• BluckBasis_sample
  • PENTACLE★★(斉藤壮馬、羽多野 渉、近藤 隆、木村 昴、平川大輔、鈴木達央)

Sample of BL(U)CK BASIS, the Dance with Devils game Ending Theme, sung by PENTACLE★★ (Saito Soma, Hatano Wataru, Kondo Takashi, Kimura Subaru, Hirakawa Daisuke, Suzuki Tatsuhisa)

  • STEP 33
  • Yagami Riku (CV: Kimura Ryouhei)/Fujiwara Takeru (CV: Okamoto Nobuhiko)
  • Prince of Stride - Rajisuto! Mini Drama Collection

Radio of Stride Step 33 ~Mini Drama~

This is the mini drama from Step 33 of Rajisuto!

It’s autumn, and the boys get paired up to do an assignment for art class.


Takeru: I’m not good at drawing. That’s why I don’t like participating in art class. I’m not in any way interested about art in autumn. And yet…
Riku: I like to draw, more or less. That’s why I’m okay with participating in art class. Doing art in autumn isn’t that bad, too. It’s fun, and actually suits the season! And yet…
Takeru: How did this happen?
Riku: How did this happen, anyway…?


Riku: …Fujiwara. What’s this? A meteor? A pumice stone?
Takeru: It’s your face.
Riku: The hell it is! My face isn’t littered with craters and bumps!
      Hnn, but this kinda reminds me of something…ah, I know, it looks exactly like our bakery’s new product: Made with real baron potatoes: German Potato Bread!
Takeru: Good for you, Yagami. You’re now a new type of bread.
Riku: “Fills you with energy! Made with real baron potatoes: German Potato Bread Man!” –of course not! This won’t do!
Takeru: …But the ‘baron’ part sounds good to the ears, doesn’t it? Makes you feel like royalty.
Riku: Um…'baron’ does sound good– Mwahahahaha! Call me Baron Yagami! –no! We’re talking about your drawing here! Why is it so awful!?
Takeru: And you’re surprisingly good at it…
Riku: You think so? Hehe, your distinctive trait is definitely your glasses. I really tried hard to draw them as accurate as possible!
Takeru: Good job.
Riku: What’s with that tone…?
Takeru: Haah… I want to go home.
Riku: No, you can’t! If you submit this work, we absolutely won’t get a passing score! Need I remind you we’re paired up to draw portraits of each other for this assignment.
Takeru: I’d rather draw Sakurai’s portrait than your baron potato-looking one.
Riku: Eh…? Uh, it’s…unusual of you to say something about Sakurai-san so straight up…
Takeru: I’m sure I’ll be able to draw her hairstyle easily.
Riku: Ohh, she always puts her hair up in twin tails, I see– wait, that’s your reason!?
Takeru: Alright, let’s go look for Sakurai.
Riku: Wait wait wait! If you draw Sakurai-san and she ends up looking like a baron potato with twin tails, you’ll just traumatize her!
Takeru: Don’t worry. I think she will look more like a Kita Akari or an Inca no Mezame…
Riku: So she’ll still look like a potato! And how much do you know about potatoes, anyway!?
Takeru: Then you draw Sakurai. And let’s just submit that as mine–
Riku: Wow, now you’re just being thoughtless about this…
Takeru: But I thought autumn is about art!
Riku: Uwah, your face looks scary…!


Takeru: I’m not good at drawing. That’s why I don’t care about art in autumn. I want to run soon…
Riku: I like to draw, more or less. That’s why doing art in autumn isn’t so bad…or so I thought, but I take that back.
      I want to run soon… Sakurai-san…

Baron potatoes
- commonly known as Irish cobblers outside Japan. They’re called 'baron’ in Japan because of the person who brought them to the country, a certain Baron Ryokichi Kawada.
German Potato Bread Man - a reference to the classic anime that stars a personified sweet bread: Anpanman.
Kita Akari and Inca no Mezame - these are other types of potatoes in Japan.
You can see a summary of common potato varieties in Japan on this site :)