what have i done? i wish i could run away from this ship going under. just trying to help, hurt everyone else, now i fell like the weight of the world is on my shoulders. what can you do when your good isn’t good enough? when all that you touch tumbles down? cause my best intentions keep making a mess of things, i just want to fix it somehow. cause how many times will it take? how many times will it take for me to get it right.

More AU Adell’s you said? No? Well you’re getting one anyways.

Here’s StudioTale Adell! Unlike her “acting” counterpart, she’s actually rather shy and withdrawn unless it comes to people she likes or is friends with. Very bad with children and bad at comforting people. Loves the color pink and green. Hates dream. Very into nature and gems and stuff like that. And very british. Yeh. Enjoy!

@slytherinqueen67 @pilotthepilot

when i was younger i saw, my daddy cry and curse at the wind, he broke his own heart and i watched as he tried to reassemble it. and my mother swore that she would never let herself forget, and that was the day i promised i would never sing of love if it does not exist, but darling you are the only exception, you are the only exception.

shuffle ship, audrey ellis and russell jones (rp ship) requested by (britt)