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🌙: I recorded this a long time ago, and only a select few have heard this particular recording.

But uh…here’s uh…my take on Chara :y This is basically my headcannon of sorts for her voice in Nextale, but I’ll be interested in other headcannons if you have any!

I feel like doing a bunch of random lines for her now….


[FANCAFE MEMO/MOONBYUL] 160823 (via Syuu )

The fifth MoonMooBi gift arrived!
It’s such a pity to only watch the video right~~~~~~~
That’s why I’ve come prepared!!!
It’s MoonMooBi ^^!!
I recorded the audio as well!!!!
Since today is such a joyful day!!
Today, too, you’ve worked hard!
Let’s end today well Bye~!!!!“

ok, you know what? i’m not finished.

don’t think about anne knowing her father is in space and hoping he’s okay.

don’t think about anne not knowing her father is in space and wondering when he’s going to be coming home.

don’t think about eiffel recording his audio logs for anne (and don’t think about him desperately hoping she never hears the one where he almost drowns).

and whatever you do, do not think about box 953. and do not think about the tiny, farfetched but terrifying thought i had of anne being dear listeners.

aliakai  asked:

Reading through the misaphonia tag, for the person whose professor's voice is hell on them, have they tried recording the lectures? The auditory recording will probably warp the voice, and if you get recording software to mess with it, you could conceivably make it more bearable. Another idea is voice-to-text software that you could pass the recording through so that you can read instead of listening. I am PI and deal with misaphonia also, and that helped me with a high-pitched professor's voice

This is an excellent suggestion, and it makes me think, another option might be to take an audio recording of the lecture and then alter the pitch of the recording to make it more bearable. Audacity is a free audio editing program that is capable of doing this, and it’s pretty straight forward too.

- Prue

anonymous asked:

okay so I'm seeing the show tomorrow and I was wondering if you think I should record an audio?? idk I'm nervous but I feel like I should do it for the people

That would be lit. You could possibly be kicked out of the theater for it tho. So if you do it, be very discreet.

anonymous asked:

Hey, so re-track isn't showing up for me anymore at all? Is that happening for everyone else, too? First 8hacks, then omgcatz now rt... Grrr. Can anyone recommend other download options somewhere?

I’d advise to just stick to for now, anything else is full of malware.

You can inbox me for details on how to record online audio though if you’re particularly set on downloading 8tracks playlists.

- Kai

This is a request, to the 50+ THOUSAND rebloggers of the tumblr “Together We Soar” manip PSA’s created by Sabriel-OTP. 

Our hope, is to get Misha Collins to record the Castiel version of the Together We Soar PSA to share with tumblr and the world. It’s a message of love and acceptance with Supernatural jokes and while this is an incredible amount of money to raise it goes to the purchase of the upgraded registrations for GISHWHES and in turn helps 

Because of the character limit of 200, and the TWS PSA being 553 characters we need enough for 3 upgraded registrations equaling 850.00 to get the whole thing. We will have him record as much of it as possible based on the amount raised. 

This is the message he would be recording

Because there are upgrade perks to these registrations, the “gifts” for registration will be given to those that donate (via randomdrawing) of this gofundme. These items are:

1. Misha Collins autographed Secret Holiday card
2. Misha Collins autographed GISHWHES pirate flag
3. Misha Collins autographed Serpessence bottle

If we raise enough to get all three upgraded registrations, then there will be 9 donaters that get items.

So there we have it. Maybe this will work, maybe it wont. We have our fingers crossed that this is something that you will help us make a reality. 

Together We Soar GoFundMe page. 

Please signal boost!