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The Shell
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The Shell

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off of Vagrant Records: Another Year on the Streets, Vol. 2.

(Also in my Spotify playlist: Soundtrack Material)

Most of the time whenever I listen to a song, I try to picture a music video for it, or picture a movie scene with the song.

This one could be an introspective scene.

Actually, I can imagine it being in the film Crystal and I are working on.

I can picture David going on a walk to clear his head after having an argument with Jess. I can imagine that Jess tells him that he’s not real and he’s just a character she created and he doesn’t believe it, but then she tells him his entire backstory and stuff only he would know. He then runs away and goes on the walk. He begins questioning everything.

And then maybe he goes to a bridge or something and stands on the edge, thinking of jumping. But then he realizes that if he’s just a character she created, how is he able to think and make this decision? She clearly wouldn’t want him to jump, would she? So, he gets down and goes back to her to say that he is real.

(Or instead of him coming to that conclusion, maybe she catches up to him and comes to that conclusion instead.)