example I like to watch DIY and cosmetics videos, so I search for them in my target language (Korean). Sometimes I realize I can understand more than I thought, sometimes I just understand few words. But because I like it, it keeps me motivated to learn more vocabulary and grammar so I can understand better next time. 

1 x 1 conversations

This is the best way to give a response to what you listen. I know it’s scary for most people, but the more you do it, the easier it gets.

Personally my favorite webpage to practice conversation is Italki (I always recommend it). You can pick any professional teacher or community tutor and tell them about your goals and your struggles. They will try their best to help you and give you the service and tools that you need.

There you can also find language parters that are interested in your language and make a language exchange. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Just think that they might be as nervous as you, but they really want to learn the language, just like you! ^^

I hope these ideas help you. Work hard and good luck on your learning! :)



TED: And this is why, I guess where it counts, is to me that means that we go over things in great detail. But not just the incident itself. Ultimately, whether it’s to you or somebody else because basically it all began in Washington State, that is, that’s where I was living; that’s where I grew up as a kid and that’s where I grew up as a young man. And those kinds of images, impulses, and behaviors which ultimately lead to the violent behavior; you know, current, if you will, in Washington State that kind of… A broad understanding that I’m looking for is going to come during those years I lived in Washington State. Unfortunately, I guess from your standpoint, it was basically Washington State where those first crimes, incidences, murders took place.
[tape cuts here]
[tape picks up here]
TED: Well, let’s just do one here. I mean to start. Obviously we gotta start somewhere. And I think we might, we might… It’s a long-shot, a pretty long shot; we might be able to get something out of it. At least some of that so-called tangible evidence that might be of some value. Not only to you but to others. And maybe a bit of information, even if you don’t find anything else it might be of some value to families.
TED: So we’ll do… I understand that the * site, which I could describe to you, would describe to you if you want. There were remains of three individuals found; two identified, one not. Because the kind of remains that were found were so few and unidentifiable. What do you want?
BOB KEPPEL: I’d like to know-
TED: The description of the site first? How to get there? You just don’t make this up.
[tape cuts here]
[tape picks up here]
TED: Maybe half a mile, quarter mile down this little side road.. If you kept on following it all the way down.
[tape cuts here]
[tape picks up here]
TED: Oh, well, Lord knows what the little creatures up there did; what the animals would have done. But I think… Well, let me start with one. Let me start this way. The unidentified remains…This is where I’m a little bit… The presence of the officers down here is a little bit unnerving. Some of this stuff I don’t mind talking about because they wouldn’t know it from Adam. But I can write it down or I could whisper it to you, whatever. I just don’t want the police getting any kind of names at this point.
[tape cuts here]
[tape picks up here]
TED: [whispering] Can you hear that?
BOB KEPPEL: I can hear it, yeah.
TED: [whispering] Okay. I just wrote, like I said, that the Hawkins girl’s head was severed and taken up the road about 25 to 50 yards and buried in a location about 10 yards west of the road on a rocky hillside. Did you hear that?
[tape cuts here]
[tape picks up here]
TED: Yeah. Not anything that you would have found that I know of. Probably you would have found damage to the head; the jaw in particular, probably broken. But if you’d found that you would have known who it was. Is there any reason you’re asking me that question?
BOB KEPPEL: Well I wondered.
[tape cuts here]
[tape picks up here]
TED: I was moving up the alley using a briefcase and some crutches and a young woman walked down. I saw her round the north end of the block into the alley and stop for a moment and then keep on walking down the alley toward me. About halfway down the block I encountered her and asked to help me carry the briefcase, which she did and we walked back up the alley. Across the street, turned right on the sidewalk in front of the fraternity house on the corner there. Rounded the corner on the left going north on 47. Midway in the block there used to be a parking lots they used to make out of burned down houses in that area.
[tape cuts here]
[tape picks up here]
TED: We were to the car…
BOB KEPPEL: You were to the car.
TED: Basically when we reached the car what happened was I knocked her unconscious with the crowbar.
BOB KEPPEL: Where’d you have that?
TED: By the car.
BOB KEPPEL: Alright. Outside?
TED: Outside and back of the car.
BOB KEPPEL: Did she see it?
TED: No. And then there were some handcuffs there along with the crowbar.
BOB KEPPEL: Along with what?
TED: The crowbar. And I handcuffed her and put her in the passengers side of the car and drove away.
BOB KEPPEL: Was she alive or dead then?
TED: Oh, no she was quite… Well she was unconscious but very much alive.
[tape cuts here]

Here are some tips for sharing information about current events online:

  • Include dates. If you are posting about a special election, include the full date for when the election is taking place. If you are posting about breaking news, include the full date for when that news story broke.
  • Include primary sources. If you’re posting about a politician’s controversial statement don’t just link to a recap article. Share a link to the video, audio, and/or transcript. If you’re posting about a politician’s campaign then include links to their official website.
  • Share several ways to take direct action. Include pre-written scripts for calling representatives on the subject matter, links to reputable charities or donation pages, etc. If you’re going to include a petition try to share one that is hosted on an official government website.
  • Cross-check to find the most credible sources. Make sure a story is backed by a reputable news source. Include several links if possible.

If you are reposting/reblogging a story that is missing any of this information, try to add it yourself. 

Wearable AI system can detect a conversation's tone

It’s a fact of nature that a single conversation can be interpreted in very different ways. For people with anxiety or conditions such as Asperger’s, this can make social situations extremely stressful. But what if there was a more objective way to measure and understand our interactions?

Researchers from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) and Institute of Medical Engineering and Science (IMES) say that they’ve gotten closer to a potential solution: an artificially intelligent, wearable system that can predict if a conversation is happy, sad, or neutral based on a person’s speech patterns and vitals.

Keep reading


Yes you, you. The one reading this audio transcript right now. The TARDIS doesn’t have a signal strong enough for me to see you in video, so this will have to do. Sorry about that. I’m a billion light years away and several million years in the future, plus the TARDIS needs a bit of time to recharge. But I wanted to talk to you, right now.

I’ve heard of the problems you’re going through, and I get it. It’s hard, it’s difficult, and you feel like giving up.

Don’t. No matter what, don’t. I didn’t reach two thousand, or four billion years of living just to give up. And you certainly didn’t live as long as you have by giving up now, have you? I shouldn’t think so. And don’t try to play smart with me. I have given up on Rubix cubes several times, but that’s not the point I’m trying to make here.

Whatever’s happening, you can get through it. You have come so far, and you have such a long way to go. Believe me, I know. It’s tough. It can be heart-shattering. You may not have the power to push through with the decisions you’re making. I’ve been there. But I’ve made a promise to myself. Do you want to know what it is? You’ve heard of it before, I imagine, but here it is again.

Never cruel or cowardly. Never give up. Never give in.

I’ve fought monsters and beings with power unimaginable, and you may think that you couldn’t possibly do the same, but you face the same kind of monsters on your own. You face them every day. They may not have the same look, or always have the same strategy for taking down, but you always pull it off. And that’s what me makes so proud of you little humans.

So get out there. Fight them again and triumph. Because no matter what you do, even if it’s the smallest actions… once you get past another day? You’ve won the battle. And there are so many more to win ahead of you. I believe in you human, even if you don’t. I am willing to bet there are other people out there who do too. If you don’t see them at the moment, don’t worry. They’ll come round soon.

Go for it, human.

-The Doctor

even if you are better with reading than listening i STRONGLY recommend that you don’t just read the transcripts without listening to the podcast itself, so much of the comedy comes from the sound of their voices or laughter, but if you aren’t good at keeping focused on hours and hours of audio, the transcripts make a good visual aid

i love violet and reading the starship iris transcripts was a good choice