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Podcast Truths

TANIS - everyone’s in love with Nic Silver

King Falls AM - everyone’s in love with Ben Arnold

Wolf 359 - everyone’s in love with Doug Eiffel 

EOS 10 - everyone’s in love with Ryan Dalias

Hello from the Magic Tavern - everyone’s in love with Chunt

Bright Sessions - everyone’s in love with Mark Bryant

Wooden Overcoats - everyone’s in love with Eric Chapman… and hates Rudyard Funn 


the launch of Inkwyrm!!! 

a few of my friends and i have been working on a little audio drama for a bit now, and it’s finally up! itunes is still finalizing it, but in the mean time, you can find it on soundcloud here! the synopsis is this:

Inkwyrm Magazine is an intergalactic fashion publication, bringing readers the newest looks from all over the universe. At the head of it all is Annie Inkwyrm, and directly behind her is Mella Sonder, AI caretaker and Annie’s PA. Along for the ride is an overzealous PR director, a perpetually unimpressed physician, a flamboyant costumer, and an AI that really needs to learn some ethics. Putting up with her boss is hard enough, but with the cutthroat fashion industry, and whatever is trying to kill everyone today, Mella and the gang have their hands full. One part sit-com, one part space opera, Inkwyrm is an audio drama for the truly fabulous.

i’ve had this story in my brain for just about forever, and i’m so excited to share it with y’all! if you like shows like wolf 359, marscorp, eos 10, the penumbra podcast, wooden overcoats, or jim robbie and the wanderers (or really, anything about gays in space), this show is for you! you can find the official tumblr here

a massive thanks to @warren-kepler, @sadhipstercat, @diegojoserodriguezsanchezruiz, @indecisivefandomer and @1890th for helping out, and please give it a listen!!


favourite eurovision 2017 songs {before the contest}


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At long last, ADA voting has begun! 

Here’s the form for submitting your responses.

When you click through, you’ll be given an info page that has pretty much everything I’m about to cover below. Then you’ll be prompted to select the blogs you’d like to vote on, and it will take you to the voting page. Then continue to the next podcast until you’re through with everything you are willing and able to give input on.

We really appreciate reblogging and spreading the word, we want every single category to have at least a few votes. Even if you don’t follow this blog or haven’t sent in any nominations/been nominated, you can still vote. If you have been nominated, you can still vote in your section, just not for yourself. On your honor and all that. Voting will close on the sixth of May, so make sure to get everything in by then. If you’ve been nominated, feel free to promo yourself. If you haven’t, try promoting other people if you have permission! Make friends and share the contest and all that.

In case you want to see what you’re getting into before you jump into voting, all of the categories, participating podcasts, and nominations are below the cut. (also displayed on our blog herehere, and here)

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here are all larry talking audio files in one audio. it’s almost 10 minutes long and full of larry quotes and them talking about eachother. if you don’t have 10 minutes listen to the parts. they’re all a bit over 3 minutes. enjoy.

part 1, part 2, part 3 / please also listen to my other audios

Otherworld (Final Fantasy X)
Bill Xtillidiex Muir, Tanabe, Hirayama, Kamamoto
Otherworld (Final Fantasy X)
Go now, if you want it
An otherworld awaits you
Don't you give up on it
You bite the hand that feeds you

All alone, cold fields you wander
Memories of it, cloud your sight
Fills your dreams, disturbs your slumber
Lost your way, a fallen knight

Hold now, aim is steady
An otherworld awaits you
One thousand years, you ready?
The otherworld, it takes you

Go into the sand, and the dust, and the sky
Go now, there's no better plan, than to do or to die
Free me, pray to the fayth in the face of the light
Feed me, fill me with sin, and get ready to fight

You know you will You know you will You know it, you know it, you know it, you know it, that you will You know it, you know it, you know it, you know it, that you will You know you will... Fight, fight, fight Fight, fight, fight Fight, fight, fight Fight, fight, fight! Hope dies, and you wander The otherworld, it makes you Dreams, they rip asunder The otherworld, it hates you Free now, ride up on it Up to the heights, it takes you Go now, if you want it An otherworld awaits you