audio console



Remember: Sound is a powerful tool… and useless in front of a tool.

From an engineering standpoint, Trump was the one at fault. That microphone is a condenser mic, which uses 48V phantom power to energize a small membrane. When air pressure hits that membrane, the circuitry measures the change in voltage from the conductive membrane deflecting. That change in voltage is sent to the audio console to be amplified and sent to the speakers.

But, they have a “polar pattern”, sort of like a force field of effective range. And, while some mics benefit from being close up, this type of mic requires the speaker to be a certain distance away. Not too far, and not too close.  Actual, skilled public speakers know this and maximize it (Which is why Presidents like Regan, Kennedy and Obama sounded so good: They knew public speaking techniques). Trump is ignorant to small factors like this.

And of course, it is ALWAYS someone else’s fault when Trump is around!

Proof that if you can disrupt the signal, technologically ignorant people like Trump HATE that! And, it really throws them off their game.

Pull Star Bubble
Super Mario Galaxy
Pull Star Bubble

During the E3 2006 Demo of Super Mario Galaxy, there was a section in the game that taught the player how to use Pull Stars. When in the hold of a Pull Star, this music played. In the final build of Super Mario Galaxy, this music went completely unused, though it can still be found in the game’s files.