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The Team Autosoul R8 LMX with some new wheels!

Submitted by Ladislav Juric

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Expecting A lot (request)
You were waiting in the arrival terminal to pick up your best friend. She had been gone for a business trip the entire month. But now she was finally coming home. The airport was crowded and few busy as you waited. You went on your phone to kill time.

“Y/n!!!!” You heard a familiar voice call.

You shit your face up and saw your friend waving. You ran to her to greet her with a hug.

“Siena you’re finally back!!!” You screamed!!

“I’m back and happier than ever:” she. Cooed.

You released her from the hug and grabbed her carry on bag. “You don’t know how boring Barcelona has been without you.”

“Ohh I’m sure you managed to have fun, you are the party girl after all.” She nudged your side playfully.

“Right…” You laughed.

“So how was the business trip?” You asked as you both kept walking.

“Exhausting, I’ve never been so tired.” She whined.

“Tell me about it, I’ve been so busy at the agency. We’re having trouble finding a male model to advertise for Calvin Klein.” You sighed.

“You’ll get there.” Siena patted.

“So we should grab a bite to eat.” To suggested.

“Yeah that sounds good, would you mine taking my luggage I need to use the bathroom.” She asked.

“Yeah sure, I’ll be in the parking garage.” You explained.

“See you in a bit!” She yelled.

You strolled with her bag and headed downstairs into the garage. The parking lot was filled. You couldn’t seem to locate your White Audi. You too your keys out and clicked the locator. You saw your car’s head lights blink.

“There it is.” You laughed.

You walked to the car and opened the trunk. You placed Siena’s luggage inside and slammed the trunk shut. Then you walked into the drivers seat and closed the door behind you.

“Gil where the hell are you.” A voice yelled.

“Ever heard of an inside voice.” You muttered to yourself.

You continued to wait for siena. In the mean time you went on your phone. You scrolled through your feed on Instagram. You noticed siena had posted a picture with the caption, “airport selfie”.

“She would.” You chuckled.

You continued to play in your phone, waiting for siena. It had already been ten minutes and she still hadn’t arrived. You rested your head on the window trying to take a mini doze.

“You bitch, I’ve been looking for you for like 20 minutes.” A voice cursed.

You turned to find a tanned skin man sitting in the passenger seat. He strapped his seatbelt and turned to face you.

“What the hell are you doing in my car?” You bellowed.

“Shit, I’m so sorry I thought your car was mine.” He apologized.

“The same car? How does that even happen?” You narrowed your eyes.

“Listen I’m not some creepy ass, I have this exact same Audi.” He lifted his hands up.

“How the hell did I not recognize you? Neymar Jr!” You screamed.

“I was thinking the same thing.” A smirk crept on his face.

“Don’t be cocky.” You huffed.

“So what are you doing here?” He asked.

“My friend came from a business trip, I’m waiting for her. How about you?” You asked.

“Well I was looking for my car, but failed miserably.” He chuckled.

“I can see that, and you’re still failing. Get out of my car.” You groaned.

“Are you serious?” He asked.

“Listen up pretty boy, I’m just waiting for my friend.” You explained.

“You’re playing hard to get.” He nudged your shoulder.

“Am not. Don’t you have somewhere to be?” You spat.

“What do you say I give you my number? What’ll you do then?” He held his hand out for your phone.

“You’re insane! I have no idea who you are. We’re talking in a parking lot, how sketchy is that.” You rolled your eyes.

“I’m making an effort to talk to a cutie, take it or take it.” He smiled.

“You mean take it or leave it?” You laughed.

“No.” He shook his head and grabbed your phone from your hand.

“Give that back.” You ordered.

“Smart, you don’t even have a passcode, that’s good for me.” He tapped his number into your contacts.

“Here you go.” He smiled, dropping the phone into the palm of your hand.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a fake number.” You rolled your eyes.

“I’m expecting a call.” He winked, getting out of the car.

“Nice meeting you.” You said sarcastically.

You threw your head against the head rest and took a deep breath. What just happened. The Barcelona superstar had been in your car. He asked for your number and tried to flirt but failed miserably. You shook it off. It wasn’t that big of a deal. You weren’t the type to obsess over others.

“Guess who’s back!” Siena chirped, climbing into the seat.

“Back from thanking bathroom selfies!” You teased.

“Instagram?” She smirked.

“You guessed it.” You buckled your seatbelt and pulled out of the parking lot.

“You took a long ass time.” You groaned, as you pulled into the street.

“You should know I’m time consuming.” She chortled.

“You won’t believe who I ran into today.” You said meeting her eyes in the rear view mirror.

“Who???” She replied.

“Neymar Jr.” You spoke.

“Yeah right.” She rolled her eyes.

“I’m dead serious siena.” You argued.

“Y/n I know it never lie, but this is a joke.” She scoffed.

“He gave me his number.” You stated.

“He what?!” She choked.

“Check my phone.” You ordered.

“Y/n I swear if this is fake..” She paused.

You stopped at the traffic light. “Check it.”

“This could be some random number.” She narrowed her eyes.

“Call it.” You shook some hair out of your face.

Siena tapped call and waited for a voice to answer.

“It’s fake.” She rolled her eyes.

“Hello?” Neymar’s voice spoke through the phone.

“What the hell!” Siena screamed.

“Hello?” His voice grew annoyed.

She closed the phone and dropped it to her lap. “Shit you weren’t lying.”

“Told you.” You smiled cockily.

The traffic light went green and you continued to drive. It would be a while until you would make it to the restaurant you two were planning to eat at.

“But how?” She gasped.

“I told you, he came into my car accidentally.” You explained.

“The hottest football player asked for your number and you’re not making a big deal.” She said in shock.

“What’s there a fuss to make about? Sure he’s cute but it was probably just s little show to put on. If I call him he’ll probably blow me off. I’m defiantly not his type.” You shrugged.

“You’re one hot ass, and I’m sure Neymar sees that.” Siena explained.

“I don’t know what to expect, we don’t even know each other.” You continued to drive.

“Be expecting a lot my friend.” She smiled, slumping in her seat.


Since people who don’t know what they’re talking about love arguing with me. Let’s break it down from the beginning. First pic shows her Porsche brand new. Second pic shows her Porsche after getting it customized. The next pic you can see her Porsche again customized and she’s at the dealership about to trade her Porsche for the Audi. Next pic her keys to her car. The next pic is another look of her car. Next pic shows her renting the g wagon after she dropped her Audi off to get customized. Last pic shows a happy Karrueche with her customized AUDI.

When Tony had gotten the alert on his phone that Steve was at his apartment, he ignored it. He was on a date with his boyfriend right now, and he refused to go rushing back to the apartment just to see what Boy Wonder wanted. He let the hologram version of Tony get queued up, putting his phone back in his pocket and turning back to Matt to continue their conversation over dinner. Moments later, his phone started buzzing even though he had turned it to silent. Tony fished it back out of his pocket and saw that his alarms were going off.

“Matt, we gotta go, something’s happened at the apartment.” Tony was up, grabbing Matt’s hand even though he knew the man could’ve probably somersaulted his way out of the restaurant. Tony rushed outside the restaurant, grabbing his Audi key from the valet stand and ignoring the attendant there as he located his car and quickly got inside. He sped back towards his apartment, asking Jarvis what happened over the bluetooth in his car.

“Two bullets were fired from a sniper rifle from the building across the street. Mister Rogers is pursuing him now on foot.”

Tony swore. What an idiot. Who was trying to kill Tony now? He pulled into his garage and rushed inside with Matt, wishing the elevator would just go faster. Tony was still holding Matt’s hand, but it was mostly for his own benefit. He really didn’t want Matt to know how scared he really was that someone had made an attempt on his life tonight, albeit, a pretty poor one. Submitted by Brandon Safer

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I own a technology consulting company based in Nashville, TN. Although I love all things tech, I prefer to leave a majority of my gadgets and computer related items in an office drawer during off days. This has been my weekend EDC for the past few months. I’m a total sucker for black gear with grey or red accents! I also do photography and session guitar work for both pleasure and extra income. I rarely leave home without my favorite 1.10mm guitar picks, my moleskine notebook, and my trusty Fujifilm X100T.