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Getting Warped with Junior of Set Your Goals

How is Warped Tour so far?

It’s actually been great! I think I say this on every interview, but we all came in with a negative outlook on it, just cus it’s very different from the past years, but I think just the vibe in general, all the bands are very laid back, whether they’re your style or not. They’re just nice people, and they are here just to play and have a good time. I think that’s what makes it fun for us, there’s no egos. 

What’s the best part of being on Warped Tour? The advantage, you could say.

You get to play to a lot of different kids that you would never play to on a regular tour. A lot of the times, kids just go to a tour of a genre of their liking, and here you have a wide variety of kids. Some may like it, some may not, but you’re always playing to a few thousand kids. 

So what are your favorite bands to watch?

The Acacia Strain, just cus they’re heavy as hell, and like, kids beat the crap out of each other. (laughs) Winds of Plague is always awesome, Sharks, I really like that band. They’re a really, really good band. Less Than Jake is always fun to watch, Against Me!, 3Oh!3, Gym Class just hopped on, they always put a good show on. 

I’m a little surprised, 3Oh!3? I like them a lot, but I know some don’t.

No, no, we were with them in 2008, and it was just them with a, just playing their tracks like on an iPod, or whatever, and this year they have a full band. I hadn’t seen them since then, we played England, the same festivals together. That’s when I first saw them with a full live band. It makes it more interesting. It was awesome, I thought it was great.

Do you have any crazy tales so far from Warped ‘11?

Compared to last year…because last year was pretty wild. This year we haven’t had anything too crazy, we’ve just been doing a lot of casino runs, a lot of water parks. We went to like, the sketchiest water park in El Paso on a day off, and everything, it just looked like it was falling apart, patchwork on everything, but it was fun. I think last year we had more friends, like we had Four Year, Every Time I Die, Polar Bear Club, The Swellers, so we would always be together and we would always kinda do something retarded. This year it’s kind of been just us. We have a few friends, but we’ve been doing it for awhile, so everyone just kinda hangs out. Works out, prison style, I guess. (Laughs)

Anyone getting their smoothie on?

We always get our smoothie on! That’s our number one thing. (Laughs) We literally live for smoothies, like any time we’re able to? Milkshakes, that’s all we get. It’s hard to get them on Warped Tour, I’m not trying to pay eight bucks. 

What’s you favorite song to play live?

Favorite song to play live? It’s gotta be Gaia Bleeds. You know, just because it’s very energetic, kinda angry. That, and I like playing the new songs, because it’s fresh for us. Yeah, it’s Gaia Bleeds, we kinda swap, Jordan and I, and I do my part, and we go back forth. 

Is that when you get the best crowd reaction too, does Gaia Bleeds round up the crowd?

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