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  • O Foxy
  • (Original by Carl Orff)




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Music from: O Furtuna - Carl Orff

Jean & Eren in "Mikarin’s Enthusiasm on The Path of Becoming Idol"
  • Jean & Eren in "Mikarin’s Enthusiasm on The Path of Becoming Idol"
  • SNK Gag Drama CD

[translation: yusenki]

Eren: *long sigh* I am saveeeedddd!!!!

Jean: Oiiii…. Eren, I have written the scenes, I am confident that this performance will…… OMFGasdfghjkl….. Eren… Y….. You, what are you wearinggg???

Eren: *confused*…. *realised he is still wearing flimsy top and frilly skirt*… No wrong Jean… this is…. This is not what you think Jean…!!!!!

Jean: Don’t come near me!!!!!

Eren: No!!! This is misunderstanding. Wait!! Armin made me wear this!!

Jean: *strangled breathing*

Eren: *realised he said something wrong* No!!! You misunderstood. My words just now gave him more misunderstanding!!!

Jean: *run and screaming hysterically*

Eren: Jean!!!!! Jeaaaaaaa…….aannnn!!!!

Survey Corps Muffler Incident
  • Survey Corps Muffler Incident
  • SnK Gag Drama CD

SnK gag drama CD: Survey Corps Muffler Incident

[translation: yusenki​] 

The 104th cadets are suspecting Erwin and Levi as the muffler and underwear thief.

Characters: Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Jean, Sasha, Connie, Erwin & Levi

from 14:14 - 17:13

Erwin: I swear upon the victory of mankind, I would never do…..

Levi: The one who has the muffler is him *refer to Erwin*

Erwin: LEVI!!!

Levi: Let’s cut this out! This is getting troublesome, Erwin! You guys listen, he *refer to Erwin* drank too much to the point he couldn’t remember anything. And then, when he woke up in the morning, somehow the muffler was wrapped around his neck, that’s all to it

Mikasa: Commander…

Erwin: I’m sorry, to drag this to such a mess, I was about to tell everyone but I hesitated, it seems to be a wrong decision, I should have told you all from beginning. But rest assured, your precious muffler is safe within the vault

Eren: Such things, don’t tell me, commander is a pervert

Connie: Unbelievable

Sasha: There is a saying don’t judge person from appearance only

Erwin: That’s a misunderstanding! I swear, I didn’t steal the muffler, moreover, regarding Armin’s underwear, I am really innocent!

[all sighs]

Connie: But…

Erwin: What? Is the anything else? I am not hiding anything anymore!

Connie: Wha…’s not that… it’s not only about how drunk commander was, but for someone who is capable to steal her muffler without Mikasa’s notice. Additionally, to wrap it around commander’s neck, that person must be not a normal pervert, that’s my opinion

Eren: You’ve got point here

Jean: Moreover, before that, that person must be highly skilled in order to be able to snatched Mikasa’s muffler, among SC members the person who fits the criteria is…

*realisation BGM*

Levi: Why all of you are looking at me?!

Erwin: Levi… You…

Levi: Even you are suspecting me now? You gotta be kidding! Moreover, how did it come to this? What would I gain from doing such things (stealing the muffler)?

Eren: Captain… just for our confirmation, what is your alibi last night?

Levi: I told you already, cleaning!

Eren: Where did you clean?

Levi: The public bathroom

Eren: Public bathroom… that means

Sasha: It’s the place where Armin’s underwear got stolen

Levi: You bastard…

Eren: Captain, from what time to what time was your cleaning duty time?

Levi: Tch, last night until this morning

Eren: Was there any witness?

Levi: Huh? Who was going to be there? If there was people there, I would have not been able to clean the bathroom.

Eren: That is not count as alibi, captain! It’s fine, just tell us the truth

Levi: Eren! Aren’t you having too much fun with this? Oi, Erwin! Tell these idiots, I have no interest in women’s muffler or man’s underwear! Oi, Erw… you…

Erwin: Huh?

Levi: What are you smiling at?

Erwin: *suppressing chuckle* ah… it’s nothing

Levi: What a disgusting fellow

For the whole context, track translation is HERE 

I am translating the other track at the moment but since I am only halfway finishing that track translation and I will be away over the weekend, please enjoy this clip

  • Erwin, Levi, Eren, Mikasa & Armin

[translation: yusenki​]

Levi found out that he had mistakenly used Armin’s underwear as wiping cloth

Characters: Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Erwin & Levi

Erwin: What is it?

Armin: It’s about my underwear… when I placed back the examination answer sheet earlier, I thoroughly checked whether I have left any proof (that he sneaked in to Erwin’s office), during that time I didn’t spot my underwear here…

Erwin: That, even if you asked me…

Levi: When you said underwear, did you mean the wipe cloth on your hand?

Armin: Wipe cloth?

Levi: If it is so, then it was me who threw away that wipe cloth (at dustbin in Erwin’s office).

Armin: Captain is?

Levi: I found it on top of the drainage last night while cleaning the public bathroom, so I thought it was a wipe cloth and use it. After that, I proceeded to clean the dining hall but Erwin called me. Then, because I have been keeping it with me, I just threw it here when I came to Erwin’s office.

Armin: My underwear was used as wipe cloth?

Eren: But it is a relief right?

Mikasa: It is still better than stolen by a pervert.

Armin: But…a wipe cloth?

Eren: Don’t be so sad, Armin. Hey, let’s go!

Levi: Oi, wait!

Erwin: What is it? Please spare me from any further matter.

Levi: That’s not it…so does it mean that I had wiped the dining hall with unwashed Armin’s underwear?

Eren & Armin: [gasp]

Levi: Tch [wipe hand on Eren’s shirt]

Eren: Wait captain! Please don’t wipe your hand on my shirt!

Levi: Eren, the entire dining hall need to be cleaned again and you are going to finish it by lunch time.

Eren: That is impossible! I…I need to study! Right Armin, Mikasa? Say some…why they are not here???

Happy birthday cherrymoyaya !!! I know this is late, but I hope this will cheer you up! You’ve been working hard lately, so enjoy some humor in this gag drama CD!

  • 調査兵団特別打ち上げ班~作戦名O・MO・TE・NA・SHI~
  • SNK声くじ

[translation: yusenki]

Levi: Too bad, i don’t feel like eat anything after outside wall expedition, it always make me lose my appetite. I am sorry but I should have told you guys.

Mikasa: Eren, it is a lie. Heichou always have his meal together with Erwin-Danchou after expedition.

Levi: Tch

From: SnK gag drama cd: SL “Special Congratulatory Party Squad - Operation: HOSPITALITY”

honestly ive been here for the release of 4 one direction albums and every year in the days leading up to the release people will post gag audios and tell you its a new 1d song as a joke and tbh i still fall for every single one and every time i press play in anticipation rick astley tells me that we’re no strangers to love and i get so sad. this has happened probably more than 50 times. i fall for it every time. how many times am i going to have to listen to whatmakesyouhaha.mp3 instead of a new 1d song before i realize that all of you are liars.