audio daydream

“Oh, uh, that new woman– working in the dream pool. Miss Song… she just seem interesting. Remarkably interesting.“ 

The Sixth Doctor is so smitten with River and spends the entire audio daydreaming about her. 

I also love that River is uncompromising. Had the Doctor been implicit in what Golden Futures was doing, it would have meant the end of their relationship as a couple and she tells him that. “If you had known, I don’t know what it would have meant for us.” 

Then she tells him off for being ignorant of the evil going on right underneath his nose:  

Six: Oh but stop looking at me like that, I really had no idea about this…

River: Congratulations Doctor, you own 51% of the planet Earth.

Six: That really is unfair. 

River: Can I trust you, Doctor? Because I cannot believe you’d be part of this. Not even on your darkest day.

Six: How do you know me—

River: I am talking Doctor! And when you get to know me, you’ll learn to listen. Are you listening to me? 

Six: Yes. 

River: Good. As I was saying, I am trying my very best to trust you. I cannot believe you would be a part of this, but to have missed this! That makes you…That makes you the biggest idiot in the universe.