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[TRANS]: What does “Love Yourself” mean to BTS?

Spotify revealed through the week short message audios of the following:

  • Jin: “to me the phrase love yourself seem to mean that you should enhance your self-respect just like how I am doing and I am living 
  • Suga: "loving yourself is a very important message to people who live in this age of confusion and hardship”
  • Jhope: “For me love yourself means giving hope to people …”
  • Rap Monster: “Love yourself is a message that I should learn from and carry on through the rest of my life
  • Jimin: “I thought the phrase ‘love yourself’ means something very special to people (like me) who are harsh on themselves" 
  • V: "I feel that love is something that can make you feel better and comfort you whenever you are down and depressed”
  • Jungkook: “I thought that caring and understanding one another is the most important thing when you love somebody”

The full audios will be revealed On September 18

To listen to the full audios visit HERE 
Sources: @SpotifyID also Cr to  @JiminBase