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Let's Play Video Games! I Won't Lose, 24 Hours a Day
Tsurugi Takuma (CV: Miki Shinichirou)/Kougami Shinya (CV: Seki Tomokazu)/Kagari Shuusei (CV: Ishida Akira)
Let's Play Video Games! I Won't Lose, 24 Hours a Day

Psycho-Pass Radio CID 24 Hours a Day: Mandatory Happiness #05
Let’s Play Video Games! I Won’t Lose, 24 Hours a Day

This is the audio drama from episode 5 of PP Radio - Mandatory Happiness.

In this episode, Kagari invites Kougami and Tsurugi to play a game on an old Xbox One during their time off, and those who lose need to participate in a penalty game.

Translation after the cut. Have fun listening~

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Pull Star Bubble
Super Mario Galaxy
Pull Star Bubble

During the E3 2006 Demo of Super Mario Galaxy, there was a section in the game that taught the player how to use Pull Stars. When in the hold of a Pull Star, this music played. In the final build of Super Mario Galaxy, this music went completely unused, though it can still be found in the game’s files.


Lost Stars (Jungkook, You) Part 6 "The Finale"

Author’s Note:
This is the final chapter to Lost Stars and i jsut wanted to say thank you to everybody who read and went through this journey with me. it’s been a beautiful and emotional ride for all of us with this fanfiction and I hope you all find the ending to be satisfying. To be honest, this wasn’t the first ending I had in mind and was a last minute thing but well, change is the only thing constant in this world, right? keke~ Have fun reading and thank you once again.
To sassy-rabbit, I hope you liked your request. :) 

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2 weeks later - October

California, USA

You sighed in amusement as you watched your band mates fooling around in the studio. Your guitarist, Jackson was currently being bullied by Kenny, your drummer, teasing him about chickening out in asking out the girl he liked.

“Come on man!” Jackson whined. “I totally panicked, alright?!”

Kenny ruffled his hair then gave you a face, which made you chuckle. “That’s what you said last month!”

You shook your head as you went back to your notebook, writing the current song you were working on. Since returning back from Korea, you had been writing nonstop; in the car, in your room, over dinner, and even in the middle of the night. You were so inspired that you had written about five songs within the week.

“Yo, Y/N.” Kenny called, interrupting your silence. “We’re taking a break for dinner. Coming?”

You waved a hand at him, “You guys go ahead. I’ll catch up.”

“Okay.” He said and everyone moved out of the room, leaving you in quietness. Once everyone was out, you sighed and ran a hand over your face. You looked at the piano at the corner of the room and a sudden though hit you. 

It’s been two weeks. 

Two weeks since you cleared everything with Jungkook.

Two weeks since you ended your relationship with him, had some proper closure which you knew was the one thing that has kept you up at night for the past five years. 

Looking away, you grabbed your clear book from underneath the desk, in search for a scratch paper you can use. As you flipped it open, you found yourself staring at a page with a familiar handwriting.

The handwriting was evidently not yours. 

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