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Do you think TTMIK is good for a beginner who has mastered as much Hangul as capable? I know there's the typical "learn some vocab," "learn verb conjugation," "learn sentence structure" after Hangul, but what are good sources? How do we know one is reliable? Should I follow TMMIK?

Well I personally didnt use TTMIK as a beginner (cause they didnt exist then lol) so I cant speak from first hand experience but I think they are great for grammar because they have visual and audio components. (Although if I remember correctly some of the earlier courses were just a looot of the hosts chitchatting so maybe the pdfs are better.)

Theres never any sure fire way to know if a source is reliable, but if you wanna be SURE then pull from a source thats made by native Korean speakers in Korea (like ttmik) because odds are they wont make mistakes in their own language.

When it comes to vocab, you can always make your own vocab lists by picking the words you dont know out of korean songs/tv shows/ websites/ movies/ etc. This is how I’ve learned from the beginning (and how I run my blog) and its great because when you have to find the english meanings yourself by reading lots of example sentences the words stick to your memory much easier (and youll have already seen them in context in your source material.)
Theres no need to be super worried about unreliable sources, just make sure youre pulling from lots of sources when learning because the wider your scope, the more likely youll be able to spot inconsistencies. Good luck!


DONE WITH MY THESIS PROJECT: aka these three paintings. anna karenina, briony tallis, and mr. darcy, all oil/mixed media on canvas, 20x16. they are being juried on monday (judged by the art department basically), then installed for exhibition a few days after that, then on display for the world to see after that! there’s more to them (an audio component) that isn’t photographed. i’ll probably post again about them once they’re installed in the gallery but HELL YEAH !!


greetings fellow web dwellers, glitch makers, and technophiles!

in celebration of NOIR77 reaching 4,000 followers, i am curating a zine/tape publication i and would like to invite you to submit a piece! (title not yet decided!)

the zine will include a printed xerox component and an audio component, to be released on cassette tape.

VISUAL SUBMISSIONS: please submit high resolution digital still image files (png, jpg, tiff) at least 2000px square. the images will be printed in grayscale, so high contrast black and white is recommended. submit as many images as you want. submit images relating to analogue or digital glitch, etc. this can be interpreted loosely.

AUDIO SUBMISSIONS: please submit mp3 files at a decent bitrate. sound work related to analogue or digital glitch/distortion, electronic, ambient, noise, or collaged sound are encouraged.

note to all who submit work: this will be a highly curated publication, so only a careful selection will be chosen. i may slightly edit both sound and visual works to incorporate them into final format. be sure that you have permission to use all source material. i may make the publication available to order online for a small price to cover shipping costs and printing, so be sure you are comfortable with that. if your work is selected, i will mail you a copy of the zine/tape to wherever in the world you might be.


in addition to the files you wish to submit, please include your tumblr and/or website URL, the name under which you would like to be credited, and a link to be included alongside your name. if your work is selected, i will contact you via email.