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school tip: if you have to read a book/play for homework in english class (or other language classes), it helps a TON to read along to an audiobook recording. Especially for plays (notably Shakespeare), it helps you maintain focus and it makes it easier to become more absorbed into the story. YouTube is a great place to look, or, if you like audiobooks, then it’ll probably be worth it to subscribe to an audiobook service. The library is great too. Audiobooks helped so much when I was doing IB English, and I haven’t seen anyone else recommend them, so I thought I’d share.

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Protip re: listening to The Adventure Zone If you're having a hard time focusing on the audio component (and maybe have auditory processing and/or focus issues like me) there's actually a site that transcribes the episodes! I like to read along with the transcriptions while I listen, it helps me so much by way of focus and I catch details I otherwise would've missed

that thought crossed my mind literally today “i wonder if theres a transcription of it somewhere to follow along with”


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So I am ridiculously predictable and the first thing I thought upon reading all of this would be "what kind of horrible version of mutilation would've happened to whirl in this continuity" and now I'm just imagining this horrible spine covered angry mess and I'm sad. Also if you ever put out script parts is there a possibly of people doing some voice work for matrix? It has so much fun stuff I just thought I'd ask!

“I didn’t want to hurt anybody until they made me!”

A quick sketch because I’m not sure on Whirl’s design, but I have some basic ideas. You’re definitely not wrong, though, poor bird babe ;-;

Empurata in TF:M can be a pretty extensive process, beyond just physical modification. Generally, empuratees also have certain sensory capabilities removed as well as their ability to broadcast an emotional field- this kind of modification requiring that the spark be modified or placed under an additional layer of shielding.

Many respond, over time, with beginning to behave like drones. Personalities fading away without the capability for expression, being treated like nonsapient beings in most social and public contexts, it wears them down and was seen as the penultimate form of punishment for good reason.

Others found new ways to express themselves, a deliberate choice on the part of empurata’s supporters- if empuratees were seen as violent or emotionally disturbed it was only going to help the public image after all- simply say that the mechanism was unstable even prior to the process and let social structures do the rest of the work.

The Wreckers is where you go when nobody can be responsible for your actions anymore. Whirl slots in nicely.


I probably should write up some script parts, considering I have a lot of dialogue in my head! I think it’d be fun to add audio components and maybe tinker around with getting some good robot voices going, plus Cybertronians sound very weird in my head and I think that’d be fun.

7 Apps That Make Studying Easier

With the advent of the smartphone and tablet, studying is now an activity that you can more easily do on the go. Apps make it easier than ever to study for that final or midterm, and they utilize instructional methods that speak to just about every learning style. So whether you like to learn by moving and touching (swiping, tapping, and clicking), by seeing what you’re learning (pictures, graphs), or listening (instructional videos, recordings), there is an app that will make it much more pleasant to study. Here are some apps from and

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DONE WITH MY THESIS PROJECT: aka these three paintings. anna karenina, briony tallis, and mr. darcy, all oil/mixed media on canvas, 20x16. they are being juried on monday (judged by the art department basically), then installed for exhibition a few days after that, then on display for the world to see after that! there’s more to them (an audio component) that isn’t photographed. i’ll probably post again about them once they’re installed in the gallery but HELL YEAH !!

Accessibility and Effective Exhibits

Sensory exhibits are both more accessible and more effective. An inaccessible exhibit is, in a lot of ways, a bad exhibit.  

The ABS’s Guidelines for verbal descriptions gives tips for describing works of art to visually impaired patrons. The 16 guidelines are good tips for fully sighted people to engage with art as well. 

In the summer of 2016, I had a brief contract with the Baltimore Aquarium exhibit planning department. My task was to observe and interview visitors in a gallery to determine what was working in the exhibit and what wasn’t. When asked their favorite station in the exhibit, most visitors chose the inauspicious nautilus. Visitors could not answer why they chose this shy, photosensitive creature instead of the octopus, tropical fish, electric eel, and other more active animals in the gallery. 

The answer that eluded guests was that the nautilus station, unlike the other cases in the gallery, had an audio/visual component. What I take away from this experience is that the content of an exhibit may not be as important as how it is presented. The sensory components made the nautilus display more memorable and meaningful to visitors. 


More pre-owned audio gear in the shop! All items have been tested, and have had parts newly installed where noted.

  • Harman Kardon 330i stereo receiver. $100.
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Components, and especially turntables, tend to sell fast. So if you’re interested, stop by soon!

“I think it’s too early to talk about [the fourth album],” [Tomson] explains. “When you’re in the midst of touring, as we’ve been for the last 16 months, it’s really hard to think about conceptualizing something (new). We’ve talked about very, very umbrella ideas, but I think like the last three it’ll take shape as it takes shape. I think we’ll sort of wait and see how it develops before we decide anything.”

“I think we’re excited to get back out there [on tour],” Tomson says. “It’s been fun over the course of the past year and a half to mix in these new (‘Modern Vampires…’) songs. We’ve, I think, come up with a good mix of the three records and tempos and vibes, and I think we’re excited to get back out there. We haven’t integrated true pyrotechnics or anything like that. I think this (tour) has been the most (stage) production we’ve had, but even then it’s certainly not a Def Leppard-style production. But we definitely take a lot of care and thought into what the stage looks like. We want it to be vibey. We don’t want it to be four dudes who come on stage and play some songs; we understand it’s an experience, and the visual is a big part of it and it’s not just how we play or the audio component. So it’s definitely a production, but I wouldn’t say it’s too crazy as of yet.”

—  Vampire Weekend Talks Trilogy, New Music & ‘Last U.S. Tour for a Minute’  (via Billboard)
Obligatory "Thoughts on the Series 8 opening sequence" post:

The Design:

Love it. Love, love, love the design. It’s so refreshing to see a title sequence that isn’t just another rehash of epic-generic-vortex-storm-made-more-epic, y'know? I really like the intent behind the clock graphics, that the “Doctor is a Time Lord, not a Space Lord,” which I totally agree with.

I also really like that the tradition of keeping the Doctor’s face in the opening credits is back for real (they brought it back for the new series in Series 7), and I think just focusing on the eyes is a good move.

In general, it just feels like you’re about to watch a truly sci-fi show when you see an intro like this, with the planets and the Gallifreyan and the clock numbers flying everywhere. It doesn’t seem quite so action-y anymore, and I think it’s a change for the better. I hope that reflects on the actual season: more clever and cunning moments (and historical episodes!), and less CGI action set-pieces occurring in a distant far-off future space station.

The Theme:

Eh, maybe that’s a little too strong. I don’t hate it, and I don’t even know if I’d say that I dislike it…I just…don’t like it. So, yeah, actually, accurate GIF entirely, hah.

I will say this though: it definitely fits the credits, perfect audio component to those visuals, even if I’m not really a fan. Like, where the inherent sci-fi-ness of the visuals works so well for me, the eerie spacey tone of the audio theme is just a little too on-the-nose sci-fi. Paired together, they work by default, it’s just a lot of the same sort of aesthetic.

A weird complaint, I know, and weird to exactly verbalize too, but it just sounds a little off to me. Eleven’s audio theme grew on me over time, but this tinny sort of reimagining of it doesn’t quite work for me, just because Eleven’s musical theme has such a robust and actiony quality to it that’s totally lost when you try to nerd it up a little.

Like, imagine Nine’s theme (which I feel is the most “perfect” and quintessentially “Doctor Who” of all the modern themes) with that eerie sci-fi edge to it, played over these credits. It would sound a bit more like some of the older themes from before the reboot, but in a way that’s fresh. Like, that to me would be perfect.

So again, the theme isn’t terrible at all, and it works very well with the visuals! And I’ll bet it will grow on me within a couple of weeks, too.


greetings fellow web dwellers, glitch makers, and technophiles!

in celebration of NOIR77 reaching 4,000 followers, i am curating a zine/tape publication i and would like to invite you to submit a piece! (title not yet decided!)

the zine will include a printed xerox component and an audio component, to be released on cassette tape.

VISUAL SUBMISSIONS: please submit high resolution digital still image files (png, jpg, tiff) at least 2000px square. the images will be printed in grayscale, so high contrast black and white is recommended. submit as many images as you want. submit images relating to analogue or digital glitch, etc. this can be interpreted loosely.

AUDIO SUBMISSIONS: please submit mp3 files at a decent bitrate. sound work related to analogue or digital glitch/distortion, electronic, ambient, noise, or collaged sound are encouraged.

note to all who submit work: this will be a highly curated publication, so only a careful selection will be chosen. i may slightly edit both sound and visual works to incorporate them into final format. be sure that you have permission to use all source material. i may make the publication available to order online for a small price to cover shipping costs and printing, so be sure you are comfortable with that. if your work is selected, i will mail you a copy of the zine/tape to wherever in the world you might be.


in addition to the files you wish to submit, please include your tumblr and/or website URL, the name under which you would like to be credited, and a link to be included alongside your name. if your work is selected, i will contact you via email.