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Royal what??

From this 1997 interview with KCRW:

KCRW: Guy-Manuel, I understand that your family is actually… There’s some royal blood attached to the family– is that true or is that rumor?

Guy-Manuel: Some what? Some royal…? No.

KCRW: I said, is that simply a rumor?

Guy-Manuel: I think it’s a rumor. I didn’t know!

Thomas: The press is always making up a lot of stories… And as we’re not saying everything, you know, they’re always trying to fill the gaps.

Guy-Man introducing "Da Funk"
Guy-Man introducing "Da Funk"

From Daft Punk’s first time DJing in Los Angeles. Full interview and DJ mix: (x)

Groove Radio: It’s Thomas and Guy-Manuel. Is that right: Guy-Man-u-el?

Guy: Yeah.

GR: Now, Guy-Manuel…

Thomas: Yeah?

GR: He’s not as fluent in English as you are, Thomas?

Thomas: No. Not as, no.

GR: But I would like to– I would like for him to get more involved here.

Thomas: Yeah…

GR: So, uh, why don’t we play “Da Funk”? We would love for him to, you know, in his finest DJ voice–

Thomas: Yeah.

GR: –introduce “Da Funk”.

Thomas: Okay.

GR: Just tell him to make sure he wraps it up with Groove Radio 103.1.

Thomas: Okay. [mumbles to Guy-Man in French]

Guy: [emerging from the depths] Francais?!

GR: Yes! En Francais, s'il vous plait!

Guy: Uhhhh… [introduces “Da Funk” in French]

Markiplier Reacts to Receiving Homework on the First Day Back
Markiplier & JezaXC
Markiplier Reacts to Receiving Homework on the First Day Back

Mark reacts the same way we all do when we are given homework on the first day of school.

do you wanna build a hugh man
do you wanna build a hugh man


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