audio delight

Being able to play Persona 5 with Japanese audio is a delight because I can catch translation nuances. Ryuji’s inflection is different from what I expected reading his lines, for one thing. And also, just now it translated “kimi style sugei” to “you’ve got a slammin’ bod,” which is not quite the same, ahaha. Oh well.

Edit: I looked into this further thanks to an Anon, and it turns out I was wrong! The word “sutairu” is actually used to refer to a “sexy body”, though it is unclear to me whether or not this is an existing Japanese word or a misappropriated loanword. However, “sutairu” meaning “aesthetic/fashion sense” is being increasingly used by the younger generation, which is what confused me. 

Help fund a play?

Hi, my name is Jay. I’m a 21 year old non-binary polysexual actor and this year me and a group of (predominantly lgbtqia+) friends are taking a play to Edinburgh Fringe festival. The play is called ‘Somebody Out There Loves Me’. Following two bisexual women (I’m playing one), it is a story that explores what we want vs what we need in relationships, and how technology in dating effects that.

Unfortunately we do need funding to perform this so here’s the marketing part. We need to raise £1100 in the next 29 days. If 11 people each of us know donate £10 each, we should achieve this! If you can spare any money please consider donating to us and if you can’t please reblog this!

Here is a list of the perks we provide under the cut! Donate here.

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