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Sony’s Upcoming Hi-Res Turntable Is Ready to Take You Back in Time

The feeling of nostalgia is upon many music lovers thanks to Sony’s latest innovation, the PS-HX500. This hi-res turntable restores your favorite vinyl records as it’s capable of digitally archiving your collection of classics up to DSD quality. Additionally, it’s designed with anti-skipping and anti-vibration technologies for quality sound and a better overall experience. You can expect the Sony PS-HX500 to release this spring.

Sexism in the Music Business.

As some of you may know, I am studying Audio Recording Technology. This field is very male dominated and my text book even has small section on women being considered as minorities in the music business. I am the only female in my class, but I never had a problem other than in the beginning when I wasn’t used to being treated as “one of the boys,” which is actually great and what I wanted. My main teacher has worked in a huge amount of places and has told me that I am not alone and that I will meet a lot of women in this business.

This Friday was our first seminar. This is where someone with experience in the business comes in and talks to us and answers questions. The man that came in today was an old fashioned type guy who has had many experiences in the music business. We didn’t have many questions, so he started going around the classroom trying to get questions out of us.

When he got to me (and I didn’t have a question) he told me the class must be quiet because there is a woman in the room, and they never know what to say when there is one around. I told him that I don’t have this problem and he basically said that there are not many women in this field. I told him that I was aware that it was very male dominated and he told me of an experience he had where his assistant engineer was a female and they had a female client who refused to have her. I didn’t ask him when this happened, and didn’t think of asking until I was already on my way home. I really wish I had asked.

It might have been a long time ago, but I know there still aren’t a lot of women in this field and I just really want to encourage those women who really want to do this or have thought have doing this. My teacher did say that I will meet some women and that there are starting to be more. I just hope that I’m treated the same as anyone else who takes their job seriously, because this is going to be my life.