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My bookish evolution

As a reader, I’ve changed immensely from childhood to now.

As a child, I: 
*read every spare chance I got
* staunchly against audio- and e-books
*read until the early morning hours
*only read books once
*didn’t like library books
*didn’t like used/bent books
*wanted to buy ALL the books, but didn’t care that I’d only read them once

Now, as a 26 year old, I:
*read when I can, how I can
*read until I’m sleepy, but don’t lose sleep to read
*re-read books that I love, and discover new things about myself and the book
*adore library and used books
*think carefully about the books I buy, and try to maximize space

My point is that it’s okay to change. I still love books, but I love them differently now. I put special care and consideration into books because I know that my time and space is limited. I’ve matured, but haven’t lost my passion. And that’s okay.

Annees De Pelerinage, Book II. Tarantella, Venezia e Napoli, S.162
Vitaly Pisarenko
 Annees De Pelerinage, Book II. Tarantella, Venezia e Napoli, S.162

Annees De Pelerinage, Book II : Tarantella, Venezia e Napoli, S.162,  LW.A197 ; R.10

Year/Date of Composition : 1859 

First Publication : 1861

By Composer Franz Liszt

Vitaly Pisarenko, Pianist

Grrreat news to all of us! We can now download over 300,000 books directly from New York Public library. The NYPL recently released an app called SimplyE for iOS and Android devices, an ebook reader containing tools in order to access wonderful collections from the library.

Some of the digital contents offered are in PDFs and the interface allows us to adjust font sizes. Aside from e-books, audio books and research papers are also in it.

Book lovers will now have a good option to access contents in just one swipe. 😉

Having a library card is such a valuable resource, idfc if one single person thinks it’s lame. Not having to purchase books/audio books/e-books/graphic novels to experience them is a highly underrated phenomenon.